Full Moon in Aquarius – July 2021

The Full Moon in Aquarius will exact on 24th July 2021 at 12:36:13pm here in Brisbane (AEST*) *click for your timezone

Intense Emotions / Is Perspective Needed?

With the Moon on Aquarius 2 (Sabian Symbol: An Unexpected Thunderstorm), the Sun on Leo 2 (SS: An Epidemic of Mumps) and the Moon moving to the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto there may be unexpected news related to the pandemic as we move towards 24th July.

Potentially a worsening of circumstances, potentially more lock downs?

This could bring deep and intense emotions and you may experience depressive thoughts or find yourself needing to be vigilant of the emotions of those around you.

This month’s New Moon fell in Cancer; a reminder to keep emotional well-being, family, self-care, vulnerability and gentleness front and centre.

To recap on the New Moon energy, which set up this lunar month, go here.

Cancerian energy can also bring worry; whereas Aquarian energy allows emotional distance.

Remember to keep things in perspective.

Choosing Acceptance & Love … Over Fear & Separation

With Saturn also moving through the sign of Aquarius you are being challenged to take responsibility for your part in creating the future

… whether that’s your Personal future, How you effect global change or Both.

What arises this week can show personal blocks that will prevent you from doing that.

What if you’re rejected, humiliated or lose your liberty?

What if you’re wrong and that has a detrimental effect on those around you?

These are the kinds of fear that Saturn in Aquarius can bring.

Sit with whatever yours are and process them.

In doing so, you’re choosing to move forward with self acceptance, self love and a balanced mindset.

You’re choosing to mitigate your part in collective negativity and are helping to bring calm to chaos.

We’re all in this together, but we don’t all have the same role to play.

Ask yourself what you feel you’re here to do and if you feel confident doing it.

Compassion / Dreaming the Future to Life

With Mercury in Cancer close to the Sun and Trine Neptune, remember compassion – for yourself and for others.

You’re going through one of the toughest times you’ve ever had to and everyone is affected in some way.

Tread carefully with your words.

This is a beautiful, creative energy under which to allow for dreaming and to tap your emotions about how you’d like to feel 5 years from now.

If you’re overwhelmed try a calming meditation or crank up some uplifting music and move your body.

Getting To The Bottom Of Things / What’s Got You Fired Up?

Mercury’s growing opposition to Pluto is good for self-inquiry, research and getting to the bottom of things.

Great for analysis and problem solving, so if you have a particularly gnarly issue the 24th to the 26th may be the time to get stuck into resolving it.

It can also bring power plays and bullying tactics – aimed at convincing others to change their way of thinking.

Whether you’re on the receiving end or are the perpetrator, it’s important to take some deep breaths and stay centred.

If you feel particularly obsessed and fired up by an idea, it’s probably best not to air it until you’ve considered the other person’s side and know you’re open to that.

Healing Lack / Opening to Trust in Your Unique Journey

With Saturn conjunct the Moon ‘lack’ could be an issue – whether that’s financial problems, feelings of inadequacy or a good old dose of imposter syndrome.

Build up your resilience, self trust and self-esteem to mitigate this.

How can you commit to doing that and releasing lack mentality as you move through August?

And how can you stand more confidently in your own truth and move forward adhering to your own inner authority and unique path?

These years may be tough, but they’re providing us with a wealth of self development cues!

Inner Work leads to Self Empowerment.

Trust the Path!

Practice Gratitude for what you do have and what you LOVE.

If you’re creating your future from how you’re feeling in the present moment, how does that future look?

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