Attune to Your Inner Rhythm, Check in with Your Boundaries, Attend to Your Spiritual Self and Be Mindful of Delays and Mix Ups – New Moon in Pisces 2018 with Mercury set to Retrograde

New Moon in Pisces


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This month’s New Moon will exact in the sign of Pisces on 17th March 2018 at 11:11pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10).


Are you Nurturing your Spirit and Strengthening your Divine Connection?

Pisces energy puts you in touch with your inner Divine; the, often inexplicable, promptings of the soul, which attune you to your innate rhythm and let you know when you’re on the right path, that warns you when something may not be good for you and which urges you to slow down when you need to take a rest, so that you can bounce back re-charged and re-energised once more.

Activities; such as meditation, Yoga, listening to music (especially if it really moves you) and partaking in group activities that help you to feel aligned with others; such as dancing, cheering on a sport or helping out at a charity/institution, can all nourish the spirit and strengthen your connection to your higher self.

These activities also serve to strengthen your faith in life and can help you to feel at one with the World around you.

How are you nurturing your spiritual self?


Wholeness, Direction, Grace and Faith

Remember that true health encompasses the whole – Mind, Body and Spirit.

If we ignore and fail to nurture the needs of our spirit; or rather what we need from spirit, life can become stressful and meaningless.

When we honour our spirit we are graced with greater flow and ease and we are better able to attune to what it is that we truly need in every moment.

This doesn’t mean that life suddenly becomes blissful, easy and without challenge, instead we find the blissful through the challenge and we feel a greater sense of trust in the process that we are going through; a deep knowing that it is part of a lesson for our soul that each challenge we face will move us on to bigger and better things.

When we truly understand that we are a spirit on a human journey we’re also able to understand that we are never alone.


Compassion, Forgiveness and Reaching out for Help

We are surrounded by love every day and we only have to call upon those unseen entities for guidance in order to feel that love and to engender their support.

The stronger our attunement to the Spirit World the more likely it is that we will embody greater compassion and forgiveness for both our fellow human beings and for ourselves.

With Jupiter (as ruler of this New Moon) in trine aspect with the New Moon you are urged to take a deep look at how you might be holding yourself back from a stronger connection with your higher self.

This is a strong lunar month for the shifting of old patterns and blocks that may have been standing in your way.

Does the spiritual realm bring up a sense of fear for you?

Do you tend to push your rock up hill and push against your own innate rhythm; leading to exhaustion?

Perhaps you are someone that gives and gives and asks for nothing in return leaving you depleted and resentful.

Is it time to seek peace, to withdraw, enjoy solitude and restore your connection with yourself?

If you’re currently feeling lost, disheartened or stressed in your life then you might want to start a prayer ritual each evening as you’re getting into bed and then be open to what comes your way.

The signs, the symbols, the intuitive hunches…

You may also wish to start a gratitude journal and watch as the things you are thankful for appear to magnify.

If you find this difficult, you can start simply by writing thanks for just one thing that you were grateful for during the day that has just passed; even if it was simply for a warm bed, a meal, an on-time train or a smile from a stranger.


Be Faithful to your Inner Truth, Seek your Inner Guidance and Ignite your Purpose

Mercury and Venus will be conjunct in the sign of Aries at the time of this New Moon as Uranus finalises his journey through the latter degrees of this sign; urging you to honour your independence, to blaze your own trail and to do things your way.

If your spiritual connection is blocked or weak then it’s more likely that you’ll feel a lack of direction in life, but if you work on nurturing this connection by committing to just 10 minutes of meditation every day, it wont be long before you’ll feel that sense of guidance.

The only person who can truly know and understand your path during this lifetime is you.

That path is often littered with judgement and potential trials when you’re called to go against something that’s deemed unacceptable by your school, your family or the society in which you live.

Honouring your inner truth strengthens your spark, ignites your passions, builds on your courage and fills you with purpose.

Allowing others to dictate what is right for you might seem the easier or ‘right’ route, but it will actually have the opposite effect; leading to a sense of frustration, suppression, a sense of being unheard or unseen and ultimately you’ll find yourself hiding who you really are away and living a life based on fear.

Chiron conjunct the New Moon and also trine Jupiter may bring old wounds to the surface now to be acknowledged and moved through. What is your pain teaching you?

Perhaps it’s time to transform any fear that you may have around the recognition of spirit or your faith?

With Chiron, Neptune, The Moon and The Sun all joining forces in Pisces at the start of this Lunar month you are likely to feel an increase in sensitivity and compassion.

That could include strong empathy for your fellow human beings and the other living beings with whom you share the Earth (or Galaxy depending on how tuned in you are ;))


Jupiter Retrograde – How on Track are you?

The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, who will turn retrograde before this New Moon and continue his retrograde journey until 11th July 2018.

When Jupiter retrogrades it can seem like the rug of optimism has suddenly been pulled away from beneath your feet.

Usually you are called to assess where you may have been heading in the wrong direction or going to excess within your life.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Is your outer World a reflection of who you truly are?
  2. Is the life that you’re living in line with your personal belief system and your moral compass?
  3. Where do you require greater balance?
  4. What is in need of transformation and growth – what needs to change for you to achieve this?

The saying: “It’s all Fun and Games until…” can be quite apt here.

If it turns out that you may have been a little off track, delays may also surface now and there can be a feeling of being thwarted in your attempts to expand in some area of life.

… and if something is taken away as Jupiter stations-retrograde (9th March) then it’s likely that whatever it was may not have proved beneficial in the long run, so take heart, remain flexible and trust.

All will be revealed in time…


Take Time to Reassess if your Life is What you Want it to Be

With Venus and Mercury sitting square to both Saturn and Pluto (both in Capricorn) at this New Moon it might just be time for you to take responsibility to ensure that you are living your life in a way that aligns with your values, desires and interests.

If this isn’t the case then it may be time for a little soul-searching and some transformation in how you choose to live from this point forward.

This is especially apt, as Mercury begins his first retrograde cycle of the year on 23rd March.

Take time to ponder.

Does your life inspire you? Where could you be a little more brave?


Deal with Relationship Angst Early On

Relationships, the way in which you are relating and/or your communication style could also be up for assessment this month; especially if power struggles, asserting for your independence and/or weak boundaries are an issue.

If problems exist expect them to magnify in the build up to the Full Moon on 31st March.

Also be mindful of Jupiter’s Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio.

If there’s anything particularly gnarly that you’ve been avoiding it may just surface during the early part of Jupiter’s retrograde (early March).

Scorpio isn’t always an easy sign, as it can entail facing what you’d rather not, but if you can take a deep breath and a deep dive and if you are willing to look at what’s in the deepest recesses you have a strong opportunity of some powerful transformation.

Use Mercury’s retrograde period to reassess, revisit and review what isn’t working.

An honest conversation early on could prevent a full blown melt down as the energy heightens.

With Mars hanging around the final degree of Sagittarius at the New Moon try a little honesty, speak your truth (with compassion) and take time to contemplate if you can do things differently.


Other Watch points this lunar month

  • Assess your energetic boundaries
    • How happy are you to say ‘No’ when you’re really not feeling something?
    • Do you tend to take on the energy of other people quite readily and do you know how to stop this from happening?
    • Do you have a tendency to want to rescue others or ‘save the World’. There’s a difference between compassionate understanding and trying to get someone to see something that they’ll probably never see (head/wall/banging) … Save yourself – the rest will follow 😉
    • Do you know how to re-charge your energy when you’re feeling depleted?
    • Can you happily shut yourself away and zone out when you need to without feeling guilty or ‘bad’?
  • Be mindful of signs of where you may be succumbing to ‘victim-mentality’ – it can be hard to see sometimes, but in my experience, most of our pain points (probably a high 80%) can be caused by our own actions, belief-systems and behaviours.
    • What do you need to take responsibility for?
    • Where are you playing the blame game?
    • Where are you giving away your power?
  • The Art of balanced Giving and Receiving
    • Giving and Giving without allowing yourself to receive will lead to resentment, exhaustion and maybe both. Don’t be a martyr. Tune into the Universal flow of energy and ensure that you’re keeping your giving and receiving barometer in balance. That’s where the magic happen
  • With Mercury and Jupiter both retrograding through Mars-ruled signs this lunar month, be prepared for some sparks to fly. Rework and some reassessment in whichever area of your life is affected is highly likely.
    • Mercury -> Look for the area where Aries 4 degrees to Aries 17 degrees resides in your birth chart. What does this house (area of life) represent? Where are you more likely to experience communication issues, travel delays or mix ups?
    • Jupiter ->Look for the area where Scorpio 13 degrees to Scorpio 23 degrees resides in your birth chart. What does this house (area of life) represent? What in your life needs to be re-visited and re-worked before greater growth can be achieved? What is holding you back from being the best expression of yourself and where might your life not be in line with your personal moral compass or future direction?
    • Both Mercury and Jupiter -> With Mars (ruler of Aries and Jupiter) moving into Capricorn and set to conjunct Saturn  it will be good to ask yourself how you can take responsibility for your relationships, for any repairs, reviews or rework that may be necessary in whatever arises. You may also be caused to slow down and delays may occur now with Saturn literally putting the brakes on any further Mars momentum. Thankfully Saturn also bestows discipline and with care, caution and patience all can be resolved in time.


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 26 degrees and 53 seconds of Pisces. which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 27 degrees within your natal chart?

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Tracking the Lunar Cycle each Month

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Be Brave, Be Honest, Tune In and Take the Time to Strengthen your Spiritual Connection and Review where Changes are Required this Month

With Much Love and Kindness, Toria xo

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