Mercury retrograde through aquarius

Entering the Aquarian Age

Mercury will be taking us through his first retrograde of 2021; occuring in the sign of Aquarius from the end of January.

Asking – is it time to re-assess or re-establish your tribes & associations?!

Aquarius (along with Gemini & Libra) is an Air sign.

The Air element (through which our next 3 Mercury retrogrades will travel) represents the mental plane; relating to the mind (what interests us), communication (mode of self-expression) & relationships (how we connect with others).

It is the network of the inter-connectivity of life; including couriers, the internet, the post office, our communities, telephones, appointments, meetings, local travel (i.e. car, bus), groups, hopes&wishes …

Some of these areas could, therefore, throw up some unexpected glitches, delays, hold ups or confusion over the next 3 weeks (more so than is usual).

Especially so, as one of the dispositors of this Mercury Retrograde will be Uranus (modern).

The Gold is in your reactions to these events.

How do they make you feel?

… and have they led you to where inner work is required to enable you to respond more appropriately in the future?

Whichever house contains 11 to 26 degrees of Aquarius in your birth chart is an area of life where you may find yourself needing a re-think

.. & with a prominent T Square involving Hygea active on the day – that re-think could also relate to health matters.

Including an assessment of which associations are healthy for you & which are not.

Aquarius specifically relates to groups, friendships & goals (hopes&wishes), so this is good time to re-connect, re-establish, re-lease or re-linquish in those areas.

With the Sun & Mars also involved, we are called to take back a sense of power & to not simply allow ourselves to blow in the wind.

But first, we must realise where we are doing just that.

Sustaining vitality could be an issue for some, as could a tendency to come over as aggressive rather than assertive.

Mercury entered the shadow period for this particular retrograde back in mid-Jan, so you may have already been noticing such things rumbling up.

Maybe also a sense of being a little more deep, tired, lost in thought, spaced out (perhaps feeling a bit aimless)

… or overwhelmed & being pulled in several directions with the feeling that you’re not really heading anywhere.

This is a great time to clear out anything surplus that is causing distraction & a lack of focus

… including associations with groups you don’t click with, clearing out your Inbox & unsubscribing from those messages from people or places that you never read (you’ll be doing them a favour too, so no need for the guilt 😉).

Arguments may arise & you may be gifted insight into unhelpful patterns.

Mercury will continue connecting with Pallas Athene during his retrograde; perhaps bringing themes of justice, what’s right/wrong & conflicting ideologies to a head in the outer World.

Internet censorship is likely to continue with Saturn (the traditional ruler of Aquarius) also dispositing this particular Mercury Retrograde & moving closer to his first square with Uranus.

An air of resistance & rebellion is likely & things could potentially feel quite chaotic as we move into February.

Re-negotiation in some areas could be a thing as could technical glitches, electricity issues & storms.

Remember to adhere to your own truth & to let go of trying to convince others.

The true meaning of Aquarius is the honouring of all.

Issues causing separation need love, calm, objectivity & understanding if they’re to be resolved & not cause further alienation.

Only then will a way forward be determined.

On a personal level, allow time for your mind to upgrade & awaken.

We’re being gifted huge influxes of Aquarian energy at this time & by nature that is progressive, futuristic & rather taxing on the nervous system.

Allow & trust.

It will integrate over time.

Chaos in all its disruption & unsettling is a harbinger for change.

Be on the look out for flashes of insight & use the retrograde period wisely to re-examine belief systems, rest, re-dream, re-think, re-strategise, re-fresh & re-do.

Mercury will turn retrograde on 31st January 2021 at:

  • 01:52am (AEST, Brisbane Time)
  • 03:52pm (GMT, London Time)
  • 10:52am (EST, New York Time)

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