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October Energy Report


Early October

The Libran New Moon falls on the 29th September; ushering in the energy for the month ahead.

Libran energy likes balance; signified by the Equinox; when the Sun moves into this sign mid-September and we experience a day of equal daylight and darkness (night).

This is a key month to assess the balance of your own life.

Where might things be excessive; needing reduction, what’s been neglected and needs more attention?…

This marks the halfway point of the Astrological year, so it’s a good time to assess where you’re at.


Continuing the theme of darkness and light, Pluto’s change of direction on the 3rd ensures we enter October intensely.

If you find yourself feeling out of sorts – angry for no apparent reason, experiencing vivid dreams with dark themes, meeting with fearful thoughts, depressive moods…

… then know you’re likely tuning into Pluto’s energy.

Pluto dredges up what’s been locked away in our unconscious, so acknowledge what you experience as a gift, sit with the emotion, write it out and seek understanding of the deeper reason for its presence.

Conscious understanding can bring integration; whereas trying to hide, run from or suppress our feelings tends to cause anxiety and foreboding.


Mercury’s move into Pluto-ruled Scorpio on the 3rd occurs with Pluto is at this standstill energising your mind for the month ahead with added focus and likely finding you feeling subdued and quiet.

Seek to clear fears as they arise this month and don’t ruminate over them for long.

Psychic energy is strong now, so if you tend to be affected by other’s energy you’ll need to ground yourself with a strong protection technique.


Mars’ move into Libra on the 4th brings considered action and is likely to find you wanting to spend time with your partner – or motivated to seek one if you’re single.


Mid October

The intense Scorpio feels increase when Venus moves into this magnetic sign on the 9th and the energy rises as we build towards our Aries Full Moon (exact on the 14th).

Inner work may be necessary, to prevent yourself from becoming embroiled in drama and power struggles and, with all this heightened energy, exercise is recommended.

Dropping the blame game and taking responsiblity for all that is playing out in your life is the way forward to a smoother path and more supportive relationships.

Scorpio is a powerful sign and if you’ve been feeling less than powerful this would be a good month to investigate that with a trusted therapist or counsellor; especially when Mercury enters the shadow zone for his impending retrograde on the 12th.

Retrograde energy can take us deep, so it’s a great time for psycho-analysis and looking at any limiting beliefs or discordant patterns that may be playing out.


Late October

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 24th October here in Brisbane – during the early hours as we move through the latter part of the month under a waning, balsamic moon.

Listen to your body and plan some down time when you can retreat and hide away from the World – if that’s what you feel like doing.

Detective or Murder Mystery movies may speak to you now.

The New Moon arrives on the 28th setting us up for a transformative November.

See next month’s report for more on that…

Much Love,  Toria xo


Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness) or have copies of your personal natal charts might like to check the house axis over which this month’s New and Full moon will fall, as this is a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

You can order the E-Book here if you’d like a copy.


New Moon

The significant degrees for this month’s new moon are: 5 degrees and 20 seconds of Libra.

Which house (area of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


Full Moon

The significant degrees for this Full Moon are: 20 degrees and 13 seconds of Aries  (the Moon) and 20 degrees and 13 seconds of Libra  (the Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


The Moon Manifestations 

New Moons signify a new beginning and are great for goal-setting.

If you’d like some help with following through with your intentions, you might like to subscribe to my Moon Manifestations.

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