Mercury in the Shadow Period – Mercury Enters Capricorn


If you remember from Thursday’s blog post we are now in the shadow period for our last Mercury Retrograde of 2016 and at 07:18am this morning (AEST) Mercury entered Capricorn.

Mercury will climb from zero to 15 degrees of Capricorn before changing direction, re-traversing the same degrees and re-entering Sagittarius.

Therefore, paying attention to what arises between now and 19th December may help you to gauge what this particular area of the retrograde is going to mean for you.

As I pointed out in Thursday’s post, there is likely to be a correlation between this Mercury retrograde and the Jupiter/Pluto square that is currently traversing our skies.

That’s because Mercury will backtrack through both Capricorn (the sign where Pluto is currently resident) and Sagittarius (which is a sign ruled by Jupiter).

In this post, we will focus on Mercury’s journey through Capricorn, as that is where he is currently residing and it is whilst he moves through the initial degrees of this sign (between now and December 19th) that you are likely to start to encounter Capricorn-related mishaps that you may be re-visiting once Mercury backtracks through the very same degrees of this sign.

For information on Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius you can click here.

Mercury relates to the way that we think, speak, learn and communicate (in all forms – email, phone calls, networks…).

Mercury also rules short-distance travel and can be associated with siblings and neighbours.

So, when Mercury backtracks through Capricorn you may encounter one or several of the following examples:

  • Are you taking responsibility for all aspects of your life?
  • Do you go after what you want or are fearful thoughts holding you back from chasing your goals and honouring your ambitions?
  • What exactly are those goals and ambitions? Do they need a re-think?
  • Do you tend to pessimistic thoughts when you feel that things don’t go your way?
  • How controlling are you? Even if you’re initial answer to that question was “Not at all” pay attention over the next two weeks. Maybe you’re more controlling than you realise. Holding on too tightly to expectations can block the flow of life. Sometimes we have to relinquish a little of that control and trust that everything is working out as it should.
  • Do you do things out of guilt? If so, then maybe you need to rethink your relationship responsibilities and relinquish the ones that you’re doing from a place of self-condemnation rather than love and responsibility.
  • Capricorn is an Earth sign, so this retrograde could relate to the structures that you have in place within your life. Does something need to be more structured/better organised? Remember that organisation can actually allow for greater freedom within your life. What’s requiring rework?
  • Is something requiring more discipline or boundaries?
  • Mercury is strongly aligned with health matters, so watch for Capricorn-related symptoms and ailments, which may arise and see if you can find a mind/body or emotion/body correlation. Capricorn is associated with:
    • The Bones,
    • The Teeth,
    • The Skin
    • The Joints
    • The Gallbladder
    • Health issues may arise to highlight where you may be experiencing feelings of stress, over-burden or a lack of support. I.e. Depression, skin disorders, joint issues, bone disorders, frozen shoulder…

Remember to look at which houses in your birth chart that Mercury will retrograde through, as this area of life is likely to be most affected.

If you’d like help with that you can sign up for my Newsletter and download my free E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”.

I’ll be sending out a timeline to help you track Mercury’s movements next week.

Until then, stay aware and see if you notice anything arising related to the Capricorn points raised here.

Much Love, Toria xo

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