What has Bloomed for You? Full Moon in Taurus


Today’s Full Moon in Taurus signifies the culmination of all effort made since the last New Moon (October 31st).

What new beginning/intention(s) did you initiate back then?

Did you take action towards realising your goals?

If so, then what has bloomed for you today is a result of all your efforts.

Now is the time to bask in the light of The Moon’s fullness and to celebrate your wins.

Even if you’re not where you wished to be, I’m sure you’ve made some progress further along the path.

Perhaps just a knowing (or wake up call) that you need to follow through more during the next Moon Cycle.

Remember to honour November’s lessons and take some time out.

You’ve earned it.

Hold yourself in love, know your worth and appreciate your beauty.

Make time for some self care and indulge your senses with delicious body-nurturing food, drink and luxurious products that pamper you. Some of which you can find here.

If you’d like to follow the phases of each Lunar Cycle as they occur, you can sign up for my Lunar Cycle Updates.

Wishing you Much Love and Fulfilment,

Toria xo



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