The Saturn/Uranus Square 2021

We’re building to a Saturn/Uranus square & that’s bringing a fair amount of tension.

If you’re feeling uber-busy, pushed, stressed, frazzled, a bit wired, maybe a little exhilarated

… or that there are not nearly enough hours in the flooking day!!

… then you’re likely all over this one!

Perhaps you want change, but you’re reticent about where that will take you …

Or maybe you’re spending a lot of energy on resistance.

On top of that, Mercury remains retrograde

… & last week’s Venus connection with this growing square did its best to bring up all kinds of self-doubt; leading us a sojourn with the darker feelings of inadequacey, loneliness & some low self-worth.

Maybe relationships, your health or finances were where this played out for you

… or maybe it was work, your self-love or your family.

We don’t all have the same experiences, but the chances are you’re feeling it somewhere!

I’d love to tell you this will be over soon, but (spoiler alert), this is just the beginning of this tense Saturn/Uranus connection, which will be with us for the rest of the year.

So, what’s the reason behind it & how can you deal with it to mitigate its effects?

In a nutshell, you’re being asked to uplevel; to make changes where life is no longer so enjoyable, stimulating or suitable to the person you’re becoming or are today.

Anywhere you’ve become too comfortable is up for a shake up; especially where you’ve let fear hold you back from moving forward.

That kind of comfort equals stagnation & Uranus will seek to break that blockage clean apart!

Once you recognise that, you can have a better time of it, because much of what this transit brings, can be worked thorugh with inner work

… i.e. changing belief systems, increasing self-acceptance & self-love, managing stress levels, choosing to declutter & release what is no longer in your best interests…

Anything outworn & past it’s usefulness will fall away now.

You’re evolving!

The tricky management of this energy comes because you’re in transition –

… walking a bridge between the structures of the past (that are still firmly with you & require effort to maintain)

… & the calling of the future (which requires effort to bring it into effect).

This transit can feel pretty demanding, but rather than have a fit, because someone just laid down your final straw, take a deep breath & tune in.

Likely, progressive change is what’s needed, but it needs to be taken slowly & steadily so as to keep everything ticking over & tickety-boo.

Uranus awakens, excites & shakes up, but can also rebel, sabotage & wreak havoc on the nervous system.

Saturn is stable, reliable & sensible, but it can solidify, block & suppress.

This is the time to evolve the foundations and structures of your life – preferably piece by piece; without losing your shizzle & doing something rash!

Exercise can most definitely help, as can breathwork, meditation & taking one day at a time.

Yes, it’s going to be one of those years again!

Just a different flavour.

The good news is that if you can work through any arising discomfort, you can grow enormously during a transit such as this.

AND this is the first hit, which is always the most intense & tends to knock us from our feet somewhat.

By the time the second hit arrives, we’re already more familiar with what the transit means for us

… & by the final hit, we’ve usually resolved what needed to be dealt with.

This is a good time to sit down and have a good, honest look at your life.

Write out goals around who you want to be when you reach January 2022 & let your heart re-dream it’s desires into reality.

Clear anger as it arises, burn essential oils that soothe the nerves, face your fears & be open to anywhere you percieve yourself experiencing a wake-up call or a beckoning to move forward (even if you have no idea where it’s leading or how it’ll work out in the end).

Don’t expect to have all the answers & don’t let fear tell you things are bad & only getting worse! – that’s most likely a lie; cooked up to keep you where you’re at.

It’s okay to feel disorientated at the start of such a big change & it’s okay to feel a little confused or unsure (Mercury is still very much retrograde).

Trust the path, reach out to loved ones if you’re feeling overwhelmed, manage stress & take it day by day; let things percolate.

Take some time as we move through February to re-connect with yourself, who you are, what your needs are and where you plan to go in the future.

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