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September Energy Report


Virgo (New Moon) is associated with health, rituals and the running of one’s daily life.  Virgo energy reminds us of the need for purpose, discernment, quality and efficiency.

Pisces (Full Moon) is associated with compassion, oneness and release. Pisces energy reminds us of the need for rest, sleep, faith and flow.

Both signs represent healing and service and with Virgo set to be strong all month your productivity and attention to detail is likely to be strong.

This is a good month to consider your daily rituals – are they nourishing?

If you’re creating your reality from the life you’re living right now – how’s that going?

Apparently, our feelings are key to this, so if you’re feeling joyful, healthy, at peace and flowing in your day to day life you’re likely nailing it.

If you’re anxious, stressed, unfit and feeling unhappy right now you may have some things to change.

What can you release to ensure that the future you will feel centred and well?

What can you do now that your future self will thank you for?

Remember to check where the Lunar energy falls in your chart – see below for more on this – , as that will give more information; including the area of your life being affected.


Early September

The New Moon in Virgo exacts on August 31st setting the tone for a diligent and productive month ahead.

With the Moon trine to both Saturn and Uranus you can be both experimental and realistic now.

How can you breathe new life into your creations and the life that you see around you?

What’s most in need of a change?


The inconjunct to Chiron indicates that healing work can bring radical breakthroughs, so a month of inner work or perhaps a weekend away on a retreat could be an idea.

Virgo energy is concerned with health, ritual and wellbeing, so consider your daily habits and make time to connect with those of like-mind; perhaps joining a health-related group that speaks to you.


The close stellium between the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus indicates that you’ll be feeling aligned in thought, desire, will and action now; making progress easy.


Mid September

With Mercury and Venus conjunct on the critical, anuretic degree of Virgo (Sabian Symbol: “Having an Urgent Task to Complete a Man Doesn’t Look to Any Distractions”), the build up to the Full Moon looks set to be a busy one, with the productivity continuing.

This is a good planetary connection for creative work and there’s a sense of flow to the Full Moon chart making week beginning September 9TH good for self-expression.

With an opposition to Chiron and the Pisces Full Moon this is also a great week for talking over relationship hurts and you may find that such a conversation brings healing.


This is a great Full Moon for the channelling of information, so make time to connect with your higher self through meditation.

The Mars/Saturn trine adds self-discipline, persistence, attention to detail and self-responsibility and this is especially magnified with Saturn moving so slowly ready to turn direct (on the 18th).


Shadows that arise now are likely to be illuminating victim/saviour complexes, excessive idealism, perfectionism, criticism, stress, anxiety and/or fear.


Mercury will head into Libra on the 14th; closely followed by Venus when the tempo will change to a more laid back, genial pace.

This would be a good time to gift yourself a reward for all you’ve achieved this month.

Perhaps a facial or a dinner date with a loved one.


For those with planets or points between 14 and 20 degrees, Saturn’s change of direction on the 18th may bring a realisation that something new has been seeded.

Expect fruition of that seed mid-December when you’ll likely be embodying the new reality that Saturn has gifted you.


Late September

The final Jupiter/Neptune square will exact on the 21st bringing it to a close.

If you have planets or points between 14 and 18 degrees this transit has likely bought you growth, increased compassion and the desire to help others, but also challenged you to keep your visions realistic and your boundaries firm.

When the Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd we’ll have reached the third quarter moon phase and that signifies that it’s time to start winding down and integrating what the current lunar cycle has meant for you.

It also marks Equinox – when day and night are equal in length. Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

Traditionally, changes of season were times when our ancestors would fast or cleanse in order to purify and re-harmonise their bodies. The idea of re-balancing is very in-keeping with the Libran energy.

The New Moon on the 29th will usher in the energy that will be prevalent for much of October. This will be discussed in my next Newsletter, which will be sent out later in September.


Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness) or have copies of your personal natal charts might like to check the house axis over which this month’s New and Full moon will fall, as this is a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

You can order the E-Book here if you’d like a copy.


New Moon

The significant degrees for this month’s new moon are: at 6 degrees and 46 seconds of Virgo.

Which house (area of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


Full Moon

The significant degrees for this Full Moon are: at 21 degrees and 05 seconds of Pisces (the Moon) and 21 degrees and 05 seconds of Virgo (the Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


The Moon Manifestations 

New Moons signify a new beginning and are great for goal-setting.

If you’d like some help with following through with your intentions, you might like to subscribe to my Moon Manifestations.

For just $24.00 the subscription entitles you to 3 months of lunar cycle-based motivational emails – that’s 3 different lunar cycles under which to set your goals and get help with staying on track!!



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