Why Knowing Your Child’s Moon Sign Can Help You Better Understand Their Needs

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The Moon in a birth chart represents our emotions and what makes us feel nurtured.

It also represents Mother:

  • How we were mothered,
  • How we mother others
  • How we most need to mother ourselves.

Knowing your child’s moon sign can, therefore, give clues for how you can best respond to your child’s needs.



The following information is based purely on the sign that the Moon was in at the time of your child’s birth.

Although the Moon sign can give a wealth of information, it’s important to take into account that nothing is ‘as standard’ in Astrology charts.

Each child has a unique birth chart containing a mix of planetary influences and placements.

This unique blend plays a part in how their Moon sign is experienced and expressed.

Consideration of the house placement and aspects from other planets and points will give a more rounded perspective.

For this kind of in-depth understanding, a birth chart delineation with a qualified and trusted Astrologer is recommended.  Such as my ‘Know Thy Child’ reading.


Moons in Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fiery Moon signs tend to need stimulation, movement and lots of activity.

These children will keep you on your toes, can be easily bored and need to express themselves; often quite loudly.

  • Aries – Independent Soul

Aries Moon children need challenge and it usually shows from a very young age.

Allow them some independence and they will reward you with just how brave and self-sufficient they can be.

As they grow, you may notice that your child displays some entrepreneurial skill, but may lack staying power once the project is up and running.

Watch for boredom, impatience and frustration when they can’t do something immediately.

Let your child know that it takes time and patience to master a skill and introduce fun ways to get them through their chores –

i.e. “I bet you can’t tidy your room before I finish folding the washing”.

This child needs lots of physical activity or irritation can be an issue.


  • Leo – Radiant Soul

Leo Moon children usually have a strong need to feel special and seen.

Encouragement of their creative talents will help to bolster their self confidence as will your presence and adoration when they show you their new skills.

Leo Moons thrive when praised!

Watch for a tendency to bossiness and potential conflict with siblings when they have to compete over who rules the roost.

Indulge their need for fun and watch them light up your World.

As they grow, guide them towards hobbies and sports that bring them a sense of fulfillment.

These children either radiate confidence or go all out to seek needed approval from others.

If you’re finding the latter – help them to bolster their self love and to find activities where they shine.


  • Sagittarius – Adventurous Soul

Sagittarius Moon children need plenty of freedom and room to move and like to do things on a grand scale.

These wise ones may be found playing teacher or scanning their globe for all the great places they’ll visit when older.

Watch for clumsiness, tactlessness and a tendency to not knowing when to stop.

Read them stories that feed their need for adventure and encourage them to make up and share their own – Sagittarius energy tends to bestow a gift for storytelling!

Play dress ups, throw them big outdoor parties and respect their need for truth and honesty.

As they grow, allow them to explore other cultures and religions and teach them the value of their own inner wisdom.

These children may have a tendency to want to run away when overwhelmed by big emotions.


Moons in Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth Moon children usually have a need to feel physically safe and secure and tend to thrive with routine.

They give such beautiful hugs; the kind where their bodies seem to meld into yours.


  • Taurus – Sensual Soul

Taurus Moon children love to be held and are usually very tactile and loving; not liking to be rushed.

They have an innate respect for the Earth and can enjoy helping out in the garden, so giving them their own section of the flower bed to water or their own plant pot may appeal.

Accept their gifts of flowers and rocks with gratitude. They’re given with love and an appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Watch for stubbornness, a strong will and possessiveness.

Give your Taurus Moon child plenty of time to adjust to new circumstances – i.e. to new teachers and they’ll soon settle in.

As they grow, teach them the value of money and how to handle it well.

Be mindful that this child has a well developed sensual nature. Choose clothing in comfortable materials and try to show some understanding when they remove articles that just don’t feel right.

Usually enjoy helping to prepare food and certainly love eating it!


  • Virgo – Sensitive Soul

Virgo Moon children have a need for a strong daily routine and will benefit greatly from being shown how much better they feel when they have earlier nights, healthful food and respect for their body’s unique inner rhythm.

Practical and thoughtful Virgo moons also need to feel useful and may enjoy helping with chores or younger siblings from a young age.

They tend to have sensitive digestive systems and function well eating light meals. They may also be labelled as picky eaters and/or be prone to allergies.

Watch for anxiety, a need to be perfect and a tendency to self-criticism.

As they grow, that anxiety could make itself felt when it comes to getting school work in on time to their exacting standards.

A dose of Calm and Clear could be a much-needed ally at these times!

Usually multi-talented; they can be adept at making things with their hands and could, therefore, enjoy craft.


  • Capricorn – Responsible Soul

Capricorn Moon children can be shy and tend to be mature beyond their years.

This moon is nurtured by structure and often likes to be around grandparents; seeming to sense their wisdom and stability.

Helping them to set up a play office or other work environment could bring out their inner achiever, but watch for a tendency to over-seriousness and encourage some lightness, fun and adventure with treasured family time.

With a strong innate sense of self-discipline and self-responsibility this child is unlikely to cause too many issues when it comes to disobedience.

Watch for a tendency to stress in older children, excessive self-sufficiency and the need for approval.

Helping them to embrace more comfort and to know that they don’t have to shoulder everything alone will help them to learn to relax as they work to achieve their goals.


Moons in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air Moon sign children are nurtured by a strong sense of connection and feeling included.

They can have a tendency to being ungrounded, which can be countered by playing outdoors in nature and eating grounding foods; such as root vegetables, pumpkin and red foods.


  • Gemini – Curious Soul

Gemini Moon children tend to feel nurtured when feeding their curiosity and love of learning.

They love a good chat; especially one in which they feel engaged, heard and understood; often needing to ask lots of questions!

Encouraging them to talk about how they feel or to write about their feelings in a journal (when older) will foster their need to understand themselves and help them to clarify and process their emotions.

It will also encourage any writing talent that they’re likely to possess!

Introduce a gentle winding down routine in the evenings to prevent over-stimulation and nurture their imagination with lots of lovely books and interesting activities.

Watch for a tendency to nervousness, teach them the value of sleep and don’t be surprised if your older child knows everyone in the neighbourhood.

Gemini Moons love to connect!


  • Libra – Diplomatic Soul

Libra Moon children tend to need a peaceful and harmonious home environment and have a dislike of perceived conflict and discord.

They also have a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Nurtured by beauty, a pleasing bedroom environment may help to settle them and fill up their cup and they may show early flair for interior design.

Encourage their creativity through Art and painting activities and watch for: people-pleasing, a sweet tooth and procrastination.

Teaching older children to deal with things as they come up rather than putting them off can be helpful; including relationship discord which they may be tempted to sweep under the carpet/avoid.

Give them time to make decisions, encourage their natural ability to listen to others and help them see the benefits of emotional honesty.

This moon sign may enjoy playing make-believe as a receptionist, counselor or a hospitality role – maybe playing barista to their teddies!


  • Aquarius – Individual Soul

Aquarian Moon children tend to be independent and individual; often feeling different from their peers.

They can be contrary if they feel too restricted, so allowing them a little space when it’s safe to do so may work wonders for both parent and child.

These are the humanitarians of the sandpit; likely to be very caring towards their friends, who will be important to them.

Their need for excitement and stimulation may incite them to be a bit of a risk taker and their rebellious streak can land them in trouble.

Watch for: Feeling different, disconnection with their bodily needs, rigid ideas.

Older Aquarian moon children may experience intuitive hunches that lead to inspired visions and may need encouragement to embrace their uniqueness.


Moons in Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water sign children tend to be sensitive souls who need their emotions to be respected and need to feel held emotionally.

They can be highly intuitive; easily picking up on the moods and emotions of others, so teaching them a strong energetic protection technique can work wonders in helping them to re-find their centre once they’re old enough.

Pay special attention to what they’re watching on T.V, as they can be emotionally vulnerable and may be strongly affected by PG content that other kids wouldn’t blink an eye at.


  • Cancer – Nurturing Soul

Cancer Moon children can be highly sensitive with a strong innate need to nurture others.

They often have a well-defined quirky sense of humour, can seem young for their age and tend to love their food and families.

Their emotions; like the Moon they’re ruled by, can be extremely changeable and they can be prone to worry. Lavender Oil Baths can be great for restoring calm.

Give them lots of cuddles and reassurance – they need to feel that they belong – and respect their need to withdraw from time to time – especially when they’re feeling vulnerable.

Allow them to talk over their emotions and let them help you in the kitchen – most of them love to cook!

Cancer Moons show an interest in babies from a young age. Buy them a baby doll (boys and girls) and watch them take care of that baby with pride.

They can be easily hurt, so some understanding of why their family members and friends act the way they do may help older children not to take things so personally.


  • Scorpio – Insightful Soul

Scorpio Moon children feel things deeply and are susceptible to picking up on energetic undercurrents.

Never lie to a Scorpio Moon child, as they can sense when something isn’t right – truth and honesty really are the best policy. It’s important that these children learn to trust their intuition.

With their penetrating insight they may show psychic ability from a young age and may enjoy playing detective games or reading finding books; such as ‘Where’s Wally’.

They can take a while to trust others, so it’s important to respect their need to hang back and weigh up new people. They’ll open up in their own time and will usually form deep bonds with those they care about.

Teach older children how to process their emotions and their anger to help them to stay away from drama.

Help Scorpio Moons channel their intense emotions into something physical and they will likely amaze you with their focus and commitment.


  • Pisces – Compassionate Soul

Pisces Moon children are gentle souls with an enormous amount of empathy, compassion and natural healing ability.

Often musical, encourage their Artistic creativity, which is an outlet for their infinite emotional nature and formidable imagination.

This Moon sign may be found collecting lost animals; bringing them home to be cared for and watching movies – over and over again.

Older Pisces Moon children can be easily lead and suckers for a sob story, so teaching them the value of boundaries – physical, energetic and emotional – from a young age can become a daily life skill and asset.

Watch for: the tendency to want to save/rescue everyone and times when they may be prone to overwhelm and caving in.

Reading them spiritual stories about Angels, Gods and Goddesses may appeal to their sense of devotion and they may enjoy Yoga or Martial Arts.

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