Taking Responsibility. If you don’t, Who Will? – Full Moon in Capricorn 2017


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We don’t inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, We borrow it from our Children

Native American Proverb

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Capricorn energy is all about taking responsibility.

How are you going to do your part in bringing about greater peace and restoration to Earth?

Are there parts of you that need attention and healing?

Can you show more loving kindness and compassion to those around you and to yourself?

Are there steps that you can take to lessen your footprint upon the Earth? Less plastics, less waste, less toxicity…

When it comes to ourselves, we must first claim everything that ails us, if we are to take steps to heal it.

And the more that we look after our own health (mind, body and spirit) the less we put upon our children.


Intense Emotions, the Potential for Drama and Taking Responsibility

July’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn and with Mars and Pluto closely aligned it’s set to be one where intense emotions, the potential for drama and increased reactivity could be experienced.

Whatever isn’t being dealt with on the emotional front is likely to escalate in the build up to this Full Moon.

And the negative aspects of this energy will more likely play out if you haven’t been taking the necessary time for self-care and are running on empty as a result.

Is it time to take responsibility for yourself, your well-being and your health?

See what arises around this Full Moon for cues about what’s needing attention.

No one is going to do it for you and there’s no better time to make a start than right now.


Volatility and The Quest for Balance

Mars in square to Uranus could bring volatility and unexpected reactions and with Pluto opposing Mars and conjunct the Moon those reactions could be extremely powerful.

Jupiter squaring this Full Moon configuration (The Sun, The Moon, Mars and Pluto)  indicates that you may feel stretched to the limit as the Full Moon builds and it may take much effort to keep a sense of balance and to maintain a positive outlook.

Energy is usually heightened around a Full Moon, so try to feel into that in order to reach your goals and put all that extra, potent energy to good, productive use.


Collective Compassion and Art as an Outlet

Retrograde Neptune is likely to raise compassion and increase a sense of oneness.

((And here I find myself singing the Industry Super Fund Advert: “We’re all in this together“)).

This is apparent now more than ever and thankfully, those agendas, which seek to ‘divide and conquer’ are becoming more and more transparent.

Neptune’s easy opposition with the Full Moon, may find you drawn to Artistic or Spiritual pursuits, which are likely to provide some release to tense emotions.

Neptunian pursuits; such as Yoga, Meditation and Art (i.e. painting, writing or music) may provide an outlet for increased sensitivity and with Pluto’s strong presence your psychic senses and gut feelings may increase around this Full Moon.

Neptune Retrograde is a wonderful time to go deeper into your spirituality, connect with your heart space and tune into the oneness.



Capricorn energy is also ambitious, so this Full Moon may coincide with important projects that come to fruition and signify the final push towards that realisation.

It is important to balance the push for ambition and social achievement with the need for periodic withdrawal and self nurture.

You will be able to sustain your vision(s) for longer if you take time to nourish yourself and you will be a far more whole person if you learn how to successfully engage with both the material and the emotional World.

Are the scales tipped more towards the Cancerian side of mothering and nurturing or more towards the fatherly, disciplinarian?

The middle ground prevents excessive austerity or mollycoddling (cosseting) and helps us to achieve both material and emotional success.


World Events

Pluto’s journey through Capricorn is uncovering the darker side of corporate corruption in the structures that govern the fundamental areas of or lives; such as the ‘health’ (Pharmaceutical) industry, our Governments and the Financial Industry.

With Pluto sitting conjunct this Moon it will be interesting to see what comes to light as we build up to this Full Moon.

Capricorn energy is strongly aligned with taking responsibility.

Perhaps this Full Moon will see an uprising of those willing to fight for justice, human rights and World peace in some way.

With so many sad and shocking events happening already during the first half of 2017, you may also feel called to act on behalf of the collective and to take responsibility and play your part in creating a better World.

Pluto can take us to the deepest depths; a place where we can feel despondent and beaten, but his ultimate lesson is that of transformation, a reconnection to our inner power and a rising from the Ashes.


The Shadow Side & The Need for Discipline

Remember that Full Moons tend to bring out the shadow, so watch for the shadow traits of Capricorn, which may present themselves at this time – Fear, Lack, Guilt, Feeling Burdened, Pessimism, Austerity.

These are Ego-based and toxic emotions that keep your energy low and letting these emotions drive your actions can make life seem dull, miserable and burdensome.

On the flip side, you may also find that you are now embodying the positive Capricorn traits of taking responsibility and exercising discipline in certain areas of your life.

Without taking control of your life, you are likely to be running from pillar to post reacting to whatever comes your way.

This can lead to feeling frazzled.

Far better to attend to the material demands of life promptly – the tax returns, the healthy diet, the earlier nights, the better choices.

If you’re sensitive, it may also be worth exercising some discipline and considering having a News break or a Social Media Sojourn.

It’s amazing how a reconnection with the real World around you can restore inner peace and give you more time to do the things you love.


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 17 degrees and 09 seconds of Capricorn (The Moon), and 17 degrees and 09 seconds of Cancer (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 17 degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 15 and 19 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and also Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius are likely to add more to the picture.

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The Full Moon will exact on 9th July at 02:06:37pm (AEST, GMT+10).

Wishing you love, illumination and growth as you move towards a more expansive version of you.

Much Love, Toria xo

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