New Moon in aquarius – February 2021

February’s New Moon will exact at 05:05am (AEST)* on the 12th February; ushering in the Chinese New Year along with it.

With 7 placements falling in Aquarius (including the Moon herself), this brings an unusually heavy emphasis onto this one sign

… and with Mercury remaining retrograde (also in Aquarius) – boy!!, are we learning some lessons right now around this energy!

Do you think this influx of Aquarian energy is a co-incidence as we move further into the Age of Aquarius?

Me neither!

As this New Moon hits, you may be reeling from some surprising events; especially so with the current Saturn/Uranus energy in play, which is due to exact on the 18th

The interesting thing about this square is that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius; whereas Uranus is the modern ruler of this same sign.

… and this is so key with much of what’s been happening; amping up all the Aquarian-related feels!

Maybe you’re feeling a strange sense of being wired; unable to unwind as you usually would,

… or perhaps you or your loved ones have been more reactive of late

Maybe your dealing with a few surprises or unexpected events & curveballs (which Mercury will be helping with also, of course!).

Or perhaps you just feel strange & have a vague feeling you’ve entered the twilight zone!

Aquarian energy governs teamwork, the group, the collective …

Whereas its opposite sign – Leo – represents such things as the individual, the Ego & what the individual needs for fulfilment.

Without individuals there are no groups, so both these signs must work together to bring about the whole.

When the Aquarian/Leo axis is functioning well it brings group harmony; the coming together of people, who feel valued for their input and fulfilled in their role(s).

Such a group can become a vibrant, high functioning team able to build something much greater than any of them could have achieved on their own.

There’s a feeling of synergy; with the objective nature of Aquarius allowing for solutions to be sought to any friction or drama, which offer something for everyone & uplift the group further.

When there is dysfunction, it can result in issues of low self-worth, feeling excluded, different, lonely, invisible, rejected…

These negative expressions of Aquarian energy can express in a few ways and they can be incredibly painful; including:

  • ‘Competing with others for a piece of the pie’ type of scenarios
  • Feeling lacking in purpose – “If no one wants what I’m giving, then what’s the point of me even being here”
  • Withdrawal
  • Displays of Control & ‘Bossyness’
  • Stress
  • Nervous tension
  • Cutting off connections

These latter expressions tend to arise when fear, low self-confidence and a lack of self-acceptance are running the show.

You may have found yourself contemplating your place in society this last week; perhaps with friendships, as part of a team or with some kind of group.

With a square to Mars, irritability and impatience (with self &/or others) could be arising; especially if you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed.

Authority figures may trigger rebellious attitudes & tension is likely to be high; especially mid to late February.

Freedom, independence & space to breathe will feel important & yet, with Saturn so strong, there’s the feeling of things being hard, difficult & so damn frustrating!

Hang on in there, take deep breaths and trust the path.

New Moons bring new beginnings and this one’s asking you to notice what isn’t working out so well for you; as well as to get clear on what you do want.

Where do your boundaries need strengthening?

Where are you being too accommodating? Is a lack of self love playing its part here – or fear?

Do you need to be true to yourself; honouring your own innate wisdom over what other’s tell you should be happening?

We’re entering new territory, the old is seeking a way out, but we don’t yet have the new foundation to replace it.

Therefore, release what you can, build what you can & find coping strategies to enable you to transition with as much peace & self-love as you can muster.

Above all, remember you are a human being; not a robot

… & seek to be a wayshower of humanity, kindness & harmonious interaction wherever possible.

*The New Moon will exact:

  • 05:05 on 12th February in Brisbane (AEST)
  • 19:05 in London on the 11th February
  • 14:05 on the 11th February in New York

Find out more about the Saturn/Uranus Square of 2021 here.

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