Full Moon in Virgo – February 2019

Virgo GlyphFebruary’s Full Moon falls on the 20th February at 01:54 am here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10). (click for a time conversion).

Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book – Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness – and a copy of your own chart, might like to check the house axis over which this Full Moon will fall.

This can be a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

The significant degrees for this Full Moon are: 0 degrees and 42 seconds of Virgo and 0 degrees and 42 seconds of Pisces.

You can order the E-Book here if you’d like a copy.


Expect the Unexpected, Relinquish Expectations …

February’s Full Moon in Virgo carries a motivated and earthy tone that’s likely to see you pushing forward and focused.

Virgo energy is diligent and can really help you to zone in on the details.

With Uranus conjunct Mars, however, and Mercury now in the shadow zone for his impending retrograde, there’s potential for a few surprises and curve-balls!

Probably best to drop expectations right now or at least your attachment to them!


Potential To Overdo. Why Do You Do it? …

Virgo can highlight workaholic tendencies and Uranus/Mars contacts can up the tendency to overdo things.

Being driven to serve others and achieve your highest potential is a great use of your energy, but not if it’s at the detriment of your health.

Nothing is worth that! …

… and Virgo can certainly highlight stress.

… as well as perfectionism and the realisation that all those extra hours are being clocked up – not because you are happy to still be at work past 10pm EVERY NIGHT…

… no – but, because you don’t feel what you do is ever enough.”

and it’s important to look at the reason behind that.

Virgo’s tendency to self-criticism can be crippling and all that anxiety and nervous tension can cause havoc with your gut.


Choose Daily Rituals That Nourish

Luckily, Virgo energy reminds us of the need for purity and healthful rituals that nourish us.

And no, that doesn’t include stuffing a Mars Bar down your face at your desk during your non-existent lunch break or having your regular moan with your colleague over a quick morning coffee about how exhausted you are.

It means taking back your power for the life that you’re creating and learning to say ‘No’ where ‘No’ is needed …

… and taking some time out in your every day life to ensure that you’re in top form to perform!


Do you include an ample amount of these into your daily life?

  • Sunshine

Sunshine represents the fire element and feeds our bodies with feel-good vibes and vitamin D.

Getting outside at lunch time can increase your happiness barometer and lower stress levels.

  • Movement

If you’re office bound, taking some exercise before or after work or even in your lunch break can be so good for your body.

It can also make you more productive. It’s amazing how your intuition can kick back in once you stop trying to force a result.

  • Eat the Rainbow

Foods that truly nourish from the inside out go along way to increasing your daily vitality.

Eating as close to nature as possible with plenty of fruit and vegetables can help your mental focus too.

  • Water

Ensuring you get an adequate intake of water each day can do wonders to flush out toxins, hydrate the cells and get your digestive system moving.

If you’re not used to drinking water you may find yourself visiting the bathroom more often whilst your body adjusts, but this will soon pass.

Try drinking 1 litre of water per 22kgs of body weight.

  • Meditation

A great way to cultivate more peace in your life, to strengthen the connection with your higher self (the spiritual guidance part of you) and to gain clarity.

Try setting your alarm early and committing to just 11 minutes each morning.


You may just be amazed at the difference these 5 easy-to-implement steps can make to your life.


Relationships Woes? – Address Them Early On!

And one last point!

The energy over the next few days following this particular Full Moon is pretty ripe for a crisis or dramatic show down; especially if there’s a need to transform something within your relationship(s).

I recommend having the needed conversation(s) sooner rather than later.

Choosing to deal with things calmly; and bravely delving into what needs to be addressed, might just see a huge transformation occur and a deepening of your connection.


Manifesting with the Moon – Are you joining us for the next round?

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Much Love,

Toria xo


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