Prepare for a Different Type of Change as Uranus Enters Taurus – The Sky God meets the Earth Goddess – (and a quick recap over the past 7 years of Uranus in Aries)…

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Shortly after this month’s New Moon exacts, Uranus will move from Aries into the sign of Taurus sparking another 7 year cycle of innovation.

I love that the New Moon in Taurus plays its part here – of course it does!!

New Moons signal new beginnings and Uranus moving into Taurus will certainly prompt changes in the very things we associate with the sign of Taurus.

Synchronicity is the bomb!!

So, how is this going to affect you on a personal level?

First, let’s take a recap of what’s happened over the last 7 years of Uranus in Aries!!

Uranus in Aries – a Recap…

Uranus entered Aries late May 2010 and boy have I changed since then!

How about you?

Uranus brings awakening, innovation and yes – change!! and as he moved through Aries he bought it fast!

Fast-paced, sudden decisions and an enormous amount of growth.

Not surprisingly,The Uranus into Aries ingress chart took place with Uranus conjunct Jupiter (the planet of growth) placed in Pisces.

We’ve seen veganism and heightened concern for animal rights and our fellow human beings shift to greater heights during this time.

Wise and awakened souls inspired us to take charge of our own lives; to begin a ‘grassroots revolution’ against the outdated and often tyrannical systems that have been placed in our society and there have been heated debates on all kind of topics (gun laws, wars, pharmaceutical practices to name a few…) as Uranus encountered the sign of the Self and the Warrior!

Uranus opposed Saturn in that ingress chart; signalling likely rebellion against authority,  change to the structures upon which society is built and the fighting for personal rights.

… and with a trine to the Moon, there has also been a welcomed rise in the awareness of self-care during this time and the awakening to our innate connection with Mother Earth.

As we move into the next 7 years it will be interesting to see what becomes of what the last 7 years have given birth to.

Are you ready?

Uranus into Taurus

So, what happens when the Sky God (Uranus) meets the Earth Goddess (Venus-ruled Taurus)?

Fulgarite apparently! Google it – it’s pretty impressive!

Yes, when lightening strikes sand, it creates a type of crystal of hollowed out glass, which makes sense being as glass is after-all created from heating silica.

I find this imagery quite apt when considering what Uranus in Taurus could bring.

If Aries is the sign of birth, of the new, of the pioneer …

… and Taurus is the sign of manifestation, then the next 7 years are going to be interesting in relation to what is now physically created.

What will we see when we look out of our windows in the year 2026, as Uranus makes his way into Gemini?

A Change in Tempo

If you feel as if time has sped up and you’ve had a hand on your back pushing you forward to change things quickly over the last 7 years, Uranus in Taurus is likely to bring a welcome change in tempo.

Putting our material and emotional security first above all else is likely to be an important manifestation of the next 7 years.

Taking Responsibility for the Earth

Not only is Taurus the sign that we most associate with the Earth, but there is a great deal of Earth energy – Taurus (Mercury, Sun, Moon) and Capricorn (Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Black Moon) overall in the ingress chart as Uranus makes his move into this sign.

Add to that a square between Uranus and Mars and it’s likely that taking responsibility for the Earth and her resources will be a huge topic over the next 7 years.

Expect sustainability to be a biggie as well as a strong drive to manifest your inspirations on a personal level.


*The Ground Beneath Your Feet/Your Roots/Belonging

Those experiencing Uranus transits during this time may find themselves questioning their sense of belonging and there my be a strong pull to to one’s roots; especially if the Moon or 4th house are involved.

House and Location moves that take place now are likely to be well-thought out and considered.


Signals from the Body

With Uranus conjunct to Mercury in the ingress chart (an ingress chart is a chart for the time that Uranus moves into Taurus), I would expect self care to remain a strong theme.

Taurus is Venus-ruled and associated with our physical bodies (the physical manifestation of our spirit self), so addressing the needs of the body and continued awakening to what these needs actually are is a strong contender.

The more people that awaken to our connection to the Earth and the mis-use of chemicals and toxins in the food chain, the greater the rise in demand for organic and bio-dynamic produce is likely and perhaps it will be this demand that drives down the cost of what can sometimes be viewed as an expensive choice.

More and more people are waking up to what nourishment of the body entails.

Uranus can bring shocks and disruption when he transits a sign and for some this could manifest as an illness that serves as a wake up call around what is being put into and onto their bodies.

Uranus through Aries seemed to bring lots of skin reactions in the shape of Eczema and Psoriasis.

Taurus rules the throat, so it will be interesting to see what throat-related ailments could transpire.

Perhaps there will be insights into Tonsillitis or Thyroid-related illnesses.

Inna Segal’s book ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ is a great one when correlating the emotional cause with the disease.

Awakening to Sensual Needs & Beauty and the Possibility of a few Sky Gods and Earth Goddesses Showing Up!

Venus-ruled Taurus also governs our sense of beauty and the role of the five senses – seeing, smelling, touching, hearing and tasting.

Awakening to the beauty of the Earth, the nourishment of the food she supplies us with, to our own sensuality and physical needs … could be one manifestation, as could the realisation of the need for touch in our everyday lives.

… a greater need for physical connection, as we move through this technological age and the potential of emotional ailments caused by a lack of this.

We may even find that the touch screen has been taken to a whole other level by the end of this period, but I so hope the latter takes precedence!

Uranus brings zinging, electrical energy and when this is merged with the sign of beauty, magic could happen – let’s watch out for the arrival of a few Earth Gods and Goddesses appearing over this next 7 years – perhaps on the T.V, on Social Media or in your own life!

Inspirational people often appear to lead us down the path to self discovery, so remember to celebrate and own your own beauty during this period!!

Let’s also hope for a rise in cruelty-free beauty products – make up, hair treatments, facial products…

Money, Your Worth and Security

Taurus is a sign strongly associated with what makes us feel safe and secure and Uranus in Taurus can trigger reversals of fortune – both upturns and downturns due to the erratic and sudden energy of Uranus.

All of this can trigger deep insecurity and awaken us to how tightly we might be hanging onto the material within our lives.

There may be innovations related to monetary systems or perhaps further progress towards a cashless society.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ingress chart may signal awakenings around your belief system; perhaps related to your views on abundance and how much you value yourself, or perhaps there’s some rigid thinking that is preventing new life from coming through that you’ll be asked to look at during this time.

This also poses the question of how you make your money.

Maybe there will be new insights around better ways to earn your income. Uranus wants to liberate you and free you and money can certainly bring a level of freedom.

… and of course there’s the crazy way of the World with Governments seemingly spending millions on war machines and placing precedence over this rather than seeking to fund projects to help eradicate poverty and starvation.

This too may become a hot topic in the voices that wish to stand up for a better World.

As I write this there’s a debate going on on the radio talking about the rise in homelessness in our young people and the terrible ways that they are made to feel outcast by society – for example the changing of bus stop benches to stop homeless people being able to sleep on them 🙁

If you’d like to support Homie in their quest to create pathways out of homelessness, you can find out more here.

Speaking/Voicing/Communicating/Creating and Innovative Art

Ruling the voice, Taurus is the sign of the singer.

If there is something creative that you want to communicate to the World; through singing, writing or other Art forms, now may be the time that you become flooded with ideas or perhaps you’ll find an inspired way forward.

Do you speak your truth or do you prefer to keep the peace? With Uranus here, you may find it difficult to hold your tongue; especially if Uranus activates your natal Mercury over this time…

… but the more aggressive ‘fight for change energy’ that the last seven years bought is likely to step aside now finding messages delivered in a more measured and practical way.

When speaking of singers and unusual/ground-breaking voices, we can’t go past Sam Perry, who appeared on The Voice this week.

How apt that he is hitting the mainstream now.

It certainly seems that this talented man is going to be bringing a few changes to the music industry and I expect we’ll be hearing more from him over the next few years.

You can check Sam here.

It’s amazing the way he records his voice and loops it to create the tracks; resulting in a song where nothing but his voice has made up the music, rhythm and song.

Art may also take on new forms during this period.


Volatility and Anger as Defence

When Mercury retrograded through Aries a few weeks ago we all had a few lessons to learn around impatience, delays, haste and how we handle irritations.

Chiron’s ingress into Aries is offering us the chance to bring healing to what causes our anger responses and later this year, Mars will turn retrograde gifting the opportunity for some further inner exploration around this emotion.

Yes, anger remains a hot topic this year and with Uranus square to Mars in the ingress chart there is a caution here to be mindful of how you react under what you might perceive as stressful situations.

Uranus; especially when he connects strongly with your personal chart can bring sudden change, unexpected events and erratic happenings.

His influence within your personal energy field can cause increased mental stimulation, ailments of the nervous system, un-groundedness and anxiety.

The best way to move through a Uranus transit? Breathe, meditate, slow down as much as you can.

Increase your intake of magnesium and potassium.

Connect with the Earth – walk in nature, swim in the Ocean, lay on the ground, hug a tree or visualise roots going down from your feet and the base of your spine into the Earth below.

And go with the flow as much as you can.

Try to be open to change, to trust that the Universe is on your side and to let go of any rigidity or stubbornness that may need to be relinquished.

Where is this energy likely to play out within your life?

Where does the sign of Taurus reside in your birth chart and where is Uranus likely to bring change to you?

Does it cover one house (area of life) or a couple?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

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*updated May 23rd 2018

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