Full Moon in Taurus Today- Set to be a Magnificent Sight

Full Moon Flash(1)

At 11:51pm here in Brisbane (AEST) the Full Moon in Taurus will be exact in our skies and she’s going to be spectacular.

According to this Forbes article, this particular Full Moon is set to be the biggest Moon that we’ve seen in 68 years due to its close proximity with the Earth.

She will be visible in Brisbane from 6pm onwards.

Here’s a Moon rise and set calculator so you can find out the time for your region and make sure that you get to see her too!!

Remember that the build up to a Full Moon can illuminate shadow aspects, so be mindful of what has been appearing in your life over the last week and think about how you can transmute any negative patterns/behaviours.

You can read more on the energy of this particular Full Moon here.

Happy Moon Bathing!

Much Love, Toria xo

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