New Moon in pisces – march 2021

The Pisces New Moon will exact at 08:20pm (AEST) on Saturday 13th March (click for a time/date conversion to your part of the World).

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m going through a process that can only be described with the term “The Quickening”.

Not to be confused with the movie Highlander, it feels like a daily onslaught of what needs to be acknowledged, worked-through and (often) changed; very much associated with the Saturn/Uranus square predominating much of 2021.

Many ‘A-ha’ moments bought on by bouts of awakening to where responsibility needs to be taken in upgrading one’s life to a better place.

These ‘upgrades’ may not feel particularly exciting or fancy in the beginning; more like necessary courses of action to be taken,

… but as Saturn goes – putting appropriate structures in place, committing to what needs to be done, taking responsibility and rolling up one’s sleeves (metaphorically) will likely prove more beneficial than putting one’s head in the sand.

Saturn makes us tackle the tough stuff and will tend to keep slamming us until we do, so the quicker we get the message the lesser the pain can be; even if taking the first steps can feel daunting.

So how can we translate this to the New Moon?

Pisces energy relates to collective consciousness; reminding us we’re all a part of the whole.

A big Worldwide myriad of reflections and projections; often seeing in others what we need to recognise in ourselves (whether that’s a negative or positive trait or a lack of something that we need to build up – i.e. self love / worthiness).

When we’re in a cycle of blame, judgement and feeling victimised, we’re not recognising this important phenomenon and it’s usually only when we do, that we can start taking back our power and creating that better life we’re dreaming of.

One only needs to look at how we relate to Politics or the News (i.e. this week’s Meaghan and Harry interview with Oprah) to see that people do not interpret everything the same. Whether you’re in support of what they did or against it, it is a reflection of how you are currently seeing the World.

That’s why there will never be full scale agreement on everything and why expecting there to be is fruitless.

Of course, this can also make us feel incredibly vulnerable; especially when it comes to owning our less-than-perfect attributes, but this vulnerability can also be our greatest power; enabling us to heal, repair and strengthen our reality to one reflecting greater support, love and well-being.

Vulnerability is also strongly associated with Pisces and sometimes the very things we fear revealing to others are exactly what we need to share with them.

It’s our gateway to feeling understood and connected.

And hand-in-hand with that goes compassion; for when we understand the full picture, we can more easily step into another’s shoes or at least see why they do what they do.

Pisces represents the dream, so not only is this a great New Moon under which to commit to greater self-awareness and owning our vulnerabilities, but it’s also good for establishing (or re-establishing) what you want from life.

No matter how old you currently are it’s important to keep dreaming, keep seeing the possibilities and to keep aiming for them.

New Moons represent new beginnings and goal setting is a great way to acknowledge and begin working towards the change you may be after.

If the February Full Moon bought issues around this theme for you, now’s a great time to put those boundaries in place; ensuring healthy ones are established. Important if we’re to move forward in a protected and centred way and let the Universe know what we don’t want (as well as what we do).

With Venus and Neptune aligning with the New Moon energy, you may feel impelled towards more romantic, spiritual or creative endeavours; perhaps noting where you’re craving more of this in your life

… and if you’ve been wanting to start a meditation practice, this is a great New Moon to commit to that.

Go easy, release fear of the dark & seek to protect the vulnerable ones in your care.

The New Moon exacts at 23 degrees and 3 seconds of Pisces.

Where that falls in your birth chart shows an area of life where a new beginning may be stirring.

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