New moon in cancer – july 2021

Is it time to Seek Greater Emotional Well-Being & Family Harmony as we start the Lunar Month with a New Moon in Cancer.

What Goals Are Calling You?

July’s New Moon falls on July 10th here in Brisbane (AEST) at 11:16am.

Look for where 18 degrees of Cancer falls in your birth chart for where a new beginning beckons.

The house shows an area of life where it’s good to set a goal this Lunar Month.

Goals related to family, personal needs, home and soul-nourishment are also well-starred.

With families are set to be a hot topic this month.

Which Emotional State Will You Choose?

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) offer a chance to tune into your emotional state.

How can you create greater comfort and life-balance as you move through July?

With Cancer as the sign in the hot seat, Security (financial, emotional, physical), Family Matters and Self-Nurture could be high on your list.

A growing trine to Neptune urges:

  • Allowing time to Assess and Percolate
  • The Heeding of Intuitive Nudges
  • Listening to One’s Gut
  • Discerning between Mindless Worry and Higher Self Guidance
  • Stepping into Another’s Shoes.

Let compassion arise – whether for yourself, others or both.

And that’s important, because Pluto’s opposition will likely bring intensity and potential power struggles this month.

There could be a lot of reactivity around – borne from defensive and self-protective outbursts.

On a global scale, people are concerned and many are worried about their families and what the future holds.

Try to see the reason behind another’s behaviour and allow understanding to filter through.

The Saturn/Uranus square is continuing to bring intensity alongside Pluto’s drama.

Society is changing and that’s not an easy thing to navigate, but you can take responsibility for your own responses and the fear it may be bringing up for you.

This is where your personal power lies and the key to how you experience life – no matter what’s going on around you.

By working on yourself, you also affect the collective energy.

Imagine if everyone did that and cleared themselves of fear, worry, doubt, negative judgements, intolerance, anger, hatred – how different would the World feel and be?

How much more supported and cared for would our World-Wide human community (family) be?

Consider the difference between passion and anger – these two are often mixed up with one another and yet they are very different emotional expressions.

Anger means a boundary has been pushed – or an old hurt has been triggered.

Anger can be a defense to cover a wound or a fear

… or it can be a learned behaviour used as a way to react to life around us (often learned in childhood).

Passion is how we feel when we’re inspired, following our heart and sharing our gifts with the World. The things we feel enthusiastic about and tend to burn for.

Be honest about your position – are you angry or scared?

Cancer energy calls for vulnerability, so this is a great new moon to choose to allow more openness, less control mechanisms.

Luckily the growing Venus/Mars conjunction pours a dose of diplomacy to soothe troubled waters.

Falling in Leo it’s a reminder to tune into your heart energy.

Sit quietly with your hand on your heart and breathe deeply.

Inner peace is always available there.

Self Expression, Processing & Perspective

Take the time to tune into your needs and consider an Artistic outlet for your emotions.

Paint / Draw / Dance / Write them, as this will help with self-understanding, allow time to process them and prevent you from venting them at an unsuspecting target.

This is a good month to prioritise emotional well-being and uncover blocks to empowerment.

Childhood wounds could be at the bottom of that.

Is it time to seek out a counselor or therapist?

Decluttering & Water Therapy

Declutting Emotionally, Mentally and Physically may help bring clarity.

And Warm Baths (with flowers and essential oils) may calm troubled emotions.

As we approach the Full Moon in Aquarius on 24th July, fears around individualism, rejection & what it would mean if you truly admitted to how different you were may arise.

As always, clear accordingly and rise.

The Aquarian energy may bring a broader, more rational perspective, but be mindful of stubbornness and rigidity.

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