New moon solar eclipse in gemini – june 10th 2021

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipse Two -New Moon Solar Eclipse

Moon & Sun Falling at 19 Degrees Gemini

Change is in the air… but not quite just yet! – note Mercury’s stationary-direct date below for that

Eclipses are harbingers of change and events around this New Moon may have a far-reaching effect that colours the next 6 months.

The New Moon arrives on June 10th at 08:53pm here in Brisbane*; occurring alongside Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun.

Intentions set now signify new beginnings, which can be progressed as Mercury turns direct on June 23rd.

Be curious, allow opportunities to arise, but don’t push for them.

Formulate steps and ensure your goal feels fun and exciting, but keep it practical.

*click for a time conversion to your part of the World

With Mars at the anuretic degree, you may wish to push forward quicker than is possible.

If this is you, manage your frustration by nurturing what you can and entrusting the rest to divine timing.

Honour that Mercury is still retrograde and count to ten if reactivity is an issue.

These themes may be important:

  • Information
  • Learning
  • Fun
  • Siblings
  • Self Expression
  • News
  • Communication
  • Anger/Aggression – this can be a thing with Mars at the power degree!


Mercury will remain retrograde until June 23rd, so be mindful that delays, mix ups and frustrations can arise.

Remain flexible and allow extra time for goals to manifest.

Unexpected events during June may shake your faith or have you doubting your abilities.

And Neptune’s square may bring confusion, tiredness, heightened sensitivity, cold and flu symptoms – or all.

Every challenge brings the ability to be better.

Trust yourself.

Trust the path.

Trust in timing.


This is a good time to set intentions around improved communication, self-expression and finances; especially if the eclipse bought up issues here.

Declutter your Inbox for increased clarity.

Test theories and research new ideas

Look for the houses highlighted in your chart to see the area of life affected. For house meanings click here.

Birth planets located between 17 and 21 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) may be strongly activated.

Saturn / Uranus 2nd Hit – 15th June

As the Saturn/Uranus square intensifies alongside the Eclipse portal, frustration and pressure may arise.

Work with this energy by:

  • Re-evaluating Boundaries
  • Thinking up Exciting new Plans
  • Drawing up Strategies
  • Working on Blocks
  • Clearing Fear
  • Seeing the Blessing
  • Expressing anger in healthy ways

What do you want to change?

How will you change it?

Listen to your gut, adhere to your own authority and act on intuitive prompts & ideas.

You may need to straddle the old and the new for a while longer, so be patient and realistic.

Trust that your energy may be lower than usual and allow yourself some quiet time out.

Will this alignment bring further lock downs or surprising news?!

If you live in the Brisbane area, my event on June 19th may be of interest to you.

Especially so if you want more Astrological understanding of what’s happening in the World at this time or want to create greater well-being in your life.

I’ll be joined by Don Tolman – The Wholefood Medicine Man.

Don has spoken in over 100 countries and helped thousands of people move towards improved health.

His message is profound, simple and very much needed at this time.

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