Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – November 2020

We’re building to a Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

…& our final Eclipse season of 2020.

Eclipses can ripple in change (usually over a 6 month period) & a rise in intensity

… & with Gemini wanting to do a little bit of everything be mindful of overwhelm; perhaps bought on by a lack of focus or nervousness.

The strength of Neptune in our skies could be showing where you need to set stronger boundaries to mitigate anxiety triggers & those boundaries could be energetic as well as physical.

Anxiety has been at an all-time high during 2020, so if you’re feeling out of sorts, ensure you speak to someone & reach out for help.

There are ways to lessen it.

Learning to communicate needs & feelings effectively can be a good outcome of this energy; remembering to balance give & take in relationships & to speak up.

The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse is:

“A Medieval Archer Stands With The Ease Of One Wholly Sure Of Himself, Bow In Hand, His Quiver Filled With Arrows”

Again, the symbol is a reminder of focus, but also preparation & the importance of planning.

Gemini energy relates to communication, education & community

… & with this being a North Node Eclipse, you may need to learn a new skill, become a more skilled negotiator, bring additional talent to your team or perhaps be more brave about opening up and expressing yourself.

Consider what you’re aiming for, if you’re being clear enough & if a firmer foundation is needed to ensure you successfully hit the target.

With Uranus strong at this Full Moon unexpected & sudden changes are quite likely, so ensure you allow for flexibility & don’t get too hung up on expectations.

The Sagittarian New Moon on the 15th of December is a good time to set intentions around trust & a more optimistic outlook on life; especially if such changes trigger concern &/or fretting.

Also note where you may be overly focussed on logic & take a few deeper steps from the head into the heart & lean into how the Media (all forms – News, Social Platforms …) is affecting your energy.

How can you release negativity & ensure you’re creating a life filled with greater joy rather than fear?

So where is this likely to affect you? –

Check for where 8 to 19 degrees of Gemini falls in your chart, as that house will point the way to the area of life most likely affected.

Musing over these house associations may help you to decipher where you’re feeling the shift:

  • First House: The Self, How you come across to others, How you meet new situations, Your Image
  • Second House: Money, How you earn your money, Personal possessions of value, Your Self Worth and Values
  • Third House: Communication, Siblings, Neighbours, Short Journeys, Self Expression, School
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Deepest Self, Lineage
  • Fifth House: Innate Creativity Children, Inner Child, Joy, Lovers
  • Sixth House: Day-To-Day Work, Health, Daily Routines
  • Seventh House: Partnerships (intimate or business), Projection
  • Eighth House: Intimacy, Sex, Inheritances, Taxes, Shared Resources, Birth and Death, Psychic Realm, 
  • Ninth House: Long-Distance Travel, Spirituality, Your Big Picture, Personal Growth, Higher Education
  • Tenth House: Career, Ambitions, Status out in the World, Public Speaking
  • Eleventh House: Friendships, Groups, Hopes and Wishes 
  • Twelfth House: Surrender, The Collective, Hospitals/Institutions, Patterns of Self Sabotage

The Eclipse Full Moon energy exacts:

  • Brisbane (AEST) – 30th November – 07:30pm
  • London (GMT) – 30th November – 09:30am
  • New York (EST) – 30th November – 04:30am


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