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August Energy Report

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What Gifts Do You Want to Share and What Needs Release to Get There?


We enter August under a Disseminating Moon; deeply embedded in Eclipse season and mid-month move to our final eclipse of 2018; falling in Leo and marking the end of this Eclipse Season.

Eclipses will always bring intensity and illumination and with 5 planets already retrograde and Uranus slowing down to join them on the 8th this is heavy energy.

Have you checked in with yourself lately?


August is a powerful month to undertake a personal review of all aspects of your life and your personal wellbeing (career, relationships, family, finances, health, fun-barometer…).

With so much psychic debris hanging around keep that psychic-protection enforced and look at what you need to clear out on a personal level.

Now is a good time to go on a retreat, as retrograde energy helps us to go deeper into ourselves. It’s a prime time to look within, to rest, revisit, rework and reset.


Full Moon energy can be particularly good at showing what needs attention and eclipses can turn that insight up to high-beam.

Listen to your inner voice. Is it supportive or berating?

What needs to be listened to, understood and healed within your emotional self?

What is being highlighted within your life right now?


With so many planets moving ‘seemingly backwards’ through the sky and with Mercury newly retrograde, it’s also wise to continue to expect delays.

How do you respond to these perceived setbacks?

What is that showing you?


Our 3 keywords for navigating this month are:

  • Recharge
  • Healing
  • Embrace



Self-Awareness Flash Points


1) Mars Retrograde: What Lies Beneath

Mars’ retrograde journey through the sign of Aquarius continues until August 13th when he will backtrack into the sign of Capricorn; eventually turning direct during the early hours on August 28th.

The week leading up to his change of direction, Mars will slow and eventually station increasing the strength of this planetary energy.

At that point he will be in the sign of Capricorn.

Watch for an increase in stress, insights into where you may be attempting to control life, where you might be over-committed and the potential feeling of everything being hard.

What feels like a burden? What do you no longer wish to carry?

How can you share the load and bring more self-loving activities into your life?

Stress is usually caused by fear, resistance, low self-value and/or overwork.

Are you resting and playing enough?

This month consider what you want to do rather than what you feel that you feel you must do.

With Mars now retrograde and moving ‘seemingly backwards’ through the sign of Aquarius it’s time to take ownership of what has been shown to you over the past weeks (since mid-May).

Mars retrograde takes us within to re-assess:

  • What triggers us
  • Where we’re holding onto or suppressing anger
  • Whether we react or respond appropriately to unexpected/intense happenings
  • Where we might be blocked, feeling stagnant or stuck
  • How we go after what we want
  • Where we might be self-sabotaging ourselves


… and he usually does this through events, circumstances, people, internal emotions and fears that appear in our lives as he moves towards his retrograde point.

Mars in retrograde motion slows us down and if we don’t tune into that slower pace we can easily feel irritated, annoyed and hindered.

Haste can also lead to accidents under Mars-Retrograde energy, so heed where more patience may be required.

From the point of his actual retrograde (June 27th) until the time that Mars turns direct, we get a chance to psychologically re-visit, re-form and re-new.


Chiron transiting through Mars-ruled Aries is bringing insight both to our own tender spots and our ability to wound others by reacting inappropriately when anger is triggered.

With Chiron we are the wounded and the wounder.

If we remain aware of our responses, however, and take up the challenge to transform what we have seen, Chiron can bring healing to our path.

Those that heed the awareness, move away from blame and negative responses (i.e. to anger/frustration) and take ownership of their own psychological drives and reactions will be able to reap the benefits of this period.


Other Watch Points

With Mars representative of how we move through life/go after what we want, you may have been experiencing engineering-related breakdowns – is your car (your vehicle through life) in need of some repair? … or perhaps your computer?

Where are you being asked to slow down, to give in a little? To trust, have faith and to flow, not force?

Am I the only one, who’s been noticing lots of moon-boot-clad legs lately? Interesting with Aquarius ruling the lower legs and ankles.

Because Mars Retrograde can bring delays, any launch planned during this time frame could be subject to set backs.

It is a great time to reassess your action plan, however.

Mars Retrograde tends to lower our vitality and energy levels, so it’s important to schedule the diary accordingly.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (1st – 13th August)

In the sign of Aquariush we may meet with frustration or illumination around:

  • Technology
  • Our sense of freedom
  • Our hopes/Ideals
  • Groups
  • Humanity/Society
  • Perceived Rejection


Mars Retrograde in Capricorn (13th – 27th August)

In the sign of Capricorn we may meet with frustration or illumination around:

  • Ambitions
  • Responsibilities
  • Boundaries
  • Toxic emotions; such as Guilt, Shame or Burden
  • Work/Career challenges
  • Control Tendencies


Key Degrees

From 9 degrees (13 seconds) of Aquarius to 28 degrees (36 seconds) of Capricorn


2) Mercury Retrograde: What Inspires You?

Mercury has now joined Mars in retrograde motion and will remain so for much of August; eventually turning direct on 19th August and clearing the shadow zone on …

Delays and slowdowns are likely.

With both Mercury and Mars moving retrograde through fixed signs, stubbornness – both in mind and in action – as well as ingrained patterns and resistance to change could present as issues.

Mercury Retrograde through signs governed by the fire element can help to re-ignite what inspires us and are often preceded by a feeling of being creatively stuck, lost or energetically flat.

Retrograde energy takes us back over something; to rethink or rework and the way we thought we were headed can change subtly or, in some cases, entirely.

We are all creative beings – every day being a creative act.

Are you living an inspired life (by your own standards) or are there aspects of it that need extra oomph?

Leo is the sign of the heart, of your inspired life force and of fun.

Do you make time to engage with what brings you a sense of enjoyment and factor that into each day?

What changes can you make to weave more of your unique self-expression and gifts into your home, your work and your day to day?

Where can you add more flair?


The mind tends to be more inward now; readily giving access to the realms of imagination.

Writing and drawing could yield some interesting results.


The usual Mercury Retrograde catch points apply. Expect delays, communication mix ups, confusion and lessons in how you communicate.

Remain open to the lessons that the Universe is bringing your way.

What can be changed?

Key Degrees

From 11 to 23 degrees of Leo

3) Uranus Retrograde: Explore and Investigate inspired Ideas, insights and Exciting Developments. Time for Integration

We enter August with Uranus moving at his slowest and preparing to turn retrograde on August 8th.

When planets slow down to station (perceived as stopped from our view here on Earth) the strength of that planet’s energy increases.

Anything that you have been perceiving as stifling, frustrating, boring or uninspiring is likely to be intolerable between late July/early August; and the first week of August may find you feeling quite charged up and unable to sleep.

This is a good time to engage in some grounding activities –

  • Walk in nature, Hug a Tree
  • Use grounding crystals; such as Hematite
  • Visualise sending roots down from your feet/base of your spine into the Earth below
  • Use essential oils that are grounding and soothing to the nervous system; such as Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense, Vetiver or Wild Orange …

If you have planets between 28 and 2 degrees, then this energy is likely to be strongly affecting you and you are undergoing a Uranus transit.

Where in your life is needing (or is in the process of) change, a breath of new life, a shake up?

For you, the retrograde motion is the time to investigate those inspired ideas or needed changes that he’s been bringing forth for you.

What will work, what will not?

Uranus is known as “The Great Awakener”.

What Exciting Potentials is he Awakening within you?

Uranus will continue to retrograde through the sign of Taurus until early November when he’ll move back into Aries for a brief period.

Uranus takes approximately 7 years to transit a sign and this will be his last visit to the dynamic, fast-paced, reactive and initiating energy of Aries for the next 70-80 years.

Click here for my detailed blog post on Uranus’ transit through the sign of Taurus, which also contains a short recap of the Uranus in Aries energy.

Key Degrees

From 2 degrees Taurus to 28 degrees of Aries.


… and finally remember to embrace exactly where you’re at without judgement, to embrace yourself from time to time – hold yourself in love and if applicable for you – embrace those much-needed changes.

Lunar Landscape

The New Moon on 11th August is the last of our three Eclipses signalling the end of eclipse season and falling in the sign of Leo. To read more on this energy click here.

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The Full Moon on 26th August will fall in Pisces; sign of healing, compassion and oneness.  To read more on this energy click here.

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