Saturn Retrograde Cycle 2016 – Fruition or Closure?

At 08:51pm this evening (AEST), Saturn passed over the degree at which he first turned retrograde (16 degrees 24 seconds of Sagittarius) back in March 2016.

Between now and 10th December,  expect something to be bought to either fruition or closure; something that was likely instigated, up for review or perhaps, even presumed finished during March.

The Saturn Retrograde Cycle is synonymous with experiencing hard work, delay and potential frustration(s).

Add to that the Saturn/Neptune Square of 2016 and it’s certainly been a year of restriction/disillusionment for many.

Remember to look at where these transits have been active within your birth chart.

Saturn’s Retrograde Cycle has covered 9 to 16 degrees of Sagittarius.Which house does that represent for you and what are the themes related to that house?

If a planet resides between 9 and 16 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) then it is likely that you were strongly affected by the Saturn (Sat On) energy this year.

Since the final hit of the Saturn/Neptune square back in September, it’s likely that you have been experiencing some forward momentum and with Saturn’s final pass over 16 degrees and 24 seconds of Sagittarius this momentum is now likely to ramp up somewhat.

The next four weeks will allow conclusions to be formed around whatever it is that you’ve been working on.

Add to this that Neptune is currently stationary and preparing to turn direct after a long retrograde period and you’ll be wise to remain patient (just a little longer).

Don’t try to push for those conclusions; especially if you’re still feeling vague/confused about your direction.

Tap into your intuition and have faith that they will come.

This can take place in two ways – fruition or closure, so over the next month note what appears –

Is all of your hard work and dedication now starting to bare fruit?

If that’s the case, remember to make time to celebrate and enjoy your success.

What has Saturn helped you to manifest within your life?

Alternatively, you may now find yourself saying goodbye to anything that hasn’t worked out – a relationship, a job, a project, an idea…

Saturn also represents our inner authority and sometime over the next four weeks you may just glean something of an increase in that.

Wishing you a greater sense of empowerment and a lifting of the fog,

Toria xo

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