New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Eclipse seasons are powerful and we close out the year under the beams of our final one of three.

It’s been a HUGE year!

We’ve had deep retrogrades through all 3 of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus & Mars – & a total of 3 Eclipse Seasons.

A year ‘bookended’; not only with Eclipse energy, but also the ending & beginning of some big Astrological cycles –

Saturn/Pluto came together in January ushering in the start of the year – and phew! what a ride that’s been

… & Jupiter/Saturn will come together under this month’s Solstice to take us out and into 2021 under different, but still very much challenging energy.

This has been no ‘usual’ year. The strong Saturnian thread has meant it’s been tough going at times.

We’ve dealt with restriction & limitation globally

… & internally we’ve been asked to look at our fears, perceived inadequacies & how we deal with crisis.

But in many ways, it’s also been a great year.

It’s bought us back to the need we have for connection, a slower pace of life & joyful/heartfelt moments.

Now, as we move into the energy of the final New Moon of 2020 – our Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – things remain uncertain.

Sagittarian energy asks us to Trust &, with this being a South Node Eclipse, this is a good month to look at how comfortable you feel with uncertainty.

What do you need to release around that?

Perhaps a tendency to want to control outcomes, people, feelings

We came into this Eclipse Season with Neptune strong & Neptune governs Surrender.

Surrender does not mean rolling over to whatever comes our way & giving up.

It means doing what we can & then trusting that the outcome of that will arise in a beautiful way.

This is a good point to mention that our view on life and our responses to it can be key in how we move through it.

Consider that life is happening ‘for us’ and not ‘to us’ is helpful.

It’s important to keep an empowered mindset and to move away from a victimised one as much as we can.

That’s not to say that we won’t feel moments of utter dispair, anguish & feeling hard done to at times.

It’s important to feel that too.

But staying there is a choice.

Remember that you are not alone. You are surrounded by your very own team of Spiritual Guides & Angelic Beings, who are there to help and support you.

Ask them.

Uranus is conjunct The Black Moon – asking us to honour the unknown, the mystery & the beautiful awakening to the Divine Feminine as she continues to rumble up within us.

To further hone our connection to our inner guidance (intuition); to know that our emotions are a vital part of our being.

That the busy, busy, busy cannot continue.

Perhaps this Eclipse season has confirmed that for you?

Multitaskers beware!

Eclipse energy brings change; usually something that rolls in over the proceeding 6 months, but when we’re in the depths of an Eclipse (like we are now) it can be difficult to perceive the outcome.

Something of interest around this New Moon is that Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) greatly values freedom; being the presider of overseas travel.

Saturn limits & restricts, so it’s no surprise that the Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions have bought – & continue to bring – limitations to travel.

As Above, So Below.

Most of 2020 we’ve been under the energy of the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto stellium in Capricorn & we end the year with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction exacting in Aquarius.

The latter Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is exacting during this Lunar Cycle; a Cycle, which begins under the energy of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

And here we find ourselves faced with the possibility of overseas travel only being granted to those who take up the vaccinations (in some countries).

Vaccinations have been a huge debate of the last few years; causing much separation & animosity between those who are supporters & those who are not.

Trust, tolerance & the honour of all human beings is so important when it comes to this topic.

There is currently no ‘one size fits all’ for this one

… & it’s unlikely to be so.

We may all be human, but we have different physiology, different needs, different beliefs, different ways of supporting our bodies, different life experiences

… & a few more differences that land up in this one. It’s a huge topic!

To quote Bono – “We’re One, but we’re not the Same”.

Maybe during this New Moon we can all step into the shoes of others a little more & look within to soothe what part of us is fearful when others do not see life the way that we do or behave in a way that we feel we need them to.

The strong Aquarian energy of 2021 coupled with the fresh new Saturn/Jupiter cycle will bring much change, a desire for freedom & a need to release onself from self-imposed restrictions.

This New Moon asks that we look at the bigger picture, reassess our plans for the future & ensure we’re co-creating a future of growth and joy.

One that offers sustainable solutions for the Earth, our bodies & the way we approach finances.

Enjoy the high energy that’s on offer this month, but be wary of excess (in any form that applies to you) & take a step back before reacting.

The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse is:

“A Bluebird, A Sign of Good Luck And Happiness, Is Standing At The Door Of A House”

The Sabian Oracle 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill

There is a beautiful feeling of optimism under the energy of the Sagittarian New Moon & this symbol is a confirmation of that.

Can you tap into it?

Things may be chaotic, uncertain and unclear, but if you sit quietly with your hand on your heart you may feel this joyful energy too.

Sagittarius teaches us to trust with an open heart & optimistic expectation.

If the Eclipse is bringing up tricky energies for you, inner work may be important.

Seeking a teacher / healer / wise one, who can help you create the happiness you seek in your life would be a great intention to follow through on this month.

So where is this likely to affect you? –

Check for where 19 to 13 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your chart, as that house will point the way to the area of life most likely affected.

Musing over these house associations may help you to decipher where you’re feeling the shift:

  • First House: The Self, How you come across to others, How you meet new situations, Your Image
  • Second House: Money, How you earn your money, Personal possessions of value, Your Self Worth and Values
  • Third House: Communication, Siblings, Neighbours, Short Journeys, Self Expression, School
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Deepest Self, Lineage
  • Fifth House: Innate Creativity Children, Inner Child, Joy, Lovers
  • Sixth House: Day-To-Day Work, Health, Daily Routines
  • Seventh House: Partnerships (intimate or business), Projection
  • Eighth House: Intimacy, Sex, Inheritances, Taxes, Shared Resources, Birth and Death, Psychic Realm, 
  • Ninth House: Long-Distance Travel, Spirituality, Your Big Picture, Personal Growth, Higher Education
  • Tenth House: Career, Ambitions, Status out in the World, Public Speaking
  • Eleventh House: Friendships, Groups, Hopes and Wishes 
  • Twelfth House: Surrender, The Collective, Hospitals/Institutions, Patterns of Self Sabotage

For those more adept at chart reading, remember to bring in any planets or points around the chart that are also being activated by this Eclipse.

The Eclipse New Moon energy exacts:

  • Brisbane (AEST) – 15th December – 02:17am
  • London (GMT) – 14th December – 04:17am
  • New York (EST) – 14th November – 11:17pm

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