Venus Retrograde 2020

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Venus will enter the shadow zone for her upcoming retrograde on 10th April.

Her retrograde won’t actually occur until May 13th when Venus will ‘seemingly backtrack’ through our skies until June 25th; taking us deep into ourselves

… but when a planet enters the shadow zone of an upcoming retrograde, whispers of what this retrograde means start to arise.

With Venus/Gemini energy, look for:

  • Anywhere you may be feeling bored, restless or uninspired – what are you not enjoying at the minute?
  • A need for new ideas related to self-expression or a call to re-engage with a previous mode of self-expression
  • Communication and/or connection problems that need to be addressed in your relationships
  • Your relationship with information and how it’s disseminated

What might need to be revisited as Venus retraces her steps?

If you’d like a detailed explanation of planetary retrogrades and how they work, please click here.


Let’s look at what this could mean on a personal and karmic level

Personal Level:

The call to go within – 

There’s a beautiful presence of Goddess Asteroids in the retrograde chart (chart image given below) &, as Venus stations (mid-May), expect to feel the call to turn inward; to review your inner connection with self & the Divine.
This is the time to heal aspects of yourself in need of greater love, which may be impinging on your ability to receive.

As a Venus-Retrograde girl, I can vouch that this energy needs to cultivate a lot of self love (when you’re born with it in your chart).

This period is good for some self-honesty & reviewing those aspects of yourself that you may find repellent;  bringing greater love to them; increasing self-acceptance, self-appreciation and value of your unique beauty.

Love is healing and the more we can top ourselves up with love and self-appreciation, the more beautiful our lives become.


Claim don’t Blame

With Saturn turning Retrograde 2 days before Venus, it could be time to take responsibility for anything that isn’t working in your life.

When we choose to own our part in the difficulties we’re experiencing, we cease being a victim and find that there’s always something we can do to change our circumstances.

Whether that needs us to own personal behaviours, which are causing current issues or to open to a healing modality to help shift the way we see things.

Shifting those stubborn patterns can be liberating.


Communication – 

How you relate to yourself (incl. your inner voice) & how you communicate with others are likely to be strong themes with the retrograde chart showing Venus conjunct the North Node (also in Gemini by then) & square to Neptune.
It may be important to air issues early on to prevent misunderstandings & to not assume your lover, your child, your business partner … understand the situation as you’re seeing it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is the time to get clear, bring things out into the open & re-establish boundaries.

It’s also a good time to re-visit your inner child, to give her love & to bring her healing for any wounds that may be affecting your ability to create the joy-filled life you desire.


Creativity –

You may find you feel somewhat creatively blocked & quiet during mid to late May, as Venus takes us within for a reassessment of our values, our joys & what makes our hearts tick.

This will be especially so if what you’re doing has become mundane and dull.

Allow a re-working of your creativity & self-expression & trust don’t push, but do be mindful of where you may need to cultivate greater focus to bring about your creative ideas. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Information Overload / What feels nourishing? – 

Are you doing too much and not actually achieving anything?

Gemini energy can be restless and scattered if not harnessed and channelled appropriately.

This can lead to nervousness and procrastination – when overwhelm can prevent one seeing the wood for the trees.

How can you nourish yourself physically and emotionally whilst also keeping yourself stimulated and amused?

There is so much information out in the World now and we’re all feeling it.

Is it time to reduce the mindless scrolling and to instead zone-in on what feels good to you; filtering out the excess?

Vesta’s conjunction with Venus at the retrogarde could eventually bring a re-connection with the Divine through daily rituals which bring pleasure & fun; whereas Hygea’s influence asks that you move towards wholeness, balance & harmony – and away from distractions.


The Need for Human Connection –
Lately, we’ve found ourselves collectively grieving the loss of physical touch and presence that self-isolation has bought.

But, sometimes when something is taken away we find that we don’t actually miss it.

Consider which social activities you find valuable and rewarding and which are merely distractions from the life that you want to live.

Venus in Gemini desires connection & intellectual rapport; whilst Neptune’s influence brings a yearning for romance & compassion – how can you re-capture these elements within your life/your relationships?

Just be careful that you’re not over-idealising someone and putting excessive demands on them to be more than their human self.


Reviewing our Relationship with Information

With Venus in Gemini (disposited by Mercury) & square to Neptune at her retrograde, the issue of ‘fake news’ or how information is disseminated could be up for review.

With the Jupiter/Pluto transit now in full swing, the shadow side of journalism is likely to come to the fore over the next few months.

Neptune tends to bring in confusion or a lack of clarity around facts and we’re now reaching a point of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ when it comes to what we can and cannot trust on our screens.

Is it time to feel more deeply into our hearts and move away from the over-emphasis often placed on logic and information?

Facts are important and essential, but there is also logic within the heart that’s called our intuition. This retrogade is a beautiful time to open to meditation and deep-breathing practices.

Time spent in stillness can increase our intuitive skills making life flow with greater ease and trust in your own unique path.


Budgets and Belief Systems – ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Money is usually important around Venus & budgets may have to be reviewed – with pragmatic realism.

If you’re finding you’re going round in financially-painful circles it’s likely you need to heal your relationship with money.

How you view money is important for how it shows up in your life.

Do you need to re-work a belief system or two and re-connect with money in a loving way?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Practical financial actions for the Venus Retrograde period are:

  • Reassess your budget – how realistic is it and does it allow for some fun?
  • Review your current utility suppliers – is there a better deal out there for you?
  • Do not commit to any large purchases whilst Venus is retrograde:
    • You may find that your tastes change when she once-again resumes direct motion
    • You may find that there are issues with the purchase that become costly.

What you find beautiful, enjoyable & fun is up for review now as well as how you socialise with others.

Gemini energy tends to get easily bored, so it may be time to change things up.


More …

  1. Look at the degrees which this particular Venus Retrograde will activate (given below) and look which house(s) that activates in your chart to see which area of your life is likely to be affected. For an explanation of the house meanings, click here.
  2. Do you have any planets situated in your birth chart at those degrees? What is that planet’s function and how might this be affected by the retrograde?



Retrogrades can take us back to the past and when Venus retrogrades, she may reconnect us with a past lover or friendship.

We may start thinking of someone from the past and mentally going over aspects of that relationship or re-remembering past events from a current relationship.

Does something need to be healed or forgiven?

Is it time to reconnect with an old friend?

Venus retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years, so you may find yourself going over old ground related to May/June 2012 – if you can remember that far back 😉



The following are possible collective themes up for review during this Venus-Retrograde. Listen out in the NEWS and conversations around you to see what transpires.

Diplomatic-Relations Review 

Venus presides over relationships – including those between nations.

Perhaps a review of how COVID was handled will take place now, maybe more information will be bought to light or new procedures will be set in place resulting in a tighter, more global union of how leaders handle future issues.

Online Schools

Could the measures introduced at the time of COVID lead to a re-evaluation of our school systems?

Is it time for a new approach seeing students spending less time in physical schools?

Perhaps our children would benefit from having a home-school day each week? Here’s a discussion with Maggie Dent, which discusses some of the problems we’re seeing due to the increased pressure on our young children.

Less pressure on children and less pressure on teachers is a win-win.

Perhaps schools will see the value in taking a more nurturing approach to their students and staff?


Online Business

A reassessment of how people do business with a potential move to increase online and working from home scenarios could be possible.

With Isolation may come a new value for a slower pace of life instead of working around the clock, long commutes and limited family time?


Financial Upturn or Downturn?

Venus’ change of direction tends to have an effect on global stock markets.

Will this particular retrograde bring an upturn or downturn and how will that play out over the coming months?


The degrees of this retrograde

Look in your birth chart for the house(s) governed by 5 to 21 degrees of Gemini, as this may show an area of your life that’s now up for reassessment.


Venus Retrograde Chart

Venus Retrograde Chart May 2020

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