Month: December 2017

Needs, Nurture, Sustenance, the Urge to Care & Transforming Family Dynamics – Full Moon in Cancer

If you’d like to receive my New and Full Moon reports in your Inbox a little earlier each month, you can sign up to my Newsletter here. The first Full Moon on 2018 falls in the sign of Cancer on 2nd of January at 12:23 pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10); indicating that themes […]

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Discipline is an Act of Love -> Saturn Moves into Capricorn. Where are You Going to Show Up for Yourself and Your Loved Ones?

Yes, it’s time to discuss the very important word ‘discipline’ and that’s because Saturn has just returned to his home-sign of Capricorn. The word ‘discipline’ often gets a bad press; seemingly going hand in hand with misery, austerity and pain, but today, I want you to look at it a little differently; especially, as Saturn’s […]

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Transmuting Self-Sabotage, Contemplating your Vision and The Opportunity to Engage in Some Potent Dream-Seeding – The New Moon in Sagittarius

  Sign up to my Newsletter here.   An Enthusiastic Build up Our last New Moon of 2017 falls in the sign of Sagittarius and with both luminaries (Sun and Moon) and 3 planets (Saturn, Venus and Mercury) all aligned in this sign it can mark an enthusiastic build up to your end of year […]

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