What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Approach To Exercise

Mars in Sign Blog Post.png3 years ago I was introduced to a new love – my bike!!

Out there on the Road I can feel a sense of freedom, the breeze in my hair the sunrays on my skin.

I’m relaxed and at peace.

I have a route that I follow, which enables me a range of uphill challenges, downhill rolls and steady straights.

t’s a little like life.

I’ve learnt that the faster I go downhill, the easier it is to ride uphill; reminding me to gather momentum and take opportunities for a helping hand when I can.

It’s also good to remember that sometimes, when life gets a little Rough, it’s okay to take it easy –  to take a little longer.

Exercising frees our bodies of stagnant energy; releasing pent up emotions.

It’s also a form of detoxification.

When we exercise we’re able to tap into greater resources of vitality and we often find that we connect more strongly with our intuition.

For me personally, it’s also a way to grab some much-needed me-time and to burn off any frustrations of the week.

Ensuring that I keep my energy high is a way to deal with the demands of family life in the best way possible.

I have Mars (planet of action) in Gemini in my 5th house so I find that physical activity stimulates my creative expression.

It’s also interesting how a hill can look enormous at a distance, yet seem much smaller when you’re actually ascending it – another metaphor about fear and the mind there!!

Sometimes just getting on and doing it is the only answer.

Now over to you!

What type of exercise do you enjoy?

Looking at the placement of Mars in your natal chart can give some clues and here we’ll discuss Mars’ placement in the signs.

If you don’t know your natal Mars placement, you can enter your data at http://www.astro.com to find it. Here’s the link:

Please note:This post is a look at the pure expression of Mars through the signs only. To understand your Mars placement in greater detail you would also look to the house where Mars is placed and the aspects that it makes to the other points within your chart.


I’ve also added a list of famous athletes, who share your Mars sign in the hope of this inspiring you on your exercise journey.

There were some surprising and some not so surprising results!

And if all this doesn’t quite hit the mark with bringing back your exercise mojo, you can always try some Dynamis Essence – great for motivation, increasing vitality and rekindling your joy for life!


Aries Glyph


Mars in Aries

Usually self-motivated and competitive; enjoying solo sports and challenges.

Mars is strongly placed in his own sign here – brave and motivated to work out.

This placement is vital and energised and will likely need constant challenge to keep things interesting.

The warrior association with this sign may make some form of combat appealing.

You might like to try your hand at: Mixed martial arts, Rugby League, Sprinting, Athletics


Mars in Aries Sports People: Conor McGregor (MMA), Christiano Ronaldo (Footballer (soccer), Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (World’s Strongest Man, 2018), Craig Alexander (triathlete), Mirinda Carfrae (triathlete)



Taurus Glyph.png


Mars in Taurus

May take a while to get moving, but can be tenacious once going.

This Mars placement is determined and persistent with plenty of stamina and staying power.

Something that enables you to showcase your strength may appeal as may linking your sport with the natural world; such as a bike ride out in nature.

Could potentially enjoy: Weight Lifting, Boxing, Gymnastics, Ballet Dancing, Yoga beneath the trees

Mars in Taurus Sports People: Muhammed Ali (HW Boxer), Pele (Footballer (soccer)), Alex Rodriguez (Baseball)



Gemini Glyph.png



Mars in Gemini

Likes versatility and socialising, so a sport that allows for some changeability and also provides mental stimulation is usually good.

Gemini rules the lungs, so some energetic cardio may be enjoyable and help you to burn off some of that nervous energy.

Change the route or mix it up with different types of exercise to keep yourself focused and engaged.

Boxercise could appeal where the shoulders are engaged and the hands help to discharge the frustrations of the day.

May enjoy: Running/Jogging, Cycling, Aerobics, Golf

Mars in Gemini Sports People: Tiger Woods (Golf), Mick Fanning (Surfer), Tom Brady (American Football),



Cancer Glyph


Mars in Cancer

Motivated by family, this Mars might like working out at home or with family members.

Perhaps a day out on the water paddle boarding – Cancer is a Water sign after all.

Exercise can help this Mars placement process emotional stress and mitigate a tendency to reactivity, defensiveness and/or mood swings.

Looking at exercise as the self-care activity that it is may help with motivation as may the knowledge that in choosing to look after yourself, you’re also setting a great example to loved ones.

May enjoy: Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Exercise DVDs, Local Gym where everyone feels like family

Mars in Cancer Sports People: Roger Federer (Tennis), Michael Phelps (Swimmer), Gabi Simpson (Netball), Novak Djokovic (Tennis), Giarnni Regini-Moran (Artistic Gymnast



Leo Glyph


Mars in Leo

Leo adds lots of courage and heart to this confident Mars as well as leadership skills.

This fiery placement benefits from praise and acclaim and will enjoy sports where they can look good and basque in their achievement before adoring crowds.

Leo energy loves to feel proud and this Mars will enjoy putting in the effort required to ensure that they shine.

Competitive sports where they can aim for first place could also appeal and anything that enables them to show off a little of their creative flair.

Leo Mars also appreciates that a healthful body will keep them looking and feeling their best.

May Enjoy: Basketball, Football (Soccer), Baseball, American Football, Austag

Mars in Leo Sports People: Dennis Rodman (Basketball), Alan Shearer (Footballer (soccer), Wilt Chamberlain (Basketball – dubbed best of all time), Eddie Kidd (Stuntman) 



Virgo Glyph


Mars in Virgo

Motivated by the health benefits that exercise can bring.

Patient and practical, sports that require the refinement of skills and which also engage the mind could appeal.

Exercise will help alleviate a tendency to nervousness and anxiety and help to keep the digestion system flowing.

Virgo is a modest sign, so this Mars is usually happy to exercise quietly behind the scenes.

Highly perfectionist; this Mars will need to watch for a tendency to pushing the body too hard and may have to be reminded that it’s okay to take a day of rest now and again.

May Enjoy: Tennis, Yoga, Fencing, Cricket, Gymnastics

Mars in Virgo Sports People: Venus Williams (Tennis), Carl Lewis (Track and Field), Michael Owen (Football (soccer)), Caitlyn Jenner (Olympic Decathlete), Meaghan Martin (Rockclimber, American Ninja Warrior Contestant)



Libra Glyph


Mars in Libra

Motivated by beauty and relationship, Mars in Libra is not usually renowned for all out competitive sports.

Sports that incorporate a sense of gracefulness and refinement could appeal or those activities that can be performed in beautiful surroundings along to music.

Exercising with a partner may help to keep this Mars motivated.

May Enjoy: Dance, Ice-Skating, Swimming, Gentle walks in nature, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi

Mars in Libra Sports People: Mark Spitz, Tanya Harding (Ice Skater), Brian Shaw (Past World’s Strongest Man), Ben Cohen (Rugby Union).



Scorpio Glyph


Mars in Scorpio

Mars, being the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is powerful placed here bestowing focus, drive and tenacity.

This watery Mars is a bit of a thrill seeker and likely needs something intense into which to focus that energy.

Exercise will also help with processing those deeply psychic emotions.

High intensity exercise followed by some post-workout bodywork for recovery is likely to appeal.

Watch for an all-or-nothing tendency and a tendency to fierce competitiveness.

May Enjoy: High-Speed Racing (Car/Motorbike),  White Water Rafting, Tennis, High-Intensity Martial Arts

Mars in Scorpio Sports People: Serena Williams (Tennis/Fastest Female Serve in History), Michael Schumacher (Race Car Driver), Bruce Lee (Martial Arts), Yao Ming (Basketball)



Sagittarius Glyph


Mars in Sagittarius

This Mars exudes enthusiasm and, once motivated, may prove unstoppable.

Adventure weekends in distant locations and activities that include wide, expansive landscapes could appeal; the greater the sense of freedom, the stronger the pull.

Exercise can help alleviate a sense of restlessness and counter the Sagittarian tendency to excess.

Just be careful of going to extremes and pushing too hard.

Would make an inspiring motivator of others. Loves to be spiritually inspired.

May Enjoy: Horse Riding, Cycling the Alps, Pilgrimages, Archery, Orienteering

Mars in Sagittarius Sports People: Shane Warne (Cricket/Bowler), Stephanie Gilmore (Surfer), Margarita Mamun (Rhythmic Gymnast), Ian Thorpe (Swimmer)



Capricorn Glyph


Mars in Capricorn

Mars is ambitious, self-disciplined and perservering when placed in Capricorn.

Imbued with patience and responsibility; add in some awe-inspiring scenery to keep this Mars inspired and you’re likely onto a winner.

Likely to be a fabulous companion ensuring partners and team mates are secure with that rope and pulley.

Usually strong staying power and extremely self-disciplined; this Mars needs exercise as a form of stress release and goals to aim for.

With Capricorn ruling the skeleton of the body, some therapeutic massage/Yoga may have to be included to relieve a tendency to stiffness along with weight-baring exercises.

May Enjoy: Rock-Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Marathon Running

Mars in Capricorn Sports People: Usaine Bolt (World’s Fastest Man), Sally Pearson (Hurdles), Inna Deriglazova (Fencing), Mohamed Sbihi (Rowing),



Aquarius Glyph


Mars in Aquarius

This is an independent Mars with an individual streak and a tendency to enjoy shocking others.

Exercise can help the Aquarian Mars to feel grounded; alleviating the tendency to being otherwise accident prone and helping to quell that potentially over-active nervous system.

This Mars is a thrill seeker and needs to feel a sense of excitement with their chosen sport.

Unusual sports may appeal.

May Enjoy: Skydiving,  Trampolining,

Mars in Aquarius Sports People: Floyd Mayweather (Boxer), Louis Hamilton (Race Car Driver), Sarah Ryan (Swimming), Bobby Fischer (Chess)



Pisces Glyph


Mars in Pisces

This Mars functions better when connected with a strong intuition and the ability to act on instinct.

Regular meditation may help with focus and motivation, as could getting out of the head and into the body; flowing through movements rather than over-thinking them.

Activities that involves the water and/or has a spiritual slant could be the way to get this Mars moving.

Exercise may help to bring clarity.

May Enjoy: Tai Chi, Water Skiing, Swimming, Dancing, Yoga

Mars in Pisces Sports People: LeBron James (Basketball), David Beckham (Football (soccer), Darren Lockyer (Rugby League), Chris Evert (Tennis), Adam Gilchrist (Cricket)




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