The Sun moves into Scorpio heralding a Month of Focus, Intensity, Passion and Transformation – Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 7

Here’s my latest video in The Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, which I created this morning.

Today, I discuss the energy of Scorpio and what to expect over the next month in relation to the Sun’s transit through this sign.

Wishing you a powerful and transformational month.

Much Love,

Toria xo

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2 thoughts on “The Sun moves into Scorpio heralding a Month of Focus, Intensity, Passion and Transformation – Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 7

  1. During september and october I experienced a lot of loss in my home and family life. Aging parents have moved away from my childhood town, loss of a pregnancy, etc… I only have one planet in Scorpio – Uranus. Will the transformation energy affect me much?

  2. Hi Mother Dirt 💖
    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss xo

    It sounds like you’ve been going through a big period of transition.

    These types of ‘big’ events are usually indicated by an outer planet transit (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to your personal natal chart and their effect is very specific to you as an individual and to your own unique energy and life journey xo

    My video content and the new and full moon posts are more general.

    As the Sun moves through each sign it sets the tone for the month.

    The Sun’s contact with your chart is not in itself an indicator of a significant event, but if you are experiencing a bigger transit and the sun triggers the same point it can bring that energy to the fore xo

    For example, if you have another planet hitting off your natal Uranus at the time the Sun meets the same degree then something could occur on that day.

    I.e. In relation to the example that you’ve given me, this could be a day that sees you suddenly releasing grief for what you have been through or it could be that you receive a sense of insight around these events…
    This is just guess work and is intended as an example, as I don’t know if you actually are receiving a big transit to your natal Uranus, of course.
    It could be another area of your chart that was triggered at the time you experienced loss.

    There is, however, a general feel for the monthly energy that we can all tap into and attune to.

    I am not a fatalist as such and prefer to use astrology as a way of understanding the energetic imprint of the time in order that we can then choose to move with that energy in the way that is most aligned with our individual circumstance and need at the time.

    With Scorpio this could mean that you find yourself wanting to withdraw for a while in order to process your feelings or perhaps this could be a potent month to seek healing for any deep emotions that you want to work through xo

    Just trust your intuition and honour your emotions and go with what feels right for you 💞

    I hope that this makes sense.

    Without delineating your individual chart, it’s impossible for me to say what is likely to be happening for you, as so many factors could be involved.

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    Much Love to you,
    Toria xo 💞

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