New Moon/Solar Eclipse – August 11th 2018

This Month’s New Moon Energy

The New Moon on 11th August is the final of our three Eclipses and marks the end of this Eclipse Season.

Eclipse energy tends to bring change, so look for whatever has been instigated during this period.

What will you be working with or renovating over the next few months to really anchor that in?

 New Moon in Leo (2)

Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness) or have copies of your personal natal charts might like to check the house axis over which these eclipses will fall, as this is a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

The significant degrees for this first eclipse are: 18 degrees and 41 seconds of Leo.

Which house (area of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


Potential Change and New Directions

New Moons can bring new beginnings and solar eclipses can bring change; usually the type that is ushered forth by an external event, person or circumstance. That change could come out of the blue or carry something element of the unexpected with it; especially as it is strongly flavoured by the Uranus energy carried over from our last (July’s) Full Moon.

With this eclipse belonging to Saros Series ‘2 New North’, you may find yourself pushed into a new direction that is more in-keeping with your soul’s path.

Although this may be disconcerting at first, life is ultimately about change and transformation and that usually requires some initial discomfort.

The alternative is stagnation and the feeling of being stuck, so as we move through August consider where you are being asked to tear down the structures that aren’t working for you.

Where are you committing to the rebuild of something new and potentially exciting?

What Needs Release to Help you to Shine Brighter?

With Leo highlighted, the evolutionary imperative of this New Moon/Eclipse is one of helping you to stand more firmly in the light of who you are.

Where do you feel the need to shine and are you nurturing your creative potential(s)?

With the Saturn, Chiron and Venus T Square connecting to the New Moon via challenging aspects, you may find that your sense of self is challenged in doing that.

Perhaps all the retrograde energy of late has rumbled up some tender spots within your psyche for awareness and ultimate healing.

Or perhaps you’re receiving push back from others in relation to what is calling you.

How is that push-back mirroring back to you your own personal fears and concerns?

Saturn can lead us to our weak points; where we most feel inadequate. What do you need to strengthen and work on to ensure that you clear those fears and prevent these doubts from arising again?

What Does Your Inner Child Need?

Leo is the sign of the inner child and with this New Moon falling in the sign of Leo; conjunct Mercury Retrograde, it is a fabulous time for illumination of where this child may be needing more love and greater acknowledgement.

Jupiter, moving through the deep waters of Scorpio, may be magnifying anxieties.

Breathe through it and give gratitude that you are being shown what needs clearing and healing to help you to progress towards your goal(s).

What do you need to revisit?

This New Moon is offering plenty of transformation if you’re willing to take a deep look within.


Taking Responsibility for Freedom

With Mars conjunct the Black Moon in Aquarius, it could be time to take ownership for your sense of freedom.

Blaming others will usually change nothing.

For anything to change, action and a certain amount of personal ownership are usually required.

How can you shift your feeling of being hemmed in? How can you break the perceived shackles that bind?

What have you allowed to be taken from you and how are you going to get it back?

What will you no longer put up with?

With Mars squaring Uranus, that sense of freedom may incorporate financial constraints or perhaps a sense of there being a lack of solid security within your life.

What measures can you take to improve this on a personal level?

You are the driver of your life, the creator of your life story.

What new chapter are you writing from this moment forward?

Is it Time for a Life Review & To Act Accordingly for What you Desire?

With both Mars and Mercury retrograde in the New Moon chart, this is a great month to really take a deep, dark look; both into the depths of your psyche and into the life that you live every day that is reflected at you.

What needs to be reviewed, revised, reworked and rebuilt?

Uranus in trine to the nodes is indicating that change is the way forward for those aspects of life that clearly aren’t working.

Listen to your heart, open to your soul urgings.

What is awakening within you?

Go on a retreat if you feel called and commit to breaking through some of those unconscious barriers.

With Venus in harmonious aspect to Mars, consider what actions you can take to go after what you desire and draw up a plan of how you can move forward from here.

Even if it’s just one step.

What does your heart really want to do?

Where does your greatest fulfillment lie?

If you struggle with these last two questions, it could be time to take up a meditation routine – just 10 minutes each morning can work wonders to tune you into the energy of your higher self (your spiritual self and your guide through this journey of life).

Consider what motivates you and what you need to release to get there.

Self-Value, Stress and the Need for Nourishment – Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit

It will be important to watch for stress this month and to tune into when you are pushing rather than allowing life to happen.

Control could be an issue and you may have to confront fears around your work/career or lack of it; perhaps related to your sense of self-value.

Often a tendency to overwork at the expense of your health can highlight fears of inadequacy or of not doing/being enough.

Taking time to nourish your body, mind, spirit and emotions with regular self-care activities can help to mitigate this.

The alignment of mind, body, spirit infused with balanced emotions of well-being will do much to get you through this month as well as structured, patient and considered change.


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