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If you’re connecting with a sense of energetic heaviness, primal impulses or overwhelming tiredness then you’re likely tuned into Pluto – Lord of the Underworld, as he slows down ready to turn direct early Friday morning (Brisbane Time: 05:35:59am – AEST, GMT +10)

Yes, Pluto can be experienced as an intense and weighty frequency and the slower he’s moving, the stronger is his call

Primal Desire, Gloom, Depression, Darkness, Obsession, Foreboding – he’ll rumble it all up from within you.

Over the next few days, spend some time alone.

Allow Pluto to take you where he beckons

Confront the shadows, strip yourself bare

And allow yourself to feel all what he brings forth for you

Contemplate your demons, tap your yet unrealised potentials and explore your passions

Purge and release that which is toxic, write it out, cry it out, dance, shake and stamp it out if that resonates

Welcome your inherent psychic nature and, once purged, allow a wellspring of previously suppressed power to spring forth

Meditate on the energy and connect with your own sense of personal empowerment

Those with Planets at or very close to 16 degrees are likely to feel this intensely

Much Love, Toria xo

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