full moon in capricorn – june 2021

The Full Moon in Capricorn will exact on Friday June 25th at 04:40am here in Brisbane bringing through what’s come to fruition since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini (June 10th)

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Full Moons bring things to light – positive, negative or mixed, depending on where you’re at.

Are you feeling proud & accomplished, disillusioned & struggling or somewhere in between?

Potential Intensity

With a growing Venus/Pluto opposition in the build up, relationships, money, self value (or all) may bring intense feelings.

What needs to be transformed, unearthed and cleared around this?

Capricorn can bring restriction, lack, fear, cruelty and doubt.

How can you transmute these into greater LOVE and ACCEPTANCE?

Achievement, Boundaries, Self Mastery

Capricorn; depicted by the mythological sea goat represents achievement and ambition, but is also a reminder that true success includes the needs of the soul.

This is the sign of self mastery, attainment and the ultimate adherence to one’s inner authority and unique path.

We are reminded that as the co-creators of our reality we must take responsibility for what we do and do not want in our lives.

And in that a need for boundaries may arise; especially with Neptune slowing to turn retrograde this week.

Consider where you’re being asked to take responsibility and where protection may be necessary.

Sometimes taking the path to fulfillment means the courage to say no or go it alone.

Give it Time

With so much retrograde energy in play, the recent Eclipse Portal and the second alignment of the Saturn/Uranus square a lot has been happening.

Things aren’t particularly clear right now.

Allow time to integrate the lessons of the last few weeks and forgo the need to push.

Saturn (ruler of this Capricorn and this Full Moon) is also in the retrograde mix.

Allow the opportunities that come (if they feel aligned) and if things are a little quiet make the most of this time for inner work.

Growing Pains

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) offers a life review whenever he touches our charts; standing guard at the cornerstones of important life transitions.

He often brings growing pains, maturity and a confrontation with the reality of life.

Life can feel overly serious around Saturn, so, as alluded to in the New Moon write up ,- remember to make time for fun, lightness and enjoyment to counter an over-emphasis on austerity.

Tension and Breakthroughs

The second hit of the Saturn/Uranus square mid June bought tension.

The Full Moon may bring that to a head or may result in a breakthrough.

Wishing you many breakthroughs and celebrations.

If you’re not there yet, hold yourself in love, re-think your strategy and use this as a chance to rebuild or rework the foundations.

The Full Moon falls at 3 degrees and 27 seconds of Capricorn.

The house in which that falls in your chart tells you the life area that is most likely affected by this energy this week.

For an understanding of the meaning of the houses go here

And if you’d like more understanding of your chart – including a copy of it – head here.

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