Full Moon in Pisces – August 2018

The Full Moon on 26th August will fall in the sign of Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces (2)


Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness) or a copy of your own chart, might like to check the house axis over which these eclipses will fall, as this is a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

The significant degrees for this second eclipse are: 3 degrees, 12 seconds of Pisces and 3 degrees, 12 seconds of Virgo

Which house axis (areas of life) does that activate within your personal chart?


Are you Engaging with Your Spiritual Needs and Allowing Gentleness?

August’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Pisces; sign of oneness, compassion and the inner divine.

Are you considering your innate sensitivity and actively connecting with compassion; including compassion for self?

If not, then this Full Moon may cue you into the need for that.

What does your spiritual-self need?

If you’re feeling lost, then this is a strong indicator that it needs something.

When did you last make the effort to re-connect?

Tuning into your higher self; via meditation, may help with guidance and confirmation regarding the path forwards.


Forgiveness and Flow, Let it Go

Pisces energy is incredibly gentle and enables release and flow.

This will be a beautiful Full Moon under which to engage in a forgiveness ritual or two; especially as we have now been travelling through the Mars Retrograde window for so long.

Who do you need to forgive?

Others, yourself or a little of both?

Clearing out makes room for something new.

It makes room for greater love, compassion and empathy and it releases you to move on.

Let it go.

Clear it out.

Make space.

Listen to Your Body and Emotions. What Needs Release?

Chiron’s inconjunct to the Sun in Virgo may be rumbling up some anxiety; perhaps a nervous stomach. Consider where stress may be a factor in this.

Are you taking enough time-out during the day for rest and are you heading outdoors for some of that and moving your body?

Mars is now moving at his slowest and preparing to turn direct on the 28th meaning that his energy will be particularly strong now.

Mars needs physical release.

What exercise will help you to free what Mars has uncovered?

What do you enjoy doing; that you would find both fun and energising?

As Mars is still very much retrograde, Yoga could appeal to many at this time.

This gentle form of exercise not only allows the building of strength and flexibility, but also the release of stored energy from within the body, the re-alignment of chakras (the body’s energetic system) and the reactivation of the flow of chi (life force).

How can you take responsibility for your wellbeing?

If you’re connecting with resentment, anger, irritation or frustration then you likely need an outlet.

The alternative is to keep it locked within the body and that is unlikely to lead to wellness.

When such energy doesn’t have an outlet, it can manifest within the body as inflammation; such as skin rashes, Arthritic conditions; and with Mars travelling through Capricorn, stiffness.

I love that we have the Full Moon falling in the sign of release and healing as Mars prepares to turn direct.

With Mercury now moving direct and connecting with Jupiter in Scorpio and Chiron in Aries; both signs ruled by Mars, it’s time to listen to your heart.

What do you need to heal and resolve?

Allowing Vulnerability and Transmutation

The Mars Uranus square is once again active at the time of this Full Moon and with Uranus falling in the fixed sign of Taurus, stubbornness could be an issue

Can you let go of pride, potential fear of change and defensiveness; choosing to courageously open to vulnerability and subsequent spiritual and psychological growth?

If you can, then much transformation could be on offer through relationships and your way of relating to others.

The week leading up to each Full Moon is a powerful time to gauge what needs attention.

If you experience a steady build of drama from the 20th it may be time for an honest, courageous look at what lies beneath.

How can you transmute that energy by taking responsibility with honesty and integrity?

How can you choose to set yourself free?

Taking Responsibility for Resources – Both Personally and Globally

Pisces Full Moon energy can also bring up loneliness, pain through a perception of a World in pain and experiences that show us where we have been investing in victim-mentality.

The Sun, Saturn and Uranus Grand Trine in Earth is stabilized by the Moon in Pisces asking that compassion be the driving force when it comes to taking responsibility for resources; both on a personal (i.e. finances) and global level when it comes to looking after our Divine Mother Earth.

How can you lay firm foundations that will carry you forward supported into the future?

What work is required for you to do this?

How can you do your bit to look after future generations with compassion and integrity?

Whether that’s reducing plastic to help our Oceans, disposing of rubbish appropriately, taking to the streets to help have a clean-up or investing your money in heart-based and Earth-friendly funds, there will be something.

For some, intuitive hunches may lead to something tangible.

Every action counts.


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