New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

Aquarius GlyphThis Month’s New Moon Energy will fall on February 5th 2019 at 07:03:27am (Brisbane, AEST, GMT+10)  – Click for time-conversion

Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness) or have copies of your personal natal charts might like to check the house axis over which this new moon will fall, as this is a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

The significant degrees for this new moon are: 15 degrees and 45 seconds of Aquarius.

Which house (area of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


New Moons signify a new beginning and are great for goal-setting.

If you’d like some help with following through with your intentions, you might like to subscribe to my Moon Manifestations

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So what does this New Moon signify? …


If you’re not You, then who are You? …

Like the month of February with it’s shorter amount of days, the sign of Aquarius reminds us of our need to be unique.

The symbol for Aquarius is depictive of the unique essence of each individual; poured forth and woven together with the essence of every other aspect of life upon Planet Earth; together forming an intrinsic tapestry of the whole.

If you’re not being you, then how can you fulfill your part?

The New Moon in Aquarius reminds us to honour our individuality and with a sextile to Jupiter, a conjunction with the Black Moon and Mercury and a Mars/Uranus contact in the New Moon chart; expressing your sense of individuality will likely feel a must this month.


Shake Ups/The Need for Grounded Action

You may be feeling a strong need to break out of a rut and shake things up this month with the potent Mars/Uranus energy bringing a strong push for change and the possibility of rebellion!

Those wishing for more excitement in their lives will find the energy available to effect some changes, but it’s important to take grounded action, as Uranus can have us all feeling a little wired and when not handled appropriately that can lead to accidents and/or willful behaviour.

Remain open to taking some innovative actions and look for where you may need to freshen things up.


Decisions Decisions… – Be Me or Fit In? Maybe I could do both …

The Moon is forming a tricky angle with Venus, so be mindful of a potential dichotomy between your needs and desires.

Perhaps you’ll feel that to express yourself as you truly want will alienate you from those to whom you are close …

… or maybe there’s a pull between needing to be different and wanting to fit in.

This is your chance to do things a little differently.

To change your life to suit your needs.

To be kinder to yourself.

And hopefully you wont have to go live in the mountains to do that.

The people who love you unconditionally will still be there for you even if your initial toe dip into ‘letting out your suppressed parts’ ruffles a few feathers.


Pain Points and Discomfort

Of course, breaking away from the norm is never without it’s pain points and with Chiron at the anuretic degree of Pisces (and also in a tricky angle to this month’s Moon), you may have a few of those to contend with.

Issues around rejection and wanting to be accepted by others or feeling at a loss as to who you really are and questioning what you bring to the table may be a couple of ways that this is expressed.

As always –

  1. Allow yourself to feel it
  2. Write it out and explore it
  3. Seek to heal it by shifting it, transmuting it and releasing it.

And above all, give yourself love!

You are certainly meant to be here and you certainly have something to offer.

I’m available for Bush Flower Essence Consultations and Astrology Chart Readings should you or a loved one need further assistance.

Much Love, Toria xo




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