Feeling Blocked, Delayed or Uninspired? The Call for Consideration, Patience and Rework as more planets turn Retrograde


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There are times when all attempts at forward momentum seem futile.

This morning was certainly one of them for me, which is no surprise with the amount of heavy traffic currently circulating around our Solar System.

With Venus and Jupiter already retrograde (seemingly travelling backwards) and Saturn and Mercury slowing down to turn retrograde, you may be experiencing delays, frustrations, blocks, stop signs and the general feeling that you’re getting nowhere fast.

However, such delays are merely ways of slowing you down, ensuring that you look before you leap and making sure that you’re on the right path, so try to look a little differently at the events that are occurring now.

Those irritations could be stopping you from running too far ahead with the wrong information or preventing you from rushing off in the wrong direction making them your friends, not your frustrations.

Usually it’s unrealistic expectations that deem them otherwise.

Seriously, you’re talking to an I.T consultant, who managed to have one of the most productive start backs to work last week despite going without a laptop or any system access for the week.

We are entering a period of weighing up, checking in and reassessing; especially in those areas of life where a reality check is needed and with fire energy highlighted, it could be time to look for ways to reignite your passions and to reconnect with what inspires you.

Saturn’s Retrograde will see him moving towards a second hit with Uranus (May), which is another signature transit for this year; indicating a disciplined, ordered and structured approach to changes.

The dominating Jupiter transits (Jupiter/Pluto Square and Jupiter/Uranus Opposition) are pushing for growth and transformation and keeping us busy, but 2017 is not a year to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”.

It is a year to steadily build on what is already in place and this transit will hopefully be imbuing you with some discipline to do just that.

Mars remains in Taurus until mid-April also helping to bring some persistence and determination.

Early April is a good time to contemplate the following questions:

Venus Retrograde(Now until April 15th): “What do you desire from your life?”, “What do you value?”, What/Who do you Love?”, “How’s the Budget?” , “Where is your Self Love Barometer?”

Jupiter Retrograde (Now until 10th June): “Are things in balance?” “Where are you over-extended?” “Where do you need more freedom to expand?”, “Where are you craving Growth?”‘

Mercury Retrograde (April 10th until May 4th) : “What needs to be Reviewed or Reworked?”, “What practical matters are needing your attention?”, “Where would you like to be Re-Inspired?”

Saturn Retrograde (April 6th until August 25th): “Is this realistic?”, “Where is your Outer life a true reflection of your Inner World and where is it not?”, “Do you need firmer foundations and/or boundaries?”, “What Do You Believe In?”, “Are you taking Responsibility for your Growth?”
Meditation could help you to get back into your natural flow and maybe throw up a few innovative ways to help you to move forward from here.

Life Balance and Relationship matters could be dominating your thoughts this month as we move towards April’s Full Moon in Libra and it’s a good month for re-connecting with good habits that you may have been neglecting of late.

Much Love, Toria xo

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