Venus’ transit through aquarius 2021

Venus has now entered Aquarius and she’s done so in a building conjunction with Saturn.

Over the next 3 and a half weeks, you can use the combined energy of Venus with Mercury’s current retrograde to recall memories of where you may have felt left out of the ‘in-crowd’

… and seek to heal them.

You might find dreams echoing such themes; perhaps of times you felt different or separate.

… &, if self-love isn’t strong, those wounds may create problems with how comfortable you feel owning and shining as the individual you are.

Even if you’re uber-confident, this energy may still uncover where there’s some work to do.

Every bit of self-awareness & healing brings greater fulfilment closer, so it’s worth the effort!

Once you’ve upped that & feel aligned with those who make you feel loved and supported, you can move onto the positive expression of this transit – Group Love!

… & that’s likely to be easier next week as Venus moves towards Jupiter upping the optimistic feels.

Yes, there’s a happier side to this transit too, because Venus’ journey through Aquarius enjoys teamwork, loves being unique & quirky

… & values others desires!

With a Libran Moon at the ingress (and Mercury retrograding through Venus’ sign (Aquarius)), we can objectively discuss and think-over differing opinions without feeling too emotionally pulled.

Money & relationships could be key issues and when Saturn’s involved, it could be time to take responsibility for where you’re at on your financial and/or romantic journey.

As Venus will square Uranus on the 7th, the preceeding days could bring a few unexpected surprises.

This now ups the Aquarian get-together to a party of 5 with Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun all co-existing in this sign.

& our February New Moon will also fall in Aquarius, so this is the month to think unconventional, enjoy some independence & Be wholly & completely no-one but Yourself!

Venus will be resident in Aquarius from the early hours of 2nd Feb 2021 here in Brisbane (1st Feb for those in the Northern hemisphere) until 25th February 2021.

Oh! … and Aquarius is the sign we most associate with Astrology – hence the beautiful image I chose for today!

I could simply stare at it for days 🙂

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