Be Prepared to Slow Down, Re-Dress the Balance, Contemplate your Triggers and The Wisdom in Anger, – Full Moon in Libra – March 2018 (and Mercury & Jupiter Retrograde)

Take the Time to Explore your Triggers

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This Lunar Month, the Full Moon will exact in the sign of Libra (on March 31st 2018 at 10:36:28pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10) – Click here for a time conversion to your part of the World.


Relationships – Balance, Equality and Justice

A Full Moon in the sign of Libra usually brings with it the question of balance, justice and equality in relationship.

And anything that needs to be seen in relation to these themes usually comes up pretty strongly in the week leading up to that Full Moon

With Mercury (retrograde) in Aries also conjunct the Sun and Opposing the Moon at this particular Full Moon it’s a great time to also re-consider who you are and what role you play in those relationships.

Is there a two-way giving and receiving happening?

Do you get what you need from each of your relationships and do you give back in equal measure?

It is also good to remember that our relationships can act as mirrors to what we most need to see about ourselves.

Can you see that playing out with anyone around you?


Your Relationship with Anger

Libra energy likes peace and diplomacy whereas Aries energy can be selfish, impulsive, insensitive and impatient.

How do you view angry outbursts?

Do they make you feel a sense of humiliation, embarrassment and shame?

Are they something that you’d rather avoid at all costs; that you recoil from or that you fear?

I mean God forbid the neighbours witness you bickering with your partner in the garden  – what would they think?!! Mortifying!!!


Most of us struggle with this energy somewhat, because the society that we’ve been raised in appears to teach us that any anger is bad anger, so

… as this Full Moon exacts you may wish to reconsider your relationship to anger; especially as anger, which is an extremely important emotion, can actually be a good thing.

It can show you where your boundaries have been crossed, it can show you what you don’t like and it can motivate you to make needed changes within your life.

Expressed inappropriately it can of course cause great harm, but when used consciously it can move you to assert for and to help others; especially those that may not be in the position to help themselves.

The trouble with peace is that it actually isn’t possible to have it without the ability to also acknowledge and to deal with anger.

… And what happens to all that unacknowledged anger?

Suppressed anger becomes resentment.

It can cause disease in the body and and it can erupt at the most inopportune times when someone unsuspecting happens to say the wrong thing.

Usually just before a Full Moon!!

Is that worth burying your discomfort for?


Anger as the Great Teacher

Anger also has plenty to teach you.

As Mercury retrogrades through Aries (March 23rd to April 15th) I encourage you to assess what triggers cause you to feel anger; what words? what actions or inaction?


…. we are not all moved to anger by the same things.

And anger can actually introduce you to your greatest pain.

What are you suppressing?

What are you failing to acknowledge down there in the recesses of your psyche?

What causes you to turn all defensive?


In order to understand your anger – write it out.

Write it out exactly as you feel it and really let yourself vent.

Put all that venom, rage and aggression onto the page(s) and don’t hold back.


Not only will this exercise allow you to express that anger, it will often bring to your awareness the real reason why whatever happened made you feel so very angry in the first place.

And in awareness we find understanding and in understanding we find healing.


The more we acknowledge and seek to heal our anger the greater peace we can ultimately feel.

With Venus (as ruler of this Full Moon) sitting alongside Uranus in Aries, there could be realisations, A-ha moments and awakenings which occur around this Full Moon; maybe in relation to the above, maybe in relation your relationship(s) and/or maybe in relation to how you’ve been storing anger in the body.


Stable Influences in the Exhumation of Buried Pain

Venus will be exalted in the sign of Taurus as the Full Moon exacts- and with three planets placed in Capricorn – Saturn (in rulership), Mars (exalted) and Pluto there’s a feeling of stability and solidness.

Libran moons can bring diplomacy and Venus in trine to Mars indicates that support can indeed be found.

Those relationships built to last will do so and those that understand the ultimate growth that challenges can bring and rise to meet it will likely thrive.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction can bring frustration, but also self-discipline and the ability to take responsibility and with Jupiter in trine to both Neptune and Chiron there can be a great deal of growth achieved through the exploration of relationship pain points and increased compassion to see beyond the potential anger/frustration.

The exploration of deeply buried emotions, which can occur with two retrogrades occurring at this Full Moon, can be potentially frightening and uncomfortable and in raising issues you may initially feel a sense of isolation; potentially having to confront fears around abandonment, your self worth and your own aggressive drives.

With Mars squaring The Moon, The Sun and Mercury at this Full Moon, however, it’s probably going to be difficult to keep quiet or to hide such discomfort.

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio is likely to want to uncover some difficult aspects in order that they can be acknowledged and bought into awareness.

Without that awareness, healing cannot occur and that makes growth difficult.

Therefore, anything that arises now is probably best acknowledged and worked through so that you can release it and free up whatever energy was being used to suppress those emotions for more positive use in the future.


Rebellion from Suppression and Control

For those relationships or environments where there is a sense of suppression or control in play it may no longer prove possible to ignore.

Uranus conjunct Venus wants freedom, independence and the ability to relate to whoever, whenever, wherever…


Help with navigating this Full Moon Energy

If you find things difficult in the run up to this Full Moon, it may help to re-read my New Moon report.

Strengthen your connection to your spiritual self, Meditate, Practice Yoga or go on a steady Bike Ride. Try not to push when something’s really not happening (retrograde energy usually brings delays and frustrations) and get out in nature as much as you can.

Venus exalted in Taurus can re-connect you with the beauty and support of the Earth, so activities such as hugging a tree, gardening, sitting on some lush green grass and going for walks in nature may help to calm your energy at this time and help you to feel more grounded.

Spend some time alone (Retrogrades are great for retreating within) and visualise how you would like to see yourself in the future.

Make time to play – in whatever way this speaks to you.

Whether that’s literally playing a game with your children in the garden, drawing, exploring your favourite hobby or losing yourself in a book.

Do whatever activities bring you a sense of joy and peace.

Slow down and be open to what the higher meaning could be in what is coming up for you around this Full Moon.

Talk to a trusted friend if you need to, write out any anger that you may experience and consider burning it (safely) as a way of releasing it back to the Universe…  and remember that this too shall pass.

Contemplate what you love about the people who you share your life with and celebrate your great relationships.

Give gratitude for all the good that they bring into your life.


One More Important Libran Point

Libran energy can be a pitfall when it comes to procrastination.

The trouble is that diplomatic Libra has the ability to see all sides – in every decision that is ever made – and that can lead to problems when it comes to making decisions and to moving forward in life.

Considering other people’s needs is a good trait to have, but getting so caught up in this that you fail to make a decision is not so good.

Constantly giving in to others and putting your own needs last –  not so good.

Complaining about the amount of work that you have on your plate – for days…. instead of moving foward with that work – not so good either.

Therefore, as we approach the Libran Full Moon (March 31st) you may want to consider how indecision, procrastination and putting other’s needs before your own is hindering your progress to get ahead in life.

If this is a big theme for you then it’s probably time to get more aligned with the motivated, decisive and more self-oriented Aries energy; or at least find a happy medium between the two.


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 10 degrees and 44 seconds of Libra (The Moon), and 10 degrees and 44 seconds of Aries (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 10 degrees within your natal chart?

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Wishing you an insightful and lovig Full Moon phase.

Much Love, Toria xo

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