A Look at the Energy of 2021 – with a focus on the First Half :)

So, What’s Ahead?

As we move into the New Year, I’m sure we’re all keen to know what’s ahead.

Here’s an easily digestible snippet from the new year chart to start us off as we head into another beautiful brand New Year here on Planet Earth.

Stand-Out Themes

Desire for Growth, Freedom & Lightheartedness

Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct the South Node in the New Year Chart bringing an optimistic desire for growth. It’s time to say goodbye to what isn’t working & step adventurously into the new, but keep your goals realistic to avoid over-extending yourself.

This is a year to let your curiousity explore new options & to choose a ligher approach; embracing more opportunities for fun & change!

Releasing outdated belief systems / intolerant viewpoints & letting yourself open to new ways of thinking are likely to bring much of that growth.

A spiritual teacher could be a great ally to lead you through; especially if 2020 saw you struggling with darker emotions.

Is it time to seek the wisdom of the past to move forward to a brighter future?

Restrictions Remain, but expect a shift in the experience

The limitation and restriction that overlay much of 2020 is likely to remain with us during 2021 – at least during the first half – thanks to the presence of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction

…but the energy of how that is experienced has likely shifted.

Previously: The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction which ushered in 2020 fell in Capricorn inclining people to be more fearful & compliant

… & also highlighting where difficult emotions; such as depression needed to be addressed.

There was a sense of collective guilt of what we ‘should’ and ‘ought’ to be doing in order to do the responsible thing for one another.

Now: 2021’s Saturn/Jupiter conjunction falls in Aquarius & contrary to Capricorn, Aquarian energy can be quite rebellious, easily frustrated & less stable.

It is very much concerned with humanity, but that can range from the evolved all-encompassing embrace & respect of each others’ differences

… to the stubborn ‘knowing what’s best’ for everyone approach.

The need for a sense of Freedom will be strong & the key is how to cultivate that on the inner plane, mitigating the effect that external experiences will have.

Unrest & The Need for a Grounded & Centred Approach

The planet Uranus (as the modern ruler of Aquarius) is set to be a stronger influence during the coming months.

From the 7th to the 14th (as he slows to turn direct) expect to feel his presence keenly; especially if you have planets or points around 6/7 degrees in your chart.

This type of Uranian experience tends to bring sense of:

  • Feeling ‘wired’
  • Things moving in a Fast Forward motion
  • Too many things coming at you at once
  • Excitability
  • Sudden bursts of Anger
  • Frustration
  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness & possible anxiety …

The Mars/Uranus conjunction could bring much volatility & some stubborn play outs from the 18th to the 23rd January, as the Jupiter/Uranus Square pushes for rapid growth.

This is a year to remain as grounded as possible; especially if anything solid is to be achieved.

Thankfully, Mars’ ingress into Taurus early Jan can help with that.

Lay on the Earth during challenging times, hug a tree, meditate, dance &/or stamp your feet.

The Air influx along with Uranus in Taurus demands a flexible yet centred approach this year.

Inner work & self development cannot be underestimated to take you to where you need to be.

The Need for Innovative Leadership & To Take Charge of Personal Fulfilment

In the London New Year chart (GMT), the Leo Moon is present at the start of the New Year

& with a Leo Moon disposited by the Sun in Capricorn, this year is calling for some shining examples of leadership to help us navigate these uncertain times (Moon square to Uranus in Taurus).

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius reminds us that we’re in unknown territory now.

The future is requiring innovative solutions & a release of the outworn, staid methods previously put into place, but a ‘baby with the bathwater’ approach isn’t advised under this energy.

2021 – much the same as 2020 is likely to be unpredictable, so if you have any expectations as to how all of this will pan out you may want to leave them at the threshold as you step across!

Throw those rule books away.

It’s time to write new ones!

Saturn remains strong and asks us to continue to take responsibility for our inner landscape.

In Aquarius that could include owning and clearing out fears related to (but not limited to) – the future, technology, loss of individualism/indepenence, owing your uniqueness.

Your best guide & authority through life is your higher self.

Working to clear any blocks you may have to working with this energy will likely ensure a smoother navigation of 2021.

The more joyful moments you can include into your daily life, the more joyful your future is likely to be.

If we’re creating the future from the present, it’s more important than ever to remain conscious of this, so take a break when needed, enjoy your cuppa before it goes cold, savour body-nourishing food slowly, indulge in your favourite experiences & seek to have fun with those you love.

It’s likely to be an energetically taxing year, so nourishing & replenishing the nervous system is advised.

Leo Moons remind us of our need to do what lights us up and what fulfils us.

As that differs for everyone, it’s in your hands to make this year what you need it to be.

A Mid-Year Shift

As Jupiter moves into Pisces early May, expect the energy to shift again.

Here we find greater compassion, sensitivity & a need to embrace more gentleness & creativity.

Spiritual growth is likely to be hign on the agenda now, but for those foregoing this human need there may be a sense of loss and a draw to negative escapism.

It’s important to remember that Heaven on Earth is acheivable, but the achievement of that is in your hands alone.

You cannot be empowered & a victim at the same time, so choose wisely.

*The first Eclipse Season of 2021 will rumble in shortly before May 26th & peter out just after June 10th bringing the potential for creative, insightful and stimulating change.

Whereas *the final Eclipse season, which falls between November 19th and December 4th is heralded by Bernadette Brady in her book ‘Predictive Astrology – The Eagle and the Lark’, as a joyful, happy & peak experience’ eclipse series.

2021 has much potential for innovative solutions to come forth over how we create a more sustainable future; taking care of ourselves, the Earth & her forna and flora.

As always, the power is in what we do with that!

*More will be added on the Eclipse energy later in the year.

Numerologically Speaking

Numerologically 2021 is a Five year.

The number five symbolises man & how our unique individual blueprint is made manifest upon the Earth-plane of existence.

It’s also related to the five-pointed star drawn by Venus as she navigates the sky.

There is a re-emphasis here around dynamic change, expression of one’s unique creativity, a desire to feel free & a need for adaptability & instinctive change.

Without appropriate grounding, however, the number 5 can be too flighty, distracted & changeable.

Thankfully, the Chinese New Year on February 12th will usher in the year of the Ox; bringing the determination & practiality to work goals to fruition.

Overwork, stubborn attitudes and rigidity may be a negative expression of this energy, however, so watch for that.

The Oxen association with agriculture may bring greater innovation to farming methods; hopefully seeing a stronger emphasis on the organic, & sustainable.

When to Set Intentions?

It’s a New Year, so shouldn’t we all be stating our New Year’s Resolutions with gusto right now?

Here in Australia, the New Year begain with a void of course Moon; transitioning from Cancer to Leo.

Although Mars in Aries may have you wanting to power ahead to the next goal, you may feel a little uncertain about what it is you actually want to manifest during 2021.

If this resonates with you, let yourself Be.

There’s no rush.

The first New Moon on the 13th January is a good time to set intentions.

Falling in the sign of Capricorn, you’re more likely to have an idea of what you’re wanting to achieve then.

In the meantime, let yourself process 2020; especially if the recent Cancerian Full Moon bought up strong emotions for you.

The Cancerian Moon (in the Australian New Year Chart) will progress into Leo shortly before the Autumn Equinox (Saturday March 20th).

The Equinox is heralded by the Sun moving into Aries – the first sign of the Zodiac – & it marks the start of the Astrological New Year.

Expect to find your feet around this time & note this date in your calendar as a time to check in with yourself, how you’re progressing & what you now need.

Ask yourself the question: “How far have I come since 2021 began?”

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