The Need for Rituals and Self Love in the Busyness of Life – Full Moon in Virgo 2017

The Need to Strengthen Rituals and Self Love - Virgo Full Moon 2017

A funny thing happened as I started to write this blog post.

I began to feel overwhelmed and anxious and I felt totally incapable of doing it.

I started to think of all the other things that I really needed to be doing and I really couldn’t think how to express what I was seeing in the chart.

I felt blocked.

That’s no surprise given the energy that I’m seeing in this Full Moon chart and the fact that it falls within 2 degrees of my natal Sun.

A walk, some Calm and Clear and a mini meditation were enough to let me know that it wasn’t the right time to write this particular blog post and to step away for a while.

And then today, I came back to it and it flowed.

Everything in Divine Time 🙂


Busy, Busy, Busy – Virgo Full Moon and Jupiter Triggers

With the second hit of the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition just behind us and with Jupiter now moving to trigger the second hit of the Jupiter/Pluto square, you may be feeling pushed to the limit.

Jupiter brings growth – awesome!, but it can also bring excess and when squared with Pluto we’re talking powerful and (at times) uncomfortable (square aspect) growth.

Monday’s Full Moon highlights these Jupiter transits and with the Moon falling in Virgo (a sign synonymous with busyness, hard work and perfection), you could easily feel like you have too much on your plate.


Potential for Negative Emotions and Illumination of Pain Points

Full Moons heighten energy, so you may find yourself going into overwhelm or connecting with negative feelings; such as anxiety and inadequacy this week.

Watch for a tendency to wanting to do everything perfectly and for excessive self criticism, which could induce nervous tendencies and take you out of your flow.

Virgo energy has high standards and with Saturn in the mix, this can bring up a sense of there being “no time” leading to paralysis and the inability to let life flow through you.

With The Moon opposing The Sun/Chiron conjunction (potential illumination of wounds) and creating a T Square (challenging aspect) with Saturn (burdens/blockages/the work)  you may find yourself connecting with old wounds, so watch how you’re reacting to current situations.

Are those reactions applicable to what’s happening now or are they magnified and out of context due to them triggering a past hurt?

With Mercury in Pisces squaring Saturn, you may be finding it difficult to communicate about such pain points and could be feeling unsupported. You may also have to face where you are holding onto a rigid viewpoint that is due for a change.

It may be revealing to look at where low self worth or a sense of not being valued could be playing into these negatives; especially with Venus currently travelling retrograde.

Making a list and going through it in order of priority can help to lessen anxiety and bring order to chaos.


Heightened Sensitivity, Clouded Judgement and Letting Go

Heightened sensitivity and an inability to see things clearly could also be playing a part with Pisces energy still strong in our skies (Neptune, Chiron, The Sun, Mercury all in Pisces) and Neptune not making any strong contacts to other planets in the chart .

Is it time to let go (South Node in Pisces) of old patterns of behaviour, excess…

… or maybe of a tendency to pushing your rock up hill?

Neptune is flow energy, so if you’re not tuned into your internal rhythm, you may find that you’re coming up against blocks and stop signs.

Perhaps it’s time to pause and strengthen your connection to your higher self?

Daily outdoor walks, yoga, meditation and deep breathing are some ways that you can do this.

 Such practices can alter our perception of time for the better and decrease stress levels.


Tiredness and Potential for Illness

With Venus travelling Retrograde and Mars currently moving through Venus-ruled Taurus, you may also be feeling more tired than is usual; perhaps even experiencing illness, which can be a Virgo manifestation.

If this is the case then it may be a sign that The Universe/God/Source wants you to slow down and rest for a while.

Illness and Tiredness can exacerbate such negative feelings, adding to the inability to gain a true perspective on where things are at right now.


Strengthening of Rituals and Purification

Our daily rituals are a fundamental foundation of how we feel on a day to day basis.

When life gets busy, doesn’t seem to be going your way or you experience illness, what happens to your rituals?

Do you continue with healthful daily practices, strengthening them where needed or do you throw them out of the window in a “I haven’t got time for that” type of manner?

Yes, we’ve all done it, but those rituals are what will keep you anchored when life gets really tough and without them what do you think is going to sustain you? Hint: it’s not the 15 Mars Bars that keep calling to you!!

Virgo presides over rituals and I would highly recommend smudging your home, your car, yourself and all those who live with you as we move towards this Full Moon.

The February eclipse bought up so much, that there may well be lots of residual energy hanging around, needing to be cleared.


Living Your Passion Through Service

Virgo is a sign of service and with the Jupiter/Uranus opposition falling at the midpoint of Mars and Venus at the time of this Full Moon there is potential for deepening the connection with your passion(s).

How would you like to serve whilst you’re here on Earth?

What outlet would connect you with daily joy and enable you to express yourself at your fullest?


What do you Desire?

This is also a great indicator for relationship growth and you may find that you are able to connect more deeply with your sensuality at this time and to understand what it is that you desire from your partner.

How can you both grow together from this point?

What do you need to do differently to waken things up a little?

Desires can also extend to other sphere’s beyond intimate relationships.

Is Venus’ retrograde journey prompting you to reassess what you desire in life?


Valuing Yourself and The Law of Attraction

With Venus Retrograde in the Full Moon chart and sharing a mutual reception (travelling through each others’ signs) with Mars in Taurus there is a big question of ‘How are you valuing yourself?’

Is it all work and no play?

Do you make time for rituals that value your body …

… Candle Light Baths, Massages, Regular Hair Cuts?

Do you feed yourself nourishing and healthful food?

If you feel like you’re constantly in a spin and that there’s no time to spend time on you, then how is that eminating out into the Universe and what are you subsequently attracting to yourself?

Think Law of Attraction here.

For example, if you’re valuing yourself and gifting yourself down time, then the Universe will reflect that back at you and bring you more to value yourself with.

On the other hand, if you’re barely making 5 hours sleep, constantly complaining of how busy you are and striving to hold everything together, how’s that going to reflect?

Jupiter sits at the midway point of  Venus and Mars in Venus’ sign (Libra) indicating that self-love and time spent on our own personal worth could help you to re=establish balance within your life.

Self Love and Self Worth always starts with you.

… and now I’m singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in my head 🙂


What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 22 degrees and 13 seconds of Virgo and 22 degrees and 13 seconds of Pisces fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 22 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

If you’d like help with figuring this out you can sign up to my newsletter here and receive my free EBook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”.

I also offer a 12-month subscription to my Lunar Illuminations.

These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

You can subscribe to my Lunar Illuminations here.

The Full Moon falls on Monday March 13th at 00:53:42am here in Brisbane (AEST).

Much Love,

Toria xo

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