March Equinox 2021 – Happy (Astrological) New Year!

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As the Sun moves to Aries we celebrate the March Equinox.

Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, we usher in our Astrological New Year and awaken to new possibilities and experiences; set up by the Equinox energy.

If you’ve had a bit of a tired, tearful, unwell, blah few weeks, the energy shift will no doubt be welcome.

When the Sun moves through Pisces (18th Feb 2021 to 20th March 2021), we can experience a period of letting go and release, which can happen in all kinds of ways – like a huge integration of all the past year has bought your way – and what a year that was!!

Hence why most people have had experiences of being ‘under par/under the weather’ the last few weeks.

If we use ‘Pisces season’ appropriately, we can relinquish, process and declutter our lives; finding ourselves standing at the portal to this New Year with a sense of renewal and refreshed motivation.

March Equinox 2021 – The Sun Enters Aries – Chart courtesy of Esotech Technologies (Solar Fire)

So, what can we look forward to as the Sun makes his way around the Zodiac wheel for the next 12 months?

Healing Collective Wounds/Safety of Women

With the Sun being conjunct to Chiron and Venus at ingress, this is a year to take personal responsibility for the wounds that we carry; both personally and collectively.

Violence against women is likely to remain a hot topic with more coming to light around domestic violence, sexual misconduct/assault and the safety of females in general.

How do we learn from the experiences of the past to move forward?

Self Assertion/Expression and Blending Facts with Wisdom

How we express ourselves and assert for what we want may be important with Mars (dispositor of our Sun in Aries) conjunct the North Node along with the Moon.

The chart seems to indicate a need to assess information; both logically and intuitively, to discern what is right for personal circumstances.

This is not always going to be easy, as we have Neptune squaring the Nodes; possibly bringing confusion and mystery to what is the real truth and, of course, what is true for one is not always true for another.

Now more than ever it’s important to listen to one’s inner wisdom as well as investigating the facts of any pursuits undertaken.

Our Place in Society / Boundaries and Self-Responsibility

With Mars also highlighting Saturn’s transit through Aquarius – we are reminded to take personal responsibility for our place in society.

To relinquish perceived inadequacies around being different, self-doubt about ‘our right to be here‘ and fears that arise related to our hopes and what we dream for life on Earth.

We are reminded that we’re all in this together, to offer support to those around us (when we can) and to keep compassion, kindness and empathy in our kit bag.

Boundaries will also be important – physically, emotionally and energetically, as the Moon/Neptune contact sensitises the individual to the collective undertone

… especially so if we are to progress with our own dreams and goals without being side-tracked by unnecessary drama (that doesn’t concern us).

The Importance of Emotional Well-being

With the Moon situated at the midpoint of Saturn and Jupiter, much growth can be achieved by taking note of our feelings and working through them.

The heavy Pisces/Neptune influence in the Equinox chart can tend to depression and anxiety, so expect this theme to continue for a while as we navigate the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

If you’re not very good at heeding or adhering to how you feel, you may find my E-Book – Sunshine on a Rainy Day – A book about re-finding the Joy in life helpful.

It can be purchased separately or as part of a Sunshine on a Rainy Day Nurture Pack, which includes an essence, an essential oil and a crystal that can be worked with alongside the book.

Also great as a gift – just enter the recipients shipping address instead of your own when ordering.

The busy, go, go, go life of the past few years have unfortunately led to many suppressing, ignoring and even losing touch with their emotional sides.

However, if we are to achieve a sense of wholeness, integration and well-being, we need to be in touch with how we feel on a daily basis; using our feelings as a barometer to how we’re tracking through life.

Remaining vigilant of those in our care and ensuring they feel heard and that their emotions are being validated is so very important.

It’s time to end the stigma around mental health, fearing vulnerability and speaking out.

Crying does not make a person weak. It makes them human.

Retreats can be a great choice for those feeling they need to get back in touch with themselves, as are therapies that centre around emotional wellbeing.

Saturn/Uranus Square – Upgrades, Discipline & Change

One of the over-arching themes for the year is the energy of the Saturn/Uranus square, which perfects 3 times over 2021 and early 2022.

We’re being asked to upgrade and move into a new/upgraded version of ourselves, which can only happen if we first take responsibility for where we’re at.

The energy will affect individuals differently and in different aspects of their lives, but wherever it plays out, the initial discomfort this connection can raise is pretty much the same across the board; raising questions; such as: “must we tackle that tricky thing we’ve been ignoring”, “why does it all just feel too hard”, “why is this happening to me?!!…. I don’t want to change!!”.

Such changes will likely require discipline and commitment, but the benefits of allowing this transit to take you on a journey of self-discovery to where things in your life need an overhaul can be liberating, exhilarating and hugely rewarding in the end.

For more on this, please visit my Saturn/Uranus blog.

Manifesting Desires

With the Sun/Venus/Neptune stellium we’re also reminded of the need to honour our desires and dreams and to also take action as to how we make these manifest upon the Earth.

No matter what’s playing out in the wider World, the commitment you made to being here on Earth and your individual path is still very much valid.

When feeling stuck remember to call on your Guides for assistance as to how you take the next step.

Balance and Equilibrium

Keeping one’s life balanced and ensuring a healthy dose of activity over different life areas is also an important factor in how fulfilled we feel.

The year’s equinoxes are a great time to check-in with how you’re going in this regard, as well as ensuring we balance both the light and shade.

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