Make time for Fun, Freedom, Pleasure and a Little Frivolity & Embrace your Femininity – Full Moon in Leo

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The Full Moon will exact at 11:26:38pm on 31st January 2018 here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10) – Click here for a time conversion to your part of the World.

and with it we enter …  Eclipse Season

Our second Full Moon of 2018 falls in the sign of Leo and, as a Total Lunar Eclipse, it marks the beginning of our first Eclipse season of the year.

Belonging to Saros Series 1 South, Bernadette Brady tells us that this eclipse is part of a family (of Eclipses) “concerned with ideas and their enthusiastic expression”.

How lovely that this particular Full Moon falls in the sign of Leo then – a sign all about self expression and with the Moon in this sign – a need to shine your light.

Brady goes on to say that “if this eclipse affects your chart, you will be flooded with ideas or options. There may seem to be an element of haste, but if you go with the new ideas, they will have positive outcomes”.

Remember to check the degrees of the eclipse and its possible interaction with your personal chart. The details for doing this are found further down in this report – see “Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?” below.

Pay particular attention to your thoughts and feelings around this Eclipse, as Lunar Eclipses tend to begin on an internal level and what we do with those thoughts and feelings can bring about changes within our lives.

The Need to be Seen

As this is a North Node Eclipse with the North Node falling in Leo, you may feel the need to share more of who you truly are with others and your actions may lead to some kind of increase in your being able to do this.

The build up to this Full Moon could, therefore find you pondering questions; such as:

  • Why am I really here?
  • What and how would I like to create?
  • What special gifts and talents do I bring to this World”
  • How can I shine more strongly as the person I truly am?
  • Do I feel “seen”?

You are the star in the story of your life. What kind of book are you writing?

On the negative side, the lead up to this Full Moon could bring up emotions/feelings in yourself or those around you related to:

  • Not feeling special or unique enough
  • Feeling alienated and different
  • Lacking the courage to be yourself and stand in the full light of who you are
  • Feeling invisible
  • Excessive Pride
  • Overbearing/Bossy Behaviour

Is there something that needs healing here to help you to move forward?

Check in with your posture – Leo rules the Heart and the Back. Do you stand confidently with an open heart, shoulders back open and radiating to the World?

Posture can be a strong indicator of where something needs attention.

Plenty to Do

With Jupiter in square aspect to this Full Moon you could feel like you have plenty on your plate mid to late January.

Luckily Mars in expansive Sagittarius will also be trine the Full Moon bringing adequate energy to ensure that you have a chance of getting all your tasks accomplished.

And with Mars also in sextile to Mercury, this energy could well be directed towards ideas; with your mind likely to be more active now and more able to assimilate new concepts.

Growth and the Need for the Feminine

With the Sun, Venus and the South Node sitting together in conjunction, any relationship or anything within a relationship that isn’t supporting your growth could come under the spotlight now and your drive for space and freedom could be strong.

Venus has been well featured in our lunar charts this month and with Juno and Vesta (2 of our Goddess Asteroids) also conjunct Venus at this Full Moon, you’re likely to feel drawn to a deeper connection with your feminine side and to honour your deepest desires.

What has become too linear/masculine for you?

How can you bring more of the softer side into your life?

Someone from the past or something that feels very karmic could bring an opportunity for growth and transformation and this this is a great time to consider joining a group – perhaps one that is fitness or health based; such as Yoga.

The Need and Desire for Pleasure and Space

It’s important to make time for play now and to up your enjoyment of life.

All work and no play will lead to far too much dull!! Blah!!

Leo wants sparkle and frivolity and now that the Capricorn energy has lessened somewhat, I’m sure we’re all going to be wanting a little of that, so schedule some fun days in your calendar and lighten the load.

Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn will continue to instil a sense of discipline and the need for structure and routine – why not schedule some rest time into that routine….

Rest allows space and space allows for change, intuitive connection and for something new to form.

The Moon’s inconjunct to Neptune is bringing the opportunity to strengthen that intuition along with compassion, softness and the desire for connection and Mars semi-square to Pluto brings the desire to connect more intimately.

Eclipse energy can feel intense so be kind to yourself and others.

Maybe accept (or create) a social invitation and (in the words of Marvin Gaye) make some time to get it on.

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 11 degrees and 37 seconds of Leo (The Moon), and 11 degrees and 37 seconds of Aquarius (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 11 degrees within your natal chart?

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Wishing you a glowing and fun Full Moon phase.

Much Love, Toria xo


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