The Wounded Warrior Offers Some Insight into Pain, Anger and Motivation as Chiron Enters Aries

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Chiron is often referred to as “The Wound Which Makes Us Wise*” or “The Wounded Healer**”and his placement within your birth chart indicates a place where you feel a deep psychological (or sometimes physical) wound of some kind.

By sign (expression/type of wound) and house (area of life), Chiron indicates a pain point 💔 and something that your soul will be called to acknowledge and heal.

For those of us who were born between April 1968 and early 1978 when Chiron last transited this sign♈️ it also means that we’re on our way to our Chiron Return, which occurs around age 50.
* please note that between mid October 1968 to late January 1969 Chiron briefly re-entered Pisces. Therefore, please check your chart to confirm Chiron’s sign*

When Chiron returns to the point he was at during birth, the subsequent years can bring enormous insight into these wounds and (for those willing to do the work) an opportunity for healing 💚

His transits; regardless of our age (contacts to our birth chart he makes as he travels through the sky) can be profoundly opening💗

Chiron in Aries♈️ in the birth chart usually manifests as a wound around your right to exist/to be or as Melanie Reinhardt so aptly puts it the sense that “Who I am, is not acceptable”.

There can sometimes be an early life where your unique trailblazing enthusiasm seemed to always be put down (perhaps even ridiculed) or physical/vocal aggression was experienced or perhaps anger was present, but more subliminal.

Later these types of experiences can manifest personally as feeling powerless or lacking vitality and/or motivation.

In some this can appear as depression.

If you have Chiron in Aries, you inherently carry archetypal warrior energy, but the conundrum can be in how you direct this.

Sometimes your desire to speak up can be met with resistance or trigger unexpected aggression in others and many with this placement can find self assertion difficult.

As Chiron continues to move through Aries♈️ remain aware of these themes (whether he was in this sign at your birth or not).

If they resonate with you, allow Chiron to weave his magic💫

Find ways to honour the unique individual that you are…

… then bravely stand up and take your place; perhaps using your innate medicine (the wisdom that Chiron has gifted you) to act on behalf of a cause close to your heart and to help birth a more peaceful time upon this Earth🌏

What drives you?

What do you feel passionate about?

Where do you want to make a difference?

If you find that your words are indeed triggering angry responses or your innovations don’t quite seem to be hitting the mark, you may have to see if there’s something in the delivery of your message that could be causing the issue.

When Mercury retrograded through Aries a few weeks ago it was almost a preliminary for those of us who carry these types of wounds; preparing us for Chrion’s ingress into this same sign.

Were you gifted some insight around the that time about how anger or a lack of motivation/direction could be playing out in your life?

Perhaps in the way you handled irritations, delays or mix ups or perhaps you were able to connect with a strong part of yourself that wanted to give birth something new, but was holding back from a sense of dis-empowerment…

Chiron’s ingress into Aries is offering us the chance to bring healing to what causes our anger responses or a potential lack of drive and motivation.

Later this year, Mars (the ruler of Aries) will also turn retrograde and seemingly move backwards; gifting the opportunity for some further inner exploration around this dynamic.

Yes, anger, assertion and motivation remain a hot topic this year and with Uranus square to Mars as he enters Taurus there is a caution here to be mindful of how you react under what you might perceive as stressful situations.

Perhaps anger will appear as a personal defence mechanism in the face of change.

Anger is usually a sign that our personal values/morals have been violated in some way, that our boundaries have been pushed too far or that someone has touched upon a wounded part of our energy that is in need of some acknowledgement and love.

The most responsible way to deal with anger is firstly by taking responsibility for it, secondly breathing through it and counting to ten and thirdly (hopefully after you’ve had a little mulling time to understand what has really caused you to get so hot under the collar) – responding from a place of love, understanding and compassion for others and yourself.

Although ‘Fighting fire with fire’ is seldom the answer and usually leads to greater levels of aggression, please don’t ever fear your anger nor suppress it.

Suppression of anger can cause much dis-ease within the body and Chiron in Aries may well help many to understand this association – auto-immune diseases, depression, skin rashes, inflammation, tumours, PMS, headaches… can all be indicators of unexpressed anger.

Find a safe outlet, explore your inner pain and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

You really do have to feel it to heal it.

Also be aware of how you can hold others in compassion when you feel their anger arise. Where are they hurting, what wound has been uncovered/needled and what do they most need from you in that moment?

Much Love,

Toria xo ✨💖


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