Time to Nurture Those Intentions

time-to-nurture-those-intentions-paidYesterday we moved to the waxing crescent phase in our current Lunar 🌙 cycle.

✨ If you set an intention in place at the New Moon, now’s the time to do something and to begin to move forwards 👣

This phase can be a little delicate and you may not have been feeling overly motivated; perhaps holding on and resisting that needed change…

However, you set that intention for a reason and likely that reason was to move you to a better place!! 💫

You can use the current Capricorn ♑️ Moon energy to help you take responsibility for your goals and work hard for your dream 🌟.

The Moon will be in Capricorn until late tomorrow evening, so what are you going to forge ahead with over the next 24 hours?

Please note that the Moon will be Void of Course between 07:57pm and 11:56pm Sunday Evening (AEST) when you may want to take some time out from all that dream chasing and rest ready for when the Moon hits inspirational Pisces.

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Love, Toria xo

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