Saturn Retrograde 2017

Saturn Turns Retrograde in Sagittarius on 6th April 2017.

When Saturn turns retrograde it can seem as if something within our
life has suddenly come to a standstill. Progress can be delayed and
frustrations can arise, as we are offered the chance to review the
structures that we have built within our lives as well as to check in
with the status of our inner authority.

Perhaps there is something that you are trying to achieve, but you are experiencing pressure from other areas within your life that seem to prevent you from moving forwards with it.

Saturn’s station-retrograde is a time when something new begins to stir within our unconscious, but it will not be for a further 9 months until we understand the full implication of what this is.

Feelings such as anger, impatience, resentment and frustration can all arise as Saturn stations to seemingly turn backwards.

Be gentle with yourself, breathe and remember to tune in and meditate
if it all feels a little too much. Remember the Universe is a clever
place and this energy is appearing for a reason.

These feelings tend to indicate where our Ego structures are resistant to change.

Sometimes, although not always we can experience endings at this stage – relationships, habits, ways of living, projects.

These endings actually herald a new beginning and represent a new connection with the environment around us.

Where is Saturn likely to be affecting you?

As always, check the house where Saturn is backtracking within your natal
chart to see in which area of life that this is likely to be affecting

Saturn will station-retrograde at 27 degrees and 47 seconds of Sagittarius and travel seemingly backwards  to 21 degrees and 10 seconds of Sagittarius.

Which house do these degrees fall into and, therefore, which area of life is likely to feel somewhat constricted, delayed or difficult as you learn Saturn’s teachings?

Do you have any planets between 21 and 27 degrees?

What do they represent and how might they be forming part of the picture?
Those planets falling mutable signs are likely to be the ones most strongly affected (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Belief Systems, Truth and The Potential for Rebirth

It seems likely that those affected by this retrograde will be re-assessing where their lives are not a reflection of their truth
(Saturn in Sagittarius).

They may be reassessing their belief systems and by the end of the 9 months could feel as if they have been through a re-birth. It is likely a time of forgiveness for some; including forgiveness of self, whereas others may find that they are
making steps to manifest their desires with the intention of making
their external World a reflection of who they are on the inside.

Sagittarius can denote clumsiness, so you may need to be aware of the saying  ‘More haste, less speed’ and try not to push your rock up hill.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, under the pump and frustrated it may help to place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply for a minute or so (yes, you have time) and to say the words ‘I have all the time in the World’ as you breathe out. Do this as many times as feels right for you and hopefully it will help to centre you.

**Saturn will turn direct on 25th August 2017**; when the pace of  forward momentum is likely to pick up once more.

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