Full Moon in Virgo – 27th february 2021

The Virgo Full Moon will exact here in Brisbane at 06:17:10pm (click the link to convert to your time-zone).

Full Moons and Physiology

Full Moons cause swelling – energetically, emotionally & physically

… & with the human body containing a high percentage of water, it’s no surprise Astrologers have noticed over the centuries a tendency for things to escalate during the build up to a Full Moon.

One only has to look at how the Full Moon affects the tides to understand such a correlation.

Apparently children have an even higher water content, so it’s probably not surprising they can be out of sorts or unruly during the build up to a Full Moon

… and especially so this week! – read on 😉

Shake Ups & Wake Ups

If this week isn’t turning out quite as planned, you may also be tuning into the building Sun/Uranus square.

Perhaps unexpected events are showing up around your children, colleagues, friends or family members, who may have been flexing their individual, eccentric or rebellious sides

… or maybe your daily routine has had to be juggled.

It could be, of course, that it’s you whose been wanting to let off some steam and break free!

Uranus doesn’t like to be restrained & likes to surprise

… & this energy has definitely been playing its part along with the FM build up calling for some flexibility.

You may also be privy to some a-ha moments this week, as Uranus is known as ‘the great awakener’.

What are you seeing about yourself or those around you that can now help you to move forward with greater awareness?

Mitigate Stress / Zone Out Perfectionism

Virgo is a sign synonymous with health, healing, service, work and day-to-day routines

… and Full Moons can bring out the shadow side of our natures; shining a light on where these areas of life can be improved or where the more negative traits of Virgo are popping up.

Practical & highly intelligent, Virgos can be incredibly efficient & industrious workers, who love to help, but they can also be perfectionists and suffer from bouts of anxiety; feeling lost when they don’t have a purpose.

Their delicate systems can tend to allergies and stress, which can affect the intestines and digestion (body parts that this sign governs).

If you’re prone to bolt your food, it may be time to increase more conscious eating practices; like praying over your plate to raise it’s vibration, slowing down to chew and mitigating distractions during mealtimes.

This will help your body better assimilate, digest and absorb vital nutrients.

If your daily life is super busy (in a way that isn’t enjoyable), then maybe it’s time to re-plan what you can realistically achieve in day; bringing some Virgo discernment into what you say “Yes” to.

Healing Holistically

Any niggling health issues may now be asking that you take some action towards healing them and with Mercury (dispositor of this Full Moon) currently residing in Aquarius, maybe you’ve been privy to a flash of insight around a possible answer; perhaps seeing you take a different approach.

Health doesn’t just relate to the well-being of the body. Your emotional, mental and spiritual health are just as important.

The last couple of years have been particularly tough and it’s important to keep an eye on your thoughts & feelings, as well as those of the people around you.

Not everyone finds it easy to articulate what they feel.

Virgo’s modest and self-critical tendencies can lead to bouts of low self-esteem, so look to buoy those you love with praise; keeping them aware of their strengths.

De-clutter & Focus

De-cluttering really is quite a magical process. It’s difficult to sit in a beautifully clean room and feel fuzzed out.

This is a great Full Moon under which to clean, clear-out and organise your belongings, as the Virgo energy brings a critical eye.

When you choose to put things in their place, your energy benefits too; bringing greater focus to activities.

DIY jobs you’ve been ignoring may also become a part of your focus this week

… as may refinement of work processes.

Who are you Serving?

Virgo energy loves to be of service and to have a purpose, but if that purpose does not suit the server, it may be time to re-define what you’re doing.

Choosing instead to find something that fulfills and lights you up; whilst also allowing you to serve others in a way that brings joy to both.

The Full Moon will exact at 8 degrees and 57 minutes of Virgo.

Where does that position reside in your chart and which area of your life is being affected?

If you’d like to understand more about your personal chart, my E-Book – Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness is available here.

The Sabian Symbol for this position is “An Expressionist Painter Making A Futuristic Drawing”.

As Venus moves to Pisces this week, re-dreaming your life to see a stronger, happier & healthier future you may appeal.

Just remember to combine the Woo with the Do!

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