Full Moon in libra march 2021

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The March Full Moon will exact on Monday 29th March here in Brisbane at 04:48am (AEST) (click here for a time-conversion to your timezone).

Libra represents relationships (including the one we have with ourselves), beauty, balance, diplomacy, fairness and values.

Healing Potentials

If you look back at my recent blog post on the Pisces New Moon (which set up the energy for this Lunar Month), I discuss how our relationship with the World (how we experience others/events, what comes up for us on a daily basis …) often relates to our inner state

… and how acknowledging this was likely going to be important this month.

Pisces brings deep (and sometimes) overwhelming feelings and The Moon symbolises the Past, so as we approach our Full Moon in Libra , much has been coming up and requesting release for those of us on the healing path.

Chiron was strongly placed in the recent Equinox energy; setting up the astrological year ahead and, as he will be conjunct the Sun and Venus at this Full Moon, he’s also doing his bit in bringing past wounding to the surface.

Therefore, if you’ve found yourself called back in time:

revisiting earlier relationship or sexual experiences (& maybe relating them to current experiences)

delving into issues around misuse (or misguided expressions) of anger or power (past or present),


  • how you assert for what you want,
  • your energy levels,
  • how you protect yourself / how protected you feel,
  • your strength
  • your motivation (divine masculine themes in general)
  • … or perhaps experiencing increased awareness around personal sabotage tactics

… you’re likely picking up on the current energy.

If relationship angst is a problem, the answer may lie in revisiting the past; including a look at how your inner child is fairing and the give and take ratio of your exchanges.

Honour Sensitivity

Mercury’s growing conjunction with Neptune (the latter also prominent in the Equinox chart) indicates that the increased sensitivity and tiredness are likely to stick around for a while and the Chiron/Sun/Venus stellium may increase feelings of vulnerability and perhaps empathy to others pain.

Neptune can slow us down; asking us not to rush and to enjoy the flowers as we tread the path.

Often easier said than done!

At times of great healing, we can sometimes feel we’re going backwards or cannot progress as quickly as we’d like and yet by taking the time to process the pain, we may just experience a leap forward; a leap less encumbered due to the release of previously held weighty baggage.

So be patient with yourself and don’t panic if restoration of your equilibrium feels difficult to come by!

The idea of rushing is not a great one when Chiron in Aries is strong, because this can bring on accidents (says the lady with the 2nd degree burn on her arm!).

Money, Money, Money & A Touch of the Unexpected

The Full Moon could be raising issues around money and budgets (specifically your feelings around those) and, in turn, this can lead to a turning point; maybe bought about by an a-ha moment around where one’s own sense of worth or belief system may be tied up in all of that.

With Uranus forming an exact inconjunct with the Moon, unexpected events could throw a spanner in the works (or maybe require a spanner if Taurus rules your 4th house! – yep! new boiler over here!)

… & the urge for freedom could be strong – whether financial or just a need for more space.

This is a great Full Moon under which to clear fear and impatience and to give time to your feelings.

Watch for impulsive purchases and ensure whatever you’re buying is likely to bring you joy rather than it being simply a means to sidetrack from emotional discomfort.

Peace, Harmony & Beauty

Goals around beautifying one’s surroundings and increasing inner peace and harmony are well-starred

… but don’t negate your own needs by choosing not to rock the boat!

Raising issues diplomatically can be a thing 😉

… and having conversations around things that aren’t working is usually the way to resolve them.

The emphasis on Venus in the chart and the Neptune/Mercury contact can be expressed beautifully through Art, so painting, writing, drawing or dancing your feelings may help you to get in touch with them and bring some relief.

Dreams may be quite vivid and beds difficult to leave.

Deal honestly with what’s in front on you and your sense of equilibrium will eventually be restored.

The Full Moon falls at 8 degrees and 18 seconds of the Libra (Moon) / Aries (Sun) axis.

Which houses are being highlighted in your chart and how does the energy relate to that area of life?

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