Perceptive Insights, Powerful Transformations and Probing the Mysteries – New Moon in Scorpio October 2016


We begin our next Lunar Cycle with Monday’s New Moon in the emotionally deep sign of Scorpio.

Increased Psychic Intuition, Imagination and Compassion

With Scorpio a sign strongly aligned with psychic energy, I love that this New Moon is falling on the 31st October here in Brisbane, as Halloween is often referred to as a day:

“when the veils are thinner between the Worlds”.

The Sun, The Moon and Mercury will all be conjunct in Scorpio on this date and forming a trine with Neptune so you can certainly expect your intuition to be heightened along with your sensitivity and psychic perceptions.

This New Moon can see you feeling deep compassion for others and for the musicians and creatives amongst us, this is a fabulous month for letting your imagination fly.


An Opportunity for Powerful Transformations and Shifts

As the Sun ingressed into Scorpio, Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) was conjunct Pluto indicating a month when you have the opportunity to tap into a sense of potent strength and to push forward with anything requiring clearing or transformation within your life.

Harnessing this intense, controlled energy is key.


Unearthing the Mysteries & Taking a Dip with the Psyche

Scorpio loves to get to the bottom of things, so secrets and mysteries could become unearthed and later understood as we travel through until late November.

This is also a fabulous month for anything requiring research or deep analysis.

The Sabian Symbol* for this New Moon is Scorpio 8: “The Silvery Moon Shining Across A Beautiful Gem Of A Lake”, which again is a symbol associated with Halloween and mystery.

If there is anything that has been troubling you from a psychological or emotional perspective this could be a powerful month to venture deep below the waters of your own psyche and to seek help with how to shift through it.

Are you living your life true to your heart and your nature or do you hide your deepest emotions below a façade that you feel is more acceptable, more beautiful?

We are all light and shade. Both are necessary and there is beauty inherent in it all.

Scorpio energy relates to that which is hidden including our own suppressed emotions that we feel are too ugly to express to the World (I.e. jealousy, shame, manipulation, vengeance, resentment, lust, greed, spite).

Often when we suppress energy it grows bigger, whereas if we confront our feelings with honesty and bring them out to the light (I.e. through a conversation with a trusted friend or advisor) they often shrink, loosening their grip on us and we find that there was nothing big and grisly there at all.

There’s a real magical beauty to this symbol and it is a reminder to us all to honour the beauty inherent in all of life and that even in our darkest moments a sense of poignant beauty is available.

Remain receptive to intuitive insights this month that may light your way forward.


Setting Intentions for the Month Ahead

Scorpio energy is great for the following points so you may wish to contemplate this list when deciding what you’d like to focus your intent on for the coming month:

  1. Connecting with and Actioning your passion(s),
  2. Anything involving transformation (of the personal self, a home, a job, a relationship, a thought pattern…)
  3. Anything requiring focus (study, research, writing, a new project…)
  4. Letting go/Purging (of anything toxic, invalid or outdated I.e. relationships, food, behaviour, emotions, power struggles, drama)
  5. Getting in touch with your own psyche and acknowledging deep emotions
  6. Connecting with a sense of your own Empowerment

For example, perhaps you’ve been contemplating getting fitter or a period of fasting.

Now may just be the time to commit to that goal; harnessing the focussed drive and intense purpose of the Scorpio energy to ensure that you stick to it.


Where Does This New Moon Affect you Personally?

Remember to look where this New Moon energy falls within your personal birth chart.

The house denotes the area of life where a seed may be wishing to be planted so look for 7 degrees and 43 seconds of Scorpio.

Any planets falling between 5 and 10 degrees around your chart (wider orb for inclusion of Mercury’s role with this New Moon); especially of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are also being called into this period of potential growth.

If you’d like a free copy of my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” as well as a copy of your birth chart, you can sign up for my Newsletter here.

The New Moon will be exact at 03:38am on 31st October 2016 (AEST).

Remember to set your intention(s), cleanse your crystals and to meditate around this time, as this is a potent window to tune into the energy ready for the month ahead.

*Sabian Symbol Information can be found in Lynda Hill’s Fabulous Book “The Sabian Symbols: 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

** Chart image from a selection in Solar Fire Gold v7.3 – Esoteric Technologies.




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