Healing Relationships, Cultivating Self Love and Balance – Full Moon in Libra 2017


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Relationships, Compassion and Healing

April’s Full Moon will fall in the sign of Libra on 11th April at 04:08pm (AEST) again highlighting our current Jupiter transits and continuing the push for powerful transformation and growth.

This transformation is likely to take place through relationships, relating and/or your relationship with yourself.

Venus rules this Full Moon chart and placed alongside Chiron in Pisces, she indicates the potential for deep sensitivity, compassion and the possible connection with old wounds.

Illumination of Pain Points

Past pain around being unlovable, betrayal (usually of own ideals/expectations) and the struggle for independence within a relationship may arise now as could difficulty with even minor conflict.

Saturn in Sagittarius moving to square Chiron shows the likely need to take responsibility for healing (your own, a loved one or a relationship) and can highlight where fears and restriction may be keeping you bound.

Guilt, Inadequacy, Shame and a lack of self worth can all feature during this transit and you may have to face where walls have been erected that are no longer necessary.

You may have to consider where your desires and/or values are not being met or acknowledged.

Could it be that more self love and assertion (in asking for what you desire) is needed here?

You may also be experiencing financial issues, which can be a reflection of low self worth and can contribute to a feeling of constraint.

Full Moons tend to heighten energy and illuminate what needs attention.

If you’ve had an intense, chaotic and drama-filled build up to this Full Moon then it might be worth considering some changes.

The Moon’s square to Pluto can rumble up deep emotions that may have previously been buried and can also indicate power struggles and/or darker emotions; such as depression, envy and rage.

With Uranus thrown into the mix, there can be sudden revelations, outbursts and the ability to see or connect with what was previously hidden.

With only a few more days until she turns direct, what lessons has Venus bought to you and what now needs to be addressed?

Click here for my Venus Retrograde post if you haven’t read it or would like a refresh 🙂

The Quest for Peace and Sensuality

Libra wants to keep the peace and sometimes at all costs, but such feelings need to be felt, experienced and worked through if true harmony is to be achieved.

Burying emotions and pretending that they don’t exist can lead to them appearing bigger than they truly are.

Remember that our reactions and the way that we deal with such emotions often determine the outcome.

If you’re feeling envy, try looking at what that person or thing has shown you about your own life. What do you desire that they have?

If you’re feeling a sense of rage, try looking at what’s triggering it. Do you need a physical outlet such as regular exercise or more physical connection with your partner (Mars is in Taurus after all) or has someone pushed a boundary too far?

If you’re connecting with darker moods, then maybe there’s a need to clean up your diet, detoxify and/or spend more time outdoors.

With Mars in Taurus inconjunct this Full Moon, the need for greater sensuality and closeness could be strong.

Slowing down and making time for the senses may bring a greater sense of well-being. Think delicious food, massages, nature walks, essential oils …

It’s also possible that stubborn behaviour could be preventing closeness.

Using Mercury’s current retrograde to review what is arising, patiently working through any issues and finding practical and realistic solutions whilst holding yourself and others in compassion may help.

Breaking out of Restriction(s)/ Transmutation and Personal Power

Independence and growth may also feature strongly and you may find conflicts arise with your loved ones; especially where someone may be feeling restricted.

How are you honouring your need for adventure and expansion?

Are any of the above pain points holding you back?

When faced honestly, such pain can be transmuted and released opening us to deeper levels of awakening and re-connecting us with our personal power.


Balance is a key Libran theme.

Are you looking after everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own?

Are you spending too much time at the office and not enough with loved ones?

What steps can be put in place to allow you greater freedom, independence and the ability to enjoy what you value?

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Libra and 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Aries fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 21 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

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The Full Moon falls on Tuesday April 11th at 04:06:48pm  here in Brisbane (AEST).

Much Love,

Toria xo

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