Venus Retrograde Horoscopes

The energy of the Venus 2020 retrograde period will be in effect from April 10th (when she enters the shadow zone) until June 25th (when Venus will once again turn direct).

Look up your *Rising Sign (best option) and/or Sun Sign below to see what this period has in store for you.

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For a more detailed overview on Venus Retrograde 2020 and what that could mean for you, click here.



Aries CategoryAries Sun / Aries Rising

Venus turns retrograde in your 3rd house indicating that you’re likely to feel quieter than usual and less inclined to socialise.

Communication could present some challenges; perhaps with siblings and/or neighbours and you may have to consider how you use your words.

For stressed or nervous Arians, it’s a good time to join a group Yoga or Tai Chi class; where you can quietly be with yourself whilst releasing some tension from the body.

There could be surprising news on the financial front causing you to tighten your belt or re-think the budget. Think short-term pain equals long-term gain when it comes to your financial freedom.


Taurus Sun / Taurus RisingTaurus Category

Venus turns retrograde in your 2nd house gifting you an opportunity to revisit and rework your finances.

What financial rituals can you put in place to ensure you’re looking after your need for security?

Is it time to tackle those overdue tax returns or get ahead with the next one?

Work relationships could prove challenging; especially if you feel your genius or your freedom is being restricted.

Try showing the boss what they stand to gain from your ideas and a win-win solution could arise.


Gemini CategoryGemini Sun / Gemini Rising

Venus stations-retrograde in your first house urging you to re-think your self-worth and to consider if the relationship you have with yourself is preventing you from deeper intimacy with a loved one.

You’re more charming that you believe yourself to be. Inner-work can help to increase your self-assurance.

Pampering pursuits; such as facials are likely to feel enjoyable.

A change in style may emerge at the end of the retrograde when Venus resumes direct motion. Until then enjoy experimenting without the commitment.


Cancer Sun / Cancer RisingCancer Category

Venus stations-retrograde in your 12th house.

As Venus’ deep-dive lifts the veil on what was previously unconscious, you may see glimmers of where your personal behaviour is affecting an intimate relationship.

If traits learned in childhood are the issue, how can you heal your part in your family lineage and improve the situation?

You may feel more tired than usual now. Seeking solitude and allowing yourself more sleep could be healing.

Those in a fortunate situation may feel called to donate time or money; perhaps helping an orphanage or local hospital.


Leo CategoryLeo Sun / Leo Rising

There could be some angst within a friendship group, as Venus stations- retrograde in your 11th house; perhaps seeing you taking on the role as peace-maker.

… or perhaps there’s a group you’re a part of that no longer aligns with your values?

Taking the next few weeks to re-connect with your core values could bring about a shift when it comes to your hopes for the future; helping you to feel re-inspired as Venus turns direct at the end of June.

Is it time to make a commitment to your partner or time to move on?


Virgo Sun / Virgo Rising Virgo Category

Work demands could put a temporary stop on your social life, as Venus stations -retrograde in your 10th house of career and Saturn reverses in the 6th.

Delays are likely to be fortuitous, but do watch for a tendency to let that perfectionist nature of yours make you anxious. You’re probably doing a tremendous job.

Now’s the time to take responsiblity for your health and ensure your daily rituals are supportive and nourishing; including taking regular breaks and forgoing workaholic tendencies.

Consider how you can re-find the joy in your job by mixing up your tasks each day and adding a splash of creativity.


Libra CategoryLibra Sun / Libra Rising

Boundaries could be an issue this week as Saturn takes up residence in your 5th house.

Perhaps more discipline and structure is needed around the children in your life or maybe the issue is with a lover, who you feel is restricting your fun.

With Venus stationing-retrograde in your 9th house, consider if you’re on the same page when it comes to adventure and spontaneity. A deep discussion could reveal underlying fears.

Taking some time to consider your personal growth could prove rewarding – whether that’s how you’d like to broaden your cultural horizons with a long-distance travel plan or taking up some study that betters your financial options.


Scorpio Sun / Scorpio RisingScorpio Category

Things at home may have become a little strained; perhaps intense this week

… and it could be time for a deep discussion with your partner (business or romantic) and/or family members to tackle those issues you’ve been avoiding.

Joint finances or entreprises may be part of the issue.

When things are ignored, they tend to seem worse than they are.

Where as getting everything out into the open and bravely having the needed discussions might just clear the air and see you working out a way forward that benefits everyone.

Just ensure you clear any anger first, so that resentment isn’t leading the way through what can otherwise be a productive, healing and collaborative converstation.


Sagittarius CategorySagittarius Sun / Sagittarius Rising

Venus turning stationary-retrograde in your 7th house turns the spotlight firmly onto your most intimate relationships and could see you re-connecting with a past lover.

How you communicate may need to be re-viewed; especially if it’s causing disagreements and angst. Is it time to take responsiblity for the words you use?

Owning where you might also express a trait that’s irking you could help bring things back into balance.

If your day-to-day feels a little stale or monotonous, it could be time to shift things up and blow some fresh air into your routine.


Capricorn Sun / Capricorn RisingCapricorn Category

Venus stations-retrograde in your 6th house of health and fitness asking that you reconnect with the joy that feeling well can bring.

If you’re feeling inspired to restart a fitness routine, ensure that it’s one that feels pleasurable to you. That way you’re more likely to commit to it in the long term.

Financially, things could feel tight, but putting in the needed discipline now could see you – not only weathering this storm – but creating financially healthy habits that provide strong foundations for years to come.

Get your creative juices flowing. You never know where it might lead you!


Aquarius CategoryAquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising

As Venus stations-retrograde in your 5th house, life may be starting to feel dull and uninspiring. Perhaps inclining you to turn down social invitations and feeling less enamoured with activities that previously entertained you.

Use the next few weeks to reconnect with your inner spark (your creative essence) and experiment with what feels good to you. How can you express your heart in a way that feels genuine and joyful?

Your home life may be a little unpredictable and it seems it’s down to you to take the helm and steer that ship back in the direction that’s needed.

What feels joyful on a personal level and what co-creation is needed to re-establish some fun times as a family?


Pisces Sun / Pisces RisingPisces Category (1)

Venus turns retrograde in your 4th house seeing you happy to stay indoors and retreat from the World for a while.

With a strong 12th house and Neptune in the 1st, this is an opportune time for choosing to strengthen your intuition.

Time spent in meditation could prove rewarding and enlightening and may bring about solutions to discordant family relationships.

You may find yourself considering a soothing revamp to your sanctuary.

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