Discipline is an Act of Love -> Saturn Moves into Capricorn. Where are You Going to Show Up for Yourself and Your Loved Ones?


Yes, it’s time to discuss the very important word ‘discipline’ and that’s because Saturn has just returned to his home-sign of Capricorn.

The word ‘discipline’ often gets a bad press; seemingly going hand in hand with misery, austerity and pain, but today, I want you to look at it a little differently; especially, as Saturn’s entry into Capricorn happened in close connection with the current Sun/Venus conjunction.

I want you to look at discipline as an act of self-love, because really that’s what it is.

Here are a few examples –


1) If the provider within your home wasn’t disciplined enough to head out to work each week then you’d have likely starved by now, ended up on the street or been subject to some other form of lack within your life.

In this sense, discipline is crucial to your comfort, your security and your early sense of abundance.


2) If you’re moving to a healthier way of being, it’s discipline that stops you reaching for the doughnut


If you’ve just begun a fitness plan…

… it’s discipline that sees you putting on your shoes and heading out the door (when you’d really love to stay in bed a little longer).


3) Remember that enormously satisfying feeling that you get when you achieve something?

Be it those diet and fitness goals, the successful completion of a project, that business launch…

…well, you couldn’t have done that without discipline by your side either now could you?


4) And… those children sitting like Angels at the table are sitting there like that because of discipline

Did you know that the word ‘Discipline’ and the word ‘Disciple’ both come from the same root word?

Seriously, that little nougat of knowledge changed so much for me with regards to the way I felt about disciplining my children!!

Out went all those visions of an uptight, strict authoritarian with a huge cane, who crushed her children with her harsh words (which can most definitely be a negative expression of much too harsh discipline by the way)…

… and in rushed the positive!!

The way-shower, who leads the way through her words and actions and puts healthy boundaries into place thus creating a harmonious home and family environment –

Ahhh (queue birdsong and peaceful music) 🙂

So in this sense, discipline helps to bring about more peace.

For example, the children that stay in their rooms and rest or play quietly after being tucked up for the night (and yes, I’m still working on this one too (sigh…).


Saturn’s transit through Capricorn over the next 2 1/2 years is synonymous with  increased discipline, often increased responsibility and the strengthening of boundaries.

This is a chance to move on from what’s not working for you in terms of what you have currently built within your life and to begin building foundations that support you to be your authentic self.


Saturn transits can initially feel restrictive, as we’re pushed to focus on what matters and to let go of any excess that is serving to distract us at this time, so expect to feel a little limited if Saturn contacts your chart at this time.

Trust that the work you are being pushed to do or whatever you’re being asked to let go of is for a purpose and that it will be worth it in the long run.


It’s a good time to say goodbye to those who are no longer supportive of your path and to seek out those who can take you a few steps further; teachers, gurus, wise elders, counsellors…

Where do you need some guidance and who can help?

Just ensure that the person you turn to is genuine and has mastered their own skills enough to enable them to pass on that wisdom to you.


Respect, dignity and honour are likely to become important and may be well-used words over the next 2 1/2 years – listen out in the media 😉 – and there could be increased concern for the elderly.


Your sense of ambition and your desire to achieve is likely to increase and this is a time to shoulder your share of the work load or ask others to do so if it’s you that’s being weighed down.


Saturn is really your own inner-wise one pushing you to be the best version of yourself, so why not embrace discipline as a way to watch your desired life unfold?

This is a time to work hard to manifest your visions, to build and/or to strengthen the foundations of your life around those dreams.


Saturn through Capricorn may initially feel serious and perhaps – if you’re having a strong transit – a bit like a slog, but if you rise to the challenge, the gift of this energy is wisdom, maturity and the ability to stand on your own two feet and to be your own authority.


With Capricorn ruling the teeth, the bone structure and shoulders, make sure that you’re looking after these – maybe through regular Yoga, visits to the Chiropractor and dental check ups (I love my holistic dentist)…

… and, watch for stress, feeling burdened and the feeling of life being hard.

These latter points are negative expressions of this energy, so it’s a good time to re-visit your perception of work and possibly seek out a gifted healer that can help you to move through these feelings.


Finally, with Saturn now back to his home turf, he is the dispositor of Pluto who is also currently transiting through Capricorn making this a powerful time for those willing to rise to the challenge and to take responsibility for any healing that needs to take place with regards to their psychological wellbeing.


Remember to look at where Capricorn sits within your birth chart.

Which area of life does that house or those houses govern an where are you likely to feel pushed to succeed?

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Now, go take responsibility for your life, your well-being and your subsequent transformation 🙂

How are you going to make 2018 your best year yet?!!

Much Love,

Toria xo




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