New Moon in capricorn – january 2021

We welcome our First New Moon of 2021 on January 13th shortly before 3pm here in Brisbane (AEST) – that’s – just before 5am in London (GMT) & just before 00:00am in New York (EST).

This New Moon falls in Capricorn at 23 degrees & 13 minutes; the Sabian Symbol of which is:

“A Woman Entering a Convent”

… indicating that the next four weeks will be ripe for some potent inner work, finding peace in solitude & a reconnection with spritual needs.

It also raises the question – will there be another lockdown (… or an extended lockdown – if you’re already in one)?

We can likely expect an intense 4 weeks with Pluto & the Mars/Uranus conjunction strong in both the New Moon and the Full Moon Charts.

Uranus is incredibly potent; grinding to a halt just 4 hours after the New Moon exacts ready to turn direct.

Uranus awakens,

Pluto intensifies,

Mars moves

… and if you’re senstitive to energy, you may want to read this Instagram post for some tips on handling the next couple of weeks (which I wrote last week).

Writing your feelings in a journal may help to clarify what you’re experiencing; bringing a-ha moments.

If you find yourself struggling with your emotions it is a good idea to seek some form of help – a coach, a mentor, a counsellor …

The conjunction with Pluto is a reminder of our innate personal power

… that we have a choice in how we respond to external circumstances – from a place of: empowerment, love & compassion or from a place of: disempowerment, fear & judgement (for example)

The ‘COVID Crisis’ is bringing out a lot of what is ‘unwell’ with our collective consciousness and if we’re to heal that, it’s up to us.

We may not feel we can ‘change the World’ right now, but we can take responsiblity on a personal level & heal the darkness that we find there.

The more work we do, the better humans we become & the more we raise those around us, which is why personal development can never be deemed ‘selfish’.

Everything we do to clear our own pain, anger, blocks & frustrations leads to a kinder, more tolerant World.

If you’re feeling strongly triggered around this New Moon, count to ten, sit in nature & consider taking yourself away from volatile situations.

Eruptions can cause long-lasting hurt & pain in loved ones, who are unlikely to be the root cause of all you’re venting on them.

It’s not only us humans, who are affected by energy. The Earth herself is too; sometimes resulting in some kind of physical/powerful movement, electrical issues & unexpected surges.

Stay safe, up the energetic protection & remember kindness – to self and others.

There are many struggling at this time.

Who can you lend some support to?

New Moons bring fresh starts, setting up the energy that will take us into the next Lunar Cycle.

When the New Moon falls in Capricorn, we are reminded that manifesting ambitions (or anything that changes one’s current reality) usually requires a walk up the mountain & often the purging of some darkness.

There is a great deal of potency contained within this New Moon and much of that purging may be required to get you where you’re going as we move through 2021.

The next 4 weeks are a good time to embrace a detox – physcially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

It’s an important time to connect with nature and to send love energy into the Earth, so that all can benefit.

An exact NewMoon/Eris square seems to signify that events around this New Moon (potentially discordant ones) will force a significant change of some kind in how we move into the future.

Goals, which are set now (and followed through) will likely bring dramatic change to your life, so consider your intentions carefully this month.

With Venus square to Chiron & trine Uranus, you may glean some surprising insights related to how you relate to others or connected to a significant relationship.

An urge for freedom is likely to be strong; boardering on rebelliousness for some – likely aimed at authority figures.

Partaking in exercise could help to burn off some of the frustration & perhaps thinking up a different way of doing things will be helpful if you find yourself chasing your tail/running in circles with no change..

Watch for a tendency to resistance and stubborness & consider how a compromise can be reached.

What needs to go, grow, be transformed or released if you are to live with greater joy?

What can you clear & where can you clean things up; embracing high energy habits & giving low vibe ones the boot?

Finally, Uranus brings a wired, electrical energy that can amp up excitement & have you feeling a little ungrounded.

Check for any planets or points that fall at 23 degrees in your natal chart (especially of the cardinal signs) for an area of life that will benefit from a fresh goal/perspective.

The Instgram post I mentioned earlier may also help with that.

See above for the link (under the sentence ‘Mars Moves’).

Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn.

To see which Area(s) of Life relate to which House, Click Here.

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