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Full Moon in Sagittarius

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This Lunar Month, the Full Moon will exact in the sign of Scorpio on 30th May 2018 at 00:20am here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10) – Click here for a time conversion to your part of the World.


Compassion and Oneness

With a beautiful Water Grand Trine taking place between Neptune, Venus and Jupiter and with Neptune squaring the Moon, you have the opportunity of strengthening and tuning into your innate creativity.

Meditate, play music, enjoy Art that you’re drawn to and take time to muse over the feelings that are bought out for you at this time.

Do you feel connected?

Dance, give gratitude and celebrate the sense of oneness as the Full Moon exacts.

Sensitivity and compassion are likely to be heightened, so spend this time with those who love and support you and be gentle with yourself.


Honouring Uniqueness/Attuning to your Inner Wisdom

Mars in Aquarius sextiles the Moon and squares Uranus indicating that there is likely to be a drive for unique self expression and a strong need to honour your individuality.

Sagittarius energy needs room to breathe and anything that feels restrictive is likely to trigger rebellion at this time.

You always have access to the most wise counsellor, who understands your journey and your energy more than anyone – your higher/spiritual self.

The spiritual side of you, who can act as your guide and mentor, has all the answers and can help to steer you in the direction of where you want to go.

Meditation can strengthen your relationship with your spiritual self opening you up to greater self-trust (self belief) and the signs and synchronicities that occur to point you in the right direction.

If you’re feeling a little lost, then starting a meditation ritual each morning and asking your guides for help may help.


Motivated to Help

With Mars in Aquarius, some may feel motivated towards a humanitarian cause; perhaps homelessness or something related to feeding those in need as there is an awakening to the needs of the body and compassion for those that may be unable to get these needs met.


Releasing, Healing and Freeing Emotional Space

With Saturn inconjunct the Sun, you may connect with blocks when it comes to your self expression or feeling that you can communicate with others exactly as you are.

Do you have any emotions arising in relation to this that need to be released; such as grief, guilt, fear, rigidity?

Acknowledging, working through and subsequently releasing such emotions can allow you greater freedom within your emotional life and can free you up to feel able to express yourself more freely in the future with greater inspiration and joy.


What’s in Need of Healing?

As we get closer to each Full Moon, the energetic fullness causes our own blocks, issues and pain points to be magnified and we are gifted insight into what we can heal and change within our lives.

With Neptune squaring this Full Moon, issues around boundaries could arise. Do you feel as though someone is stifling your energy? Do you need more space in your life? More room to breathe?

Creative blocks may feature (also see ‘Releasing, Healing and Freeing Emotional Space’ above).

Sagittarius is a fire sign and Chiron’s presence indicates that there may be events or people in the week leading up to this Full Moon that transpire to show you where you are carrying a pain point in relation to connecting with your own will to inspire, teach and/or lead others.

Although it can be tempting to blame that person or event, try turning it on it’s head and thanking them for showing you something within yourself that is needing attention.

How can you head the lesson and consciously move through and transmute this energy?

Anger may also be a feature – are you triggering this in others, are they triggering this in you?

If you’re finding such a situation then it may help to read my Chiron in Aries article.


Possible Frustration, Temper Tantrums and Rebellion

Frustrations that arise now could well be related to Mars’ impending retrograde, as we are now firmly in the shadow zone of this energy.

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Does your Belief System Support you or Suppress you?

Sagittarius inspires us to seek truth within our lives and those truths form the basis of our belief systems.

Taking the time to consider your belief system(s) at this Full Moon could prove enlightening.

Is what you’re believing still true for you?

Is this really your belief or is it someone else’s?

How does it sit within your heart?

If your belief system is holding you back from living the life that you want to live (created with love from the heart) then it may be time to re-examine your motives for sticking with it.

Is your belief system suppressing or supporting you?


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 09 degrees and 38 seconds of Scorpio (The Moon), and 09 degrees and 38 seconds of Taurus (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 09 degrees within your natal chart?

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Wishing you an optimistic and expansive Full Moon.

Much Love, Toria xo

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