Moon into Aries – 25th to 27th November

The Moon has moved into Aries upping motivation and – for the first time in a while – Mars (ruler of Aries) is direct!

This is a power-packed couple of days to forge ahead & be brave!

The Venus/Uranus opposition continues to tighten upping the excitement & seeing you seek stimulating new paths.

Money &/or relationships may be a priority & a new approach may be what’s needed.

Open to Uranus’ innovative spirit & be open to the unexpected.

How you handle forks in the road could be revealing as we round out the week!

As the Moon conjuncts Chiron at her ingress, wounds related to self-motivation, self-assertion, your mum &/or how your needs are being met could arise.

Listen to them – no matter how busy you feel you may be.

There is power in vulnerability.

Much Love,

Toria xo

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