Needs, Nurture, Sustenance, the Urge to Care & Transforming Family Dynamics – Full Moon in Cancer

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The first Full Moon on 2018 falls in the sign of Cancer on 2nd of January at 12:23 pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10); indicating that themes of home, family, nurture and work/life balance are likely to be a strong as we usher in the New Year.

Emotional Sustenance and Nourishment – Home as a Sanctuary

What have the last two weeks bought up for you in this area as the Moon waxed?

  • Do you feel comfortable, protected and safe?
  • Is your home a place of sanctuary and belonging?
  • Are you emotionally supported and do you emotionally support others?
  • How do you nourish and emotionally sustain yourself and those within your care?
  • Do you look after your own needs first ensuring that you can provide from a place of fulfilment and balance or do you let other’s needs take precedence and end up depleted and exhausted?

With so much fire energy present as we rounded out 2017 this Full Moon may have seen you or others experiencing a sense of burn out…

… especially if listening to the needs of the body is not something that you’re inherently good at.

If this happened for you, then this Full Moon may just be the wake up call you need to mitigate the chances of this happening in the future.

Increased Self Awareness of Your Needs

That’s because, this Full Moon chart carries a beautiful water Grand Trine, stabilised by the Sun in Capricorn indicating that there is potential for increased inherent awareness of your own and other’s needs right now.

As well as the ability to take responsibility for those needs.

With the Sun flanked by both Pluto and Venus, you may instinctively find yourself tuning in to what changes are required within your relationship(s); including your relationship with yourself –

… especially if you have been giving far too much of yourself and not taking the time to re-fill your own cup.

Be it at work, within your family relationships or within your social circle.

Now is a good time to come home to yourself and to set some strong disciplines in place to ensure that you look after yourself and cater adequately to your emotional self throughout 2018.

You are likely to feel an increase in sensitivity and compassion now and may find that your psychic insight is strong.

Be gentle with yourself if you are experiencing difficulty, take it one day at a time and know that you can change your life.

That psychic energy can really help to see below the surface of any issues and to get a feel for what’s really going on; either personally or with others close to you.

Nurturer vs. Provider and the Strong Push to Care for Others

When the Full Moon falls in Cancer, the chart axis related to work and home is highlighted.

Both are necessary areas of life with Capricorn (father energy) being the sign of the provider and Cancer (mother energy) being the sign of the home-maker and nurturer.

Perhaps the Full Moon bought up something in relation to your work/life balance?

With this energy increasing over the Christmas period the need to be home and nurturing your family (or yourself) may have conflicted with work demands and the necessity of providing.

How can you balance these two seemingly opposing forces and create a work/home life that suits you and your family dynamic?

Inspired Ideas/Change is in The Air

Uranus is set to station and turn direct on the day of this Full Moon in trine to now-direct Mercury in Sagittarius, so there is potential for an over-active mind, inspired ideas, intuitive insights and broken sleep.

Rebellion and Change are in the air and you are likely to find yourself needing to breathe new life into your World.

With Uranus trine to Saturn this is unlikely to be shocking or sudden, but instead a desire for change has been stirring for some time within you and something that you now feel you can action – again, what do you most need right now?.

Perhaps now is the time to start taking action towards those New Moon goals, which you set at the end of last year?

There is plenty of Earth energy available in this Full Moon chart to help set you on the path to manifesting those changes.

When strong in our skies, Uranus can wreak havoc on the nervous system, so eating foods that nourish this (see italics below) and taking the time to ground (walks in nature, earthy foods; such as potatoes) and connect with your breath (meditation, deep breathing) will all help.

-> Foods to Nourish your Nervous System (From Don Tolman’s FDR volume 3) –

Almonds, Applies, Blueberries, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbahe, Cantaloupe Melon, Cauliflower, Ginger, Lettuce, Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Watermelon

Transforming the Family Dynamic

If you found yourself experiencing power struggles over the Christmas period or perhaps you’ve connected with some depression or a lack of self love then please know that you have the power to change these patterns wherever they are playing out.

There are plenty of healing modalities around that help to transmute such energy; such as Bush Flower Essences or seeking the help of a gifted counsellor.

Working on yourself subsequently heals your family and has benefits for your children, who no longer have to carry those patterns.

If you’re experiencing relationship-angst with your loved ones then it may be to time to look into how you can transform this; perhaps through booking yourself into a retreat for some inner work.

With Jupiter continuing his journey through Scorpio psychological transformation is a big growth topic right now and we are all being encouraged to look beneath the surface and have a good psychological clear out.

Re-attuning to the Flow of Life

This is a wonderful Full Moon chart to help you to tune in and see what’s need to get you back in touch with the flow of life.

How can you make 2018 your most nurtured yet (in all aspects of your life)?

How can you move through this year with increased grace and ease?

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 11 degrees and 37 seconds of Cancer (The Moon), and 11 degrees and 37 seconds of Capricorn (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 11 degrees within your natal chart?

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Wishing you a nurturing and emotionally supportive Full Moon.

Much Love,Toria xo

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